My Hot Aunt Shalini

because uncle went on business tour and now its my turn to handle his business. i went daily to shop and comes at night. on day one i came home and took dinner with aunty talked her on various subjects..she went inside and slept but she does not locked the the night i woke up and went inside to drink water.opened the fridge took one bottle and just holding bottle in hand i was busy

Watching the sleeping beauty of my sweet aunty.. i watched a while and came to my bed slept for some time then again i went inside took the bottle and the same things but had not dared to touch her..came back and slept.

on day second i went to shop came back..after eating dinner with her she sat in hall and i was inside changing clothes..i had my night dress but purposefully i wore towel and no shirt only vest. bhai behan ka pyar

I came in the hall and sat on the cot.she was sitting in front of t.v. on floor.i had pretended that there was a savior pain in my left legs knee…i told her that it was really aching and i had been getting pains since from afternoon..she asked me how it happened to me i told her that while lifting some weight in shop it happened. she asked me,”should i rub ointment on your knee so u will feel better” i said

It will be very nice if she does so ” she went to her bedroom got one tube in her hands and came to me and said ,”come here on the floor so that i can rub this cream to your knee” instantly i sat on floor and kept my left knee straight and i laid down on the floor.she was rubbing my knee and i was feeling her touch for the first time and while rubbing the cream the towel i wore slid down and she was able to saw a huge erection under

My underwear..she said nothing and just rubbing the tube over knee and i laid silent closing my eyes and dreaming about her milky and white breasts…after some time she asked ,” how do u feel now ?” i replied its very soothing and i need it for some more time…she said nothing and just doing her breathing went fast and body was shivering by tempt.she felt that i was loosing my control but said nothing…then i said ,”stop now its ok” she asked me again “is it ok nw” i said ok and we both sat there watching TV.

She made haste and went to bedroom for sleep.then i said ,”don’t u watch movies ?” she replied from inside ,”yes,i like to but now its time to sleep.” i insisted her to come and sit with me for a while to watch a movie…she came and we talked on movies ,serials and all about TV. but nothing proceeds the way…because there was one fear in my mind that what if she tells somebody? that’s why i was not proceeding the matter. chudai ki kahani

And the things went silently…that was the time of 12 midnight she told me that she need to sleep now…i said ok and she went inside….but still there was a movement in my panties..and its demanding for something extraordinary after half an hour i went inside to drink water and opened fridge took bottle and stood staring at her she was in a good sleep.she was sleeping on a mattress..she was wearing a yellow colored nighty

She was looking gorgeous in a faint light.i made up my mind left towel in hall came inside and slept near her the light was dim and she was sleeping straight.i just put my hand on her stomach lightly and then my left leg on her left leg..and watched her movement then i moved a little forward that she should feel my erection..slowly i was moving my hand over her breasts..she made a little movement

And again slept..then i understood that she knew that i was there and touching her body.then slowly i lift my head and kissed her pink lips lightly there was no movement,,and a bit i was courageous and i was kissing her lips slowly but steadily….still she had not moved then i got that she was responding to my activities then slowly i loosen the front buttons of her nighty.

And started to rub her round shaped milky boobs with passion….she was making some sounds at that time then i slid my left hand inside her nighty and inward a finger in her panties.and it was my last move.she opened her eyes saw me and jut smiled and said what ? i said ,”nothing” then what do u want ? she asked again…i said yar i love u and wants u for lifetime she again smiled and drew me over her and started kissing passionately. randi chachi

Now her lips and my lips lost their own identity and lost the way in saliva from our mouth…while kissing she found my cock and happy she grabbed it in hand and started loving it….she opened her panty and spread her legs so that my friend Arvind can enter inside her vagina….i swear it was tight and i felt very nice she taught me some moves and i came inside her and she too..we made exercise three times that night and regularly after wards….whenever we get time in afternoon we came together and enjoy each other..

Today i am married then also whenever i get time i go there and have sex with my mami who is still very beautiful…i mean it. more beautiful.  everybody wants change that’s why i continued after she gave birth to two children….for a change to me and for her too.. xossipy

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