Bahen ki Sexy Jethani :

Bahen ki Sexy Jethani : Greetings to all the cocks stripes in my cocks and fingering the pussy of the mallees. I am narrating my story to all of you through nonveg I am sure that after reading my sexy and sensual story, the cocks of all the boys will stand up and the pink pussy of all the chutwali will definitely leave its juice. My name is Bhupendra Singh. I am a resident of Ranikhet, Himachal Pradesh. I am a very fair boy, the reason for this is that the complexion of my mother and father is also as clear as milk. My height is 5′ 8″. Girls are obsessed with me and go ahead and propose me on their own. I don’t ask any girl for pussy, everyone gives it to me. My luck always favors me. I consider myself very lucky because I have chuda every beautiful girl’s juicy pussy. Friends, I did not know that my name is written on another beautiful pussy. This happened 6 months ago my younger sister Radha got married. After marriage, I met sister’s sister-in-law. I was blown away seeing it. In my sister’s in-laws’ house, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, my brother-in-law, all people were black and there was nothing special to see. But when I saw sister’s sister-in-law, Lund stood up at the same time. Her name was Purvi and she was so beautiful what to tell. She started laughing seeing me. I started calling her sister-in-law because my brother-in-law looked like her sister-in-law. “I didn’t have your sister-in-law didi” Eastern didi started saying that I started thinking that I was running the relationship of brother-in-law but now she seems to be my sister because I have married my sister in that house. Since then, he started meeting her frequently. I was now fondly calling the eastern sister-in-law as eastern didi, but it was a dream to fuck her. I used to go to my sister’s in-laws’ house every month as my mother used to send some items often. We have a saying here that parents should keep giving something or the other to the girl all her life after marriage. That’s why I used to go to Radha sister’s place every month with something or the other. Purvi didi’s husband used to be my elder brother-in-law in the relationship. That’s why I became good friends with him too. My brother-in-law and his elder brother both lived together in the same house. It was a lovely family. There was no fight of any kind. That’s why I was also very happy that my sister got married in a good house. What a good thing But friends, as more time passed, my eastern didi started to have a big heart to fuck. His voice was like a cuckoo. The face was beautiful. His father was completely black. I used to think that how dark the father is, but look at the girl how much wealth is there. For a few days, remembering the eastern didi, he used to hold the cock and beat him with his fist. There was great joy. After a few days my brother-in-law started getting his house built, so I had to go. Brother-in-law used to live BC in his job, he did not have time. I had to get all the work done. Eastern didi used to bring tea everyday. I slowly started holding his hand. She started looking at me strangely. The next day there was no one in the in-laws’ house. Everyone was told. Purvi didi was alone in the house. My cock stood up. I thought this stuff should be taken today. I went inside the house. East didi was working. “Bhupendra you?? Is there anything to talk about??” East didi said I held her hand at that moment. Tried to kiss She got angry. “Is this insolence, Bhupendra??” She said angrily, “You will have a honeymoon with me. Will you give me your pussy??” I said his eyes started blazing. “I have not run after any girl till date. Every girl has come and given me a pussy. Never asked anyone. But I love you very much. Will you kiss me??” I said and caught him. Started kissing on the lips. He was created by God sitting in great leisure. That’s when he had found such a form. Beautiful long face Kohinoor-like eyes, orange-like lips, slightly elongated beaked nose, full body, large 34″ milk that was visible from the top of the blouse and the pussy was inside. For some time, I forcefully put my lips on his lips and sucked. “I will go and speak your brother-in-law now.” Purvi didi started saying red with anger, I was also very scared because I had teased my sister’s sister-in-law. But on that day when all the family members came home, nothing like this happened. East Didi did not speak that thing to anyone. Some days she did not come to me. I understand that I got angry. But the very next she came to my room. My sister’s sister-in-law ie Purvi Didi came out of the bathroom immediately. He had tied a towel on his cool milk. His wet hair was open due to which the water droplets were burning. Legs were bare. She came to my room at 6 in the morning with a cup of tea. I was sleeping in the room. She came and sat on my chest and started to wake me up by pouring water from her hair. I woke up When I saw in front, the eastern didi was wearing only towels on her nipples. “What Bhupendra!! fuck me??” She said suddenly, I was shocked. She immediately untied the knot of the towel tied on her milk. Seeing me, everything was robbed. This big chit is completely Indian. Like Indian girls. Full of juice and decorated with dark black big balls. I was blown away. I didn’t answer. My throat started getting dry. “Take my full milk today and suck it. Kiss me tightly,” said Eastern Didi and placed both the chests on my mouth. Friends, there was no need for any kind of dialogue now. I also hugged him and laid him on me and started kissing. She was not even wearing panties. She was completely naked. I too took off my briefs and got naked. And put the eastern didi on his chest. “But where are all the people of Didi’s house???” I asked worriedly, “Everyone is sleeping. You fuck me comfortably There is no tension.” She started saying that both of our lips collided with each other. Then there was the fire. The sizzle started to sizzle. Poorvi didi don’t know how she got involved with me. I just couldn’t believe it. I grabbed his shoulder and kissed a lot from lip to lip. She started eating me, keeping her mouth on her mouth. I started eating them. A great job was done. My hands started dancing on his back now. “East Sister!! Is elder brother-in-law unable to pay you okay?? I quipped, “If he could kiss me properly, why would I come to you? They fall in 3-4 minutes. But Bhupendra, you tell yourselves. How many minutes will you be able to bat on my pussy??” East didi started asking like a scoundrel. “You will know now” I said and then stuck it to the chest as if she was a woman. Friends, all this charisma was from the one above. In which the eastern didi was cracked for me. I also started kissing him by filling him in my arms. I enjoyed first caressing her bare sexy back with my hand. Then my hands went to his cool ass and ass. Purvi Didi’s figure was 34 38 36. What could be more cool than this? I began to caress his balloon-like bloated butt with my hand. Eastern Didi started saying “….Um uh…am..hmmmm…ai…ai…..”. She lay on my chest and I took her orange-like teat in my mouth and started sucking. She started doing AI. Friends, his mother was also failing Musami. It was more juicy than Musami. I started sucking. East Didi was sucking. The flame of our people turned on. I turned on my side as soon as I drank his milk. She went downstairs. I have come up. “Suck Bhupendra!! And suck hard!! Having fun You take the juice of my youth.” The eastern didi started saying, her words made me more crazy. I started sucking his orange by pressing it further. Then the juice of the second chest was removed in the same way. I started playing with his stomach. Didi’s navel looked sexy like a pussy. I started putting my tongue in it. She chuckles, “Ohhhhh….ahhhhhhhhh… .Ai… U U U U U…” started doing. “Aaaaaahhhhh….. warm me by licking my pussy Bhupendra!! ….aye. .Eye..” Purvi didi started saying and opened both her legs like a scoundrel. I understood everything now. My elder brother-in-law (Purvi Didi’s husband) could not fuck him well. When a woman is so beautiful and her husband can’t kiss her properly, she will definitely get him to kiss a non-man. The same happened with him. She opened her beautiful fair legs. I saw his cool pussy. I started licking it with my tongue. She started crying. The ocean of lust started waking up inside me. I started licking his salty flavored pussy with my mouth. She was lifting her waist and drinking it. “…..CC CCC…Your tongue is driving you crazy….And lick my bad….oo. .Om…Om” Eastern didi started saying and started lifting her belly up, I also made a lot of feast of her pussy. Sucked and licked a lot by taking it in the mouth. Then the cock started shaking and shaking. I grabbed the cock and started putting it in his pussy. But the hole was so tight as to be a virgin without a virgin. I had to push hard guys. Then my 7 inch thick cock was able to enter in his chudki. I started pushing. East didi started eating my cock. Now she started kissing. I started hitting harder. She started jumping on the bed. I quickly started to push. My cock quickly started tearing his bur to the root. Sister’s condition started deteriorating. I began to caress his Mast Mast Bur with my hand. I spit in my hand and started rubbing on the grain of his pussy. As he was rubbing, his whole body started vibrating. She started going crazy. His condition had become like a goat whose knife was going on its neck. She also started enjoying having fun. “….oo-oo… Bhupendra!! It’s fun even when you churn it fast. CCC…” Eastern Didi started saying “Le Rand!! Now Teji Bur Ko Tej Tej Faduga” I said and started running the cock in the street of Didi’s pussy. I folded one thigh and placed it on the other thigh. And started giving strong tremors. This was giving me a lot of tightness. I was having a lot of fun. Eastern Didi “Aaaaaahhhhh…..EEEEEEE….ohhh….ai. ..i..i…….” began to do. I moved on quickly. There was entertainment for a long time. After this, I quickly took out the cock and started whipping the cock on his mouth. “Drop your wares on my face” Eastern didi said like a scoundrel. I grabbed his face and brought my 7″ thick cock over him. And quickly started giving fists. I was having a lot of fun. After working hard for a long time, my cock left its juice. It rained white goods on the face of East Didi. His cheeks, lips, nose, eyes were everywhere with a sticky atomizer of my goods. She started asking her beautiful face with her finger and started licking it in her mouth. “At last you have gone!” I said. Didi made me lie down next to me. Then putting her sexy lips on my lips started sucking. Then she chuckled and left. Friends, my brother-in-law’s house was now built. Therefore, Radha could not survive in the sister’s house for any more days. Because now there was no excuse left. So I returned to my home. Now my phone sex with his Jethani i.e. Purvi Didi had started. On the very next day in the evening his call came. “How are you??” She started asking “I’m just fine” I said “I spent last night taking your name. The whole night kept fingering in the pussy” Eastern didi started saying “Why brother-in-law did not choke” I said from here “No. He fell within 2 minutes. Then he slept with his face on the other side. I kept thinking about you” Eastern didi said “About me or my wrestler cock??” She started laughing, thus having phone sex with her every night. Sometimes the whole night was full of chatter. After some days my Radha sister was going to come to my house. His Jethani i.e. Purvi Didi also came home with Radha. Now I had my bat again. In his house and in front of Radha sister used to call her as her eastern didi so that no one can doubt that we have a hot sex relationship between us. I started seeing the opportunity how to fuck the eastern didi. At 4 o’clock in the evening my sister and Radha sister went to the market for some work. Now I had the right bet. I went straight to East Didi’s room. She was reading a book. As soon as I left, I grabbed his book and threw it away and went and stuck it. “What are you doing Bhupendra?? Has anyone seen it??” East didi started panicking and said, “There is no one in the house. Everyone has gone to the market. Let’s take off the clothes quickly” Me and first of all what happened to us. Because after 4 months, Purvi didi was in my arms today. First of all, what happened to us people? After that she started opening her blouse and saree. I took off my clothes and started cleaning the cocks. Massaged oil on the whole cock. Then made East Didi a bitch. I put two drops of oil in the bill of his ass and massaged it well. Then he started putting his cock in his ass. Due to the oil being applied, the greasy cock entered the inside carefully. I got a lot of satisfaction. Now I started kicking ass very quickly. Eastern Didi “……Mummy…Mummy…..CC CCC.. Ha ha ha…..ooooo….oooo. .Om…Om…Unhoo Unhoo..” Started doing. After sometime I started licking his ass deep inside. Then 17 18 minutes later he was martyred in the same. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg for new stories. You also share the story.

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