Aunty Ki Mast Chudai 2

When I woke up in the morning, Auntie was sleeping. I started kissing on their lips as well as pressing the boobs with my hands, so Auntie got up and said that I didn’t feel like my secret at night. And then I started kissing him and he was kissing me as well as he was hot, because of which his mouth was getting hot breathy, which was making me more excited and then I started sucking by holding his boobs in hand. To which Auntie said Raj, drink full milk today, you are very reluctant, I suck the milk and press the other with my hand, then after a while my mind was filled, then I started licking the aunt’s chut. Suck whatever grain is there, I opened their chut by putting my chut in it and started sucking it and Auntie Ha Raj sucked it like this and my head started pressing on her chut, after about twenty minutes aunt gave her sex and I drank the whole sex and cleaned it. I did it then took my cock in front of aunt’s mouth, understood it and took the cock in my mouth, I was enjoying it a lot, it seemed that I am in the world of fun… then I told auntie, just do it or else the whole mall will leave in the mouth Now I want to kill your cunt too aunty kill me ok and I put the cock in the chut, from which a sigh of aunty came out and I was pushing my cock back and forth after licking boobs. Took it and said, now you jump on me and Auntie was now fucking me, her bouncy boobs were looking very cute. In his kiss, he was pressing his boobs well as well as inserted a finger deeply into his ass, due to which he was chirping and was vigorously rubbing his dick on the cock. Then Auntie got cheated, so I said that today I do something new in sex, she said how I made them sit and asked them to put my hands behind them and after taking their hands, I put the cock together from behind, due to which Auntie got a little pain and Then she started her chudai, Aunty was enjoying a lot from this fuck. At the same time, I also started hitting more vigorously, due to which Auntie started getting pain. It had been over 30 minutes while aunty and me had been kissing. As soon as there was a waterfall, the aunt was lying down and was thrusting into the cocks from behind and was saying that my queen has just arrived. Aunty said Raj, how do you know all this, I said friends, people used to watch porn videos. Saw him doing such a fuck. Then aunt gave me a long kiss and slept for a while, what happened next, friends, after your mail, I will tell you goodbye till then friends. Your friend Raj Sharma[email protected] com

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