Assfucking the landlady and her daughter

My name is Prem, I live with my family in Model Town, Delhi, I am in my house with my parents, we live on rent, the landlord had died, and only aunt and her daughter (Anu) are in the house. ) whom I used to call Didi used to live, we both started getting along well in the family. But I was very shy, so I did not talk to them. Once upon a time Didi had gone to a wedding, when it was about to come in the morning, then Aunty said that I should come to sleep at her place, because Aunty was afraid to sleep alone, Mummy sent me. Aunty’s age is 50 years. Was, and the nipples were big but not that tight, but it doesn’t matter to me because how they are, fucking is always more fun than masturbating. When I went, they had only one bedroom. So we and aunt both slept on one corner of the bed. Auntie was wearing a nightie, maybe she was shy but she was feeling scared that’s why she had called me. And she was sleeping on the very edge of the bed, that’s why she slipped and fell down from the bed. I immediately went near her and immediately put my hand on her waist and started lifting her. I thought I would get to touch her on this pretext. Told to bring it, I understood and started looking through the door, she started caressing the dirt while I was leaving, and was making a strange face with pain, Means it was hurt a lot, I brought water, she started trying to be normal again, I asked aunty where is it hurt, apply some cream, she said it didn’t hit anywhere, but there were tears in her eyes, I felt pity and I said aunty don’t worry you apply it I took out a cream from the cupboard and said then Till you put it, I come from the terrace, I gave him the cream and went away, when he came after some time, and the aunt was crying, I asked what happened, then she said that I am not able to apply the cream and the pain is also very much. If this is happening, I immediately said that I will put it on, don’t you be ashamed, I am younger than your daughter and what should I be ashamed of. She lay down on her stomach, I immediately put her nightie up to the waist, and before she could say anything, I pulled her panty and started moving her ass, then she didn’t say anything, Aunty was completely naked in front of me. The ass was big, I was massaging both the butts by spreading them so that their holes could be seen, the holes were very small as if no one had ever fucked their ass, I was massaging very well, and finger on their holes He was taking her, she was having a massage with pleasure, she was feeling relaxed, she was not saying anything, I asked aunty, how are you feeling, then she said leave it now, I said let me do it for a while or else I will feel pain again. If she felt like it, she said, after some time she fell asleep and I turned her straight in front of me. She had a completely bare ass. When I spread her legs, I felt wet there. It increased, I immediately put my mouth on her hole and started licking it, because I knew that if she wakes up, then licking her will be so much fun that she will not do it, the sound of sobbing was coming from her mouth but Eyes were closed, I removed her nightie completely, she was not wearing bra, now she was completely naked, I took off all my clothes and slept on her, having great fun, her nipples under my chest and my cock their burrow below. I knew she was awake and she was hot because of licking his ass, but I wanted her to stop pretending to sleep, because if she fucks in the act of sleeping, then she might not give a chance, but if she fucks while awake, then Boor will be available whenever I want, I got down from his body and went to the shore to sleep, he did not understand what I was doing, the heat of Boor was driving him crazy so he came towards me and grabbed my cock and started caressing , my 7 inch cock was completely gone, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it, I started caressing her hair, she looked at me and smiled, then she said please fuck me now, I can’t tolerate it, I said dear Suck a little more my cock, then we came in 69 position. She was not ready, she just wanted to fuck, but came on my insistence, I was licking her ass, and spit in one of my fingers I was inserting one finger in the ass, but she shouted, it hurts in the ass and what are you getting in the ass, lady, you are reading this story on Then he looked at me angrily. scared, she turned and Pulled me on top of her and held my cock in her hand and placed it on her hole. I understood that I could not tolerate it anymore, I pushed hard and went halfway inside, the hole was wet but it was also tight. Won’t it, I kept on pushing after 10 minutes she said don’t take your goods inside, when I was about to come out then I took out my cock and she started sucking with it in her mouth. After some time I fell in her mouth, she So it had already rained 3 times, then we slept like that naked, it was about to happen in the morning, we both slept holding each other, when I woke up in the morning with the voice of his daughter, she peeped through the window and saw Mummy was crying, she saw both of us naked, then Aunty wearing torn nightie opened the door, her daughter came in and said what was going on here all night mummy, her mummy and I were kissing each other Aunty said nothing just he was massaging me, I had fallen in the bathroom. What happened after that friends, I will tell you in the next story, I also fucked his daughter on the same day, how all this was possible, I will tell you in the next story. Click here to read the second part

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