Aunty Ki Mast Chudai 3

Friends, till now you have read how aunty kissed me and I am now keeping the front part of her in front of you. I started seeing that Auntie came and said, drink tea, I said that Auntie does not drink tea, I drink only milk, she also understood paver milk Aunty and said so much milk is jaundiced that it will take time for milk to come till I drink tea, I said okay But if you drink tea, then drink it, ok auntie laughed, there was magic in her laughter too How I said take some tea in my mouth and then give me tea The fun had started, but I noticed that if I didn’t go home, my mother would look here.. I separated the aunt and asked to go home. After taking bath, I remembered the day which brought happiness in my life. I told Auntie let’s take a bath together. Then I and Auntie went to the bathroom and started bathing under the fountain and started kissing and licking each other’s parts. I was kissing on aunt’s throat and ears and navel and aunty was enjoying my eyes watering and my kissing. Sucking his navel, he started licking the chud from above, this water was working as a fire, after a while I told auntie that I would kiss from behind. Auntie’s both hands from behind and from behind by putting the cock inside the chud started moving back and forth Auntie was doing ssssssaaaaaaaaaaagfaggfgfafasthagfadar, then I started to clean the ass with water, then aunt said what is she doing. I said aunty, your ass is very sweet, I want to clean and love it, aunt, rule yes, but if you are thinking of killing your ass, then do not do that, I have never killed my ass, I said it is okay. And started licking the ass and started kissing on it, and after breaking the ass with both hands, dropped the whole cock in the ass at once, due to which Auntie’s scream came out and started saying, take out the secret is hurting a lot. But where did my auntie just have a little pain and started kissing on her back and throat, which eased her aunt’s pain a bit. Then started moving the cock back and forth, now Auntie was making sis instead of pain. He was enjoying it too. And Raj was saying very well and loudly Raj what did I know that ass enjoys so much .. today gave twice as much fun and I was squeezing his boobs. The fun of fucking in the water gets doubled, and it has been 25 minutes while feeding my auntie, then after a while, the work of aunty has gone out and I also took a bath and I came to my house after getting ready, how did my friends like me? Please tell me the first story by mail, till then bye friends. your friend raj[email protected] com

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