After reaching Thakur’s Haveli, I became worse than a prostitute.

I Manju Singh welcomes all of you very much on Non Veg Story dot com. I am a resident of Allahabad. How big a mountain of sorrow can break on a person, friends, probably no one knows better than me. So let me tell you my painful story. When my husband died in an accident, my in-laws threw me out of the house. I was forced to return to my maternal home, Mohanganj, Allahabad. When my 1 year passed in my maternal home, then gradually my father started asking me to get married for the second time. My mother and brother also started asking me to get married. Daughter! How long will you live alone alone? It is necessary to have a life partner. We are today, we will not be tomorrow. That’s why daughter accept our advice and get married again! My mother said. I started paying attention to her words and after a few days I said yes to my father for second marriage. I was just 25 years old. She was very young. I didn’t even have any children. That’s why my marriage would have been easy. My father started looking for a marriage for me. But the biggest thing was that no one wanted to marry a widow. Because in our country a widowed woman is considered inauspicious. Still my father kept searching for a boy for me. After 2 months the talk with a Thakur sahib was confirmed. I also belonged to Thakur caste and that Thakur sahib also belonged to my caste. He was Radua. It had been 20 years since his wife died. Thakur was 50 years old, but always dyed his hair black. They were ready to adopt a widow like me. He had a big mansion. When I heard that he is 50 years old, twice my age, I was very disappointed. But at least some man was ready to adopt a widow like me, that was the least. Considering all these compulsions, I said yes to the marriage. I got married to Thakur Gajraj. I came to his mansion as the new daughter-in-law. My father and everyone in the house were so happy that I got married again. After coming to the haveli, I came to know that Thakur Gajraj’s two sons were of my age. He also had two daughters who were married. Apart from this, he also had 3 brothers. Today was my honeymoon. Thakur sahib had given a big feast. The whole town was invited to the feast. Hundreds of jhalars were put up on the haveli. All the celebration is over. It’s 12 o’clock in the night. I came to the room. I was sitting on the bed in a new dazzling saree with my face covered. That’s why my new husband came. He was drinking. Hey Manju Rani!! How is this curtain?? At least show your face. Otherwise how will we celebrate honeymoon with you?? Thakur sahib spoke. He was my husband. I used to respect him a lot because he had married a widow like me. I removed the pallu of the saree from my head. I was only 25, so very young. My 2 mast masts were visible from above the blouse. Oh wow brother!! Manju Rani, you are really beautiful! Gajraj spoke. He had a big bottle of liquor in his hand. He took another big sip and choked. Then came and sat next to me. Manju Rani!! Before it is morning, both of us should not delay and celebrate our love life! Gajraj said.ji!! I murmured. He gave me several sips of wine from his bottle. I refused a lot but he did not agree. I got drunk after drinking. Thakur Gajraj, who was now my new husband, made me naked even once. I was intoxicated with alcohol. He started fucking me. I did not have any clothes on my body. Most of the men fuck their wives, then some put a light cloth over it. But Gajraj made me completely naked. He was fucking me hard. Husband feeds his wife with love, but Gajraj was feeding me without any care. I was drunk, but still understood everything. Gajraj had taken me 4 times on that honeymoon. I spread both my legs naked and was lying on his bed. I was not conscious. My new husband Gajraj took out a camera from his cupboard and took many nude pictures of me. This was the same camera with which photos are taken at weddings. I was not conscious. He gave me more yellow. After some time, Gajraj came there to my room with his son Suraj. Son!! Look your mom is beautiful!! Gajraj asked his boy. I was lying on the bed naked, both legs spread, intoxicated. New mother is very beautiful, father!! Papa, what a wonderful find you have brought!! What a cool stuff! The sun spoke. He seemed like my step son in the relationship. But he was standing in my room. Son! Will you fuck your mother?? Everything works in Thakurs!! Thakur Gajraj spoke. That bastard was drunk. All right! dad. I play the new mom! Suraj spoke son! You tear your mother’s bosom. I have taken your pictures! Gajraj spoke. My stepson Suraj removed his clothes. My new husband Gajraj sat on the sofa in my room with the camera. My stepson Suraj came to me. He was a 20-22 year old young boy of my age. I used to unconsciously spread both my legs naked. I was thinking that I am in my husband’s room. But she didn’t know that someone else had also entered my room. My stepson Suraj took off all his clothes. He came on the bed next to me. He put his hand on my smooth thigh and started caressing me. I thought that my new husband is Thakur sahib. Suraj bowed down and kissed my feet. There were new anklets on my white feet and there were silver nettles on my toes. The sun started kissing my beautiful feet. He stared at me from bottom to top. ‘dad!! The new mother is very cuddly!!’ The sun spoke. I was unconscious under the influence of alcohol. I didn’t know who was torturing me. The sight of the sun was fucking me. He came near me and put his hands on both my breasts and started pressing them. I liked it. I was thinking that he is Thakur sahib. The sun again bowed down and started drinking my milk. I was feeling fine. My eyes were closed but I could feel that someone is loving me. Suraj started considering me as his household property. He started pressing my milk quickly and started drinking it. I had married only Thakur Gajraj. I had only come to fuck him, but maybe someone else was going to fuck me too. The sun went crazy over my naked and exposed form. Started drinking my milk. After some time he bent down and put his face on mine. He started drinking my juicy lips. I was drunk. I was knowing that Thakur Sahib is there. Then the sun sits on my burrow like a bee comes and sits on a flower. He started drinking my burrow. He was drinking my ass hole too. I was feeling great. I knew that Thakur sahib was showing love to me. After drinking my pussy for a long time, Sooraj put his 3 fingers in my pussy and started fucking my ass. My eyes remained closed due to intoxication. But I was having a lot of fun. After tearing my ass with his 3 fingers, Suraj again drank my pussy several times. Then he put his 20 year old big dick in my ass and started pounding my ass. I was having fun. Suraj was of good body. He was tearing my bosom by sitting and knocking. He kept his hands on both my plump thighs. I was like an open vault in front of him. My step son was fucking me i.e. his mother. On the other hand, Kamina Thakur Gajraj was taking pictures of my sex. And was also making my film. Sooraj fucked me twice and dropped his material in my bosom. I really liked it. I was just thinking that he is Thakur sahib. But it was the sun. When morning came, I went to the bathroom. I took a good bath. Whole day my new husband Thakur Gajraj kept on laughing. Keep showing me lots of love. He had a very sweet voice. I was thinking in my mind that how lucky I am that despite being a widow, Thakur saheb married me and brought me to such a big luxurious haveli. Gave the status of Bibi. Spent the whole day with fun. All the members of the house spoke to me very lovingly. Then went at night. Manju Rani!! Come here, let me show you something!! Thakur sahib spoke. He turned on his camera. I was very happy and sat next to him on the bed. Then he showed me something. My nude pictures, then pictures of my sex with Thakur, many pictures of my pussy, then pictures of Suraj sucking my breasts, pictures of Suraj licking my pussy. Then pictures of both the servants fucking me. I started crying. I was going crazy. Yesterday on my honeymoon I had sex with 4 people. I was drunk, so I could not understand anything. Thakur sahib, what is all this?? I am your wife?? Then why all this? I asked crying are you a widow. And now you are the mistress of our house!! You came to this house already fucked. That’s why you should not have any problem. We all together will make you drink everyday and will entertain our hearts with you! This mansion, this wealth, these gold ornaments are all yours. Manju Rani! You also enjoy, make us all enjoy too!! Thakur Gajraj said. No!! I will not tolerate all this at all. I am leaving your house today itself! I said and ran towards the door. Don’t know from where Suraj and the 2 wrestler servants of the house came. He caught me by the hands. Gajraj came to me. He took out his leather belt and gave me at least 100 belt thrusts. My skin came off. It got printed wherever it lay. I fainted. When I regained consciousness after 3 hours, my servants had undressed me and were lying on the floor. My new husband Thakur Gajraj and my step son had scratched me. I was having a lot of pain in my pussy. Both the servants of this house were now scratching me. They were taking me by opening both my legs. My condition was like a plucked hen at that time. Friends, from that day onwards I am being watched all the time in this mansion. I am kept locked in the room. At night, Thakur comes with all the men of Gajraj Haveli and all of them take me like a market prostitute. Chod Chodke me tore my holes. My condition has become like that of a prostitute in this house. I am just a thing left to eat. Friends, I have tried many times to escape from this mansion but I have not been able to succeed. Whenever my father comes to see me, Thakur Gajraj turns him away on various pretexts. Every night all the men of the haveli take me together and quench their thirst with me. You are reading this story only and only on erotic story dot com.

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