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My Landavat Namaskar to all the cock holders and Namaskar while fingering in the pussy of the pussy mallikas. I am telling my story to all of you through I am sure that after reading my sexy and sensual story all the boys’ cocks will stand erect and the pink pussy of all the chutwalis will definitely leave their juice. my name is Vijay. I live in Andheri area of ​​Mumbai. I like this city very much because everything is available here. All kinds of modern things are available here. Friends, I got married to Alisha just 2 years ago. She is very beautiful and sexy wood. Every night with different poses she gets her pussy and ass killed. She warms me up by sucking my cock, then gets me fucked in different ways. Alisha enjoys taking cocks in her pussy and has sex every night in different ways. Sometimes by bending over the table, sometimes by making a bitch, sometimes she rides on my cock. Sometimes she fucks standing on the side of the wall. I adore him a lot and we both love to have passionate jerking sex. My sister Kamini was also 24 years old now and she was more friends than my wife. “Life!! You somehow impress my sister. Make a homosexual relationship with him, then I will fuck you both together” One day I said to my wife Alisha “Okay husband Dev!! Now it is my responsibility to make your sister a chudakkad randi” said Alisha, then she started her job. When sister-in-law and sister-in-law (i.e. my wife Alisha and Kamini) were alone at home, Alisha started giving her sex knowledge. Both had a close friendship. ′′ Kamini!! Have you ever seen a picture of sex? One day Alisha asked Kamini “No sister-in-law!!” Kamini said, “Come on, today I will give you sex knowledge. Kal ko tu sasural jayegi to tere kaam aayega” Alisha said then opened her laptop and started showing her a hot hot fuck movie. Seeing all this, Kamini reached the other world. My wife told him about the deep relationship between pussy and cock. It was also told that there is so much pleasure in getting fucked. Then my wife showed her a lesbian film which Kamini liked very much. In this way, Alisha started showing sex movies to Kamini everyday. He also taught how girls masturbate. Now my sister with young body has completely spoiled and used to masturbate every day by inserting her finger in her pussy. My wife Alisha was successful in her work. Come on lady!! Today we play lesbian game” Alisha said to Kamini one evening, both went to the bedroom and started kissing each other on the lips. Where my wife Alisha was 27 years old and had a figure of 36 28 38, my Chudasi sister was now 24 years old and had a figure of 34 28 36. Both went to my bedroom which was very luxurious. It had AC. The room used to get warm even in winters. Alisha turned on the AC and both started kissing. Both the girls were full of youth so both were in the mood to fuck. Alisha took Kamini in her arms and said, “Today you are my lover.” Then both of them started kissing. Both started pressing each other’s milk. Slowly both of them started taking off their clothes. My sister started unbuttoning Alisha’s blouse and started kissing her and making her naked. Then took off her saree. Kamini now started kissing his stomach. Then took off her petticoat. Now my wife was only in panty. Then Alisha did the same. Slowly took off the salwar suit of my sister Kamini. Then opened the bra. Both sister-in-law and sister-in-law now lay down on the bed and started having fun by hugging each other. Alisha came over Kamini and started kissing her pink rose lips. Both were kissing like men and women kiss each other. Then Alisha started sucking Kamini’s 34″ milk in her mouth. She was sucking by pressing with her hand. Then she took off her panty and started licking it and got the juice out. Kamini did the same thing after some time with Alisha. Then Alisha came out of the room making an excuse and called me. Called me I was waiting near the house. My sister didn’t know about me. I went slowly into the house and removed all the clothes. I was a 6 ft young strong bodied man. My cock was also more than 10” long and more than 2” thick. When I was completely naked, I took off my underwear and went to my bedroom. When I reached inside, I saw that my sister Kamini was completely naked and Alisha’s pussy was licking quickly. “Brother!! You???” She was shocked to see me and started covering her milk with her hand “No problem!! This was all your brother’s plan” Alisha said and quickly held Kamini’s hand, now Kamini started looking at my cock with tears in her eyes. My cock was also looking very angry today and wanted to make money by licking the pussies of both the girls. I quickly went to my Chudasi sister Kamini and dragged her and made her lie down on the bed. Then he came over her and took her in his arms. Kamini didn’t say anything. I also wanted to fuck both the holes of my younger sister today. So I went berserk and held both of Kamini’s hands tightly and stuck my fingers in hers. Friends, I started by sucking Kamini’s sexy lips. When she started sucking quickly, she also got hot. “Brother!! Ohh brother “Ohh maa….ohh maa…u u u u u……aaaa aaaaa…i love you” this kamini started speaking, I too started quenching the thirst of my randi sister’s youth and started getting thrilled. Lying on it, he was sucking on his lips. He had taken out all the juice by running his mouth like an orange. Meanwhile, my hands automatically went on her 34” milk. Ohhh what a mast mast kadi kadi choochiya thi friends. I was caressing by holding hands. Then started pressing. Kamini surrendered. After that Shabnami started seeing the body of his naked sister. Showed his body from head to toe. Then started kissing her on the cheek. Was biting with his teeth. “Oh brother!!” You are so sexy!!” Kamini started saying that I gave a lot of fun to both his pigeons with my hands. In which my sister is also ready to fuck. Then took her 34″ in his mouth and started sucking her nipples. I got great pleasure in sucking my real sister’s milk. Then my wife Alisha also lay down beside me. ′′ Hey ji!! You have forgotten your woman.” Alisha said, “No dear!! You are very close to my heart” I said guys, then left my sexy sister and lay down on Alisha. Now quickly started pressing her 36” teats with his hands. Then took it in his mouth and started sucking it. Both the girls were very sexy. So I was having a lot of fun. Kept sucking his wife’s breast for some time. He was like “Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…ahhhhh… .Ai… u u u u u…” she started doing. Then put his hand on her stomach and started kissing her. “Brother!! Won’t you love your sister?” Kamini said from there, “I am coming sister.” I said then went to her. Now both the girls opened their legs while lying on the bed. I started seeing the pussy of both of them. Kamini and Alisha both had very sexy butts and it was very difficult to say whose pussy is more sexy. “Life!! We both have to see our own pussy” Alisha said. I picked up my 24 mega pixel phone from the side and took a pic of both of their pussy. Then both were shown alternately. Both started watching with pleasure. “Now I will drink the pussy of both of you!!” I said I put my mouth on the cushioned pussy of sister Kamini. Oh how beautiful it was guys. Totally clean and smooth. For a few moments saw the pussy from near. Then started licking. In such a situation, Alisha started sucking Kamini’s lips by putting her mouth on his face. I quickly started licking Kamini’s bastard pussy on the bottom side. Now my sister is like “Aaaahhhhh…..eeeeeeee….ohhhh….ai. .Ai..Ai….Ai..Mummy….” Started doing Slowly I became wild like an animal and started rubbing my mouth, lips and face on Kamini’s pussy. I was madly rubbing my head and face on sister’s big bosom. Dae Bae was shaking his face. Then he was licking it quickly by applying his tongue. By doing this, Kamini got a lot of chudas josh and she also became crazy. “Ai. .Ai-ai do it more brother!! U u u u u… how much fun it is… cc cc” Kamini started saying, sweet juice was coming out of sister’s bosom which I was licking like honey. Keeping my face on the cushion of her pussy, I was moving it quickly left and right, due to which her pussy juice was smeared all over my mouth. On the other hand, my wife was now sucking Kamini’s milk like a man. All three of us were having a lot of fun. The three of us were playing a lesbian game. Then I started fisting my cock quickly with my hand. In some time my cock became hard like an iron rod. Now I inserted my cock in sister Kamini’s bosom and Pakpak started playing her game. “……mummy…mummy…..c c c c.. ha ha ha…..ooooo….oo. .Ooh…Ooh…Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..” Kamini started shouting. I was being pushed hard in my pussy. Kamini’s pussy was very tight. It was a great pleasure to feed him. On the other side, my wife was sucking both her 34” pigeons by pressing them down. “Fuck brother!! And jerk hard in my bosde…… C C C C “Kamini started saying, I lifted her up by holding both her legs and started fucking her like an animal. The beetroot of her pussy was being made. My 10” cock dug deep into her pussy. Kamini was having fun. I beat him for 15 minutes. “King of my pussy!! Come play my game!” My wife Alisha said she has now opened her legs. I left my sister now and went to Alisha. Licked her pink pussy for some time. Then he inserted his 2 long fingers in the wife’s bosom. Now the pussy started churning quickly. My sister Kamini now started sucking on Alisha’s lips and started giving her lesbian pleasure. Alisha was also showing full love. Filled with lust here, I was running my finger like a machine quickly in her burrow. Then Kamini started pressing Alisha’s milk forcefully with her hand and then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. I poked my finger in Alisha’s burrow for 10 minutes and dusted it off. Alisha left the fountain of her pussy by bending her back and stiffening her body. I got a lot of fun by giving it. “Hoooooo hoooooo hoooooo ….Oo-Oo…Oo ss ss s…Fuck husband Dev!! Now what are you waiting for ha ha ha.. oh ho ho….” Alisha spoke like a prostitute, then I also inserted my cock in her torn bosom and started pounding quickly. My wife started coming. Kamini was sucking both her milk in her mouth alternately, due to which Alisha was getting great pleasure. I was quickly passing my 10” dick in her pussy. Alisha was in a bad condition. I was looking at his cushioned burrow and looking at him. In some time I was about to ejaculate because I was having sex with both the girls for a long time. Then I quickly pulled my sullen and angry back out of Alisha’s burrow and started shaking hands. Both the girls lay down on the bed. “Brother!! Throw goods on both of our mouths!! My Chudakkad sister Kamini said, I quickly started giving fist by holding cock by hand. Then I started trembling. Then left his spray of white cream on the mouths of both the girls. The faces of Kamini and Alisha were colored by the spray of my goods. Picking up the goods with both the fingers, putting it in the mouth, she started licking it. “Ummm brother!! It is very tasty” said Kamini. “Now you both suck my cock!” I told both the girls Kamini and Alisha both sat beside me and Kamini caught hold of my cock and started shaking it. He had now got all kinds of sex knowledge. My wife had taught him all the tricks. She started beating my cock very well. She was beating by lifting her hand up and down. Started standing. Then Alisha caught hold of my dick and beat it for some time. Then both the young girls started sucking my cock in turn. Was being sucked like an ice cream. I was sucking on the cock by pressing my mouth, due to which I was getting great pleasure. Then both of them started sucking my pills by pressing them with their hands. Now both the girls have become bitches. I licked the ass of both of them with my tongue and enjoyed a lot. Then friends, I applied oil in my finger and alternately inserted the finger in the ass of both of them and started taking it out. Both were being caressed by touching their respective pussy in a sensuous way. Due to which both got a lot of fun. Then I inserted my 10” long and 2” thick cock into Kamini and Alisha’s ass and started having fun ass fucking program. The mother of both got fucked and both were making sensuous sounds of “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Oo…Oo…Oo….” Both of them were in a lot of pain because in Friends ass-fucking show pain is bound to happen. First slowly fuck the ass, then started fucking very fast, then it was about to ejaculate. Then I took out the cocks and showered the material on both of their butts. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. You also share the story.

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