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My Landavat Namaskar to all the cock holders and Namaskar while fingering in the pussy of the pussy mallikas. I am telling my story to all of you through I am sure that after reading my sexy and erotic story, all the boys’ cocks will stand erect and the pink pussy of all the pussy will definitely leave its juice. My name is Sanjay Mishra. I live in Mumbai. I have my own big clothes factory. Many workers work in my factory. I am also always busy in looking after. My cabin is next to my manager’s cabin. Me and my manager were similar. Like me, he used to roll his eyes at the girls working in the factory. He used to stare at every girl. Sometimes I also used to do all this on the pretext of checking my work. My manager’s name was Suresh. He was also very smart like me. Both of us were working. When Suresh used to impress any girl in the factory, he used to call me to play with her body. We used to enjoy our youth together. Being the boss, everyone used to follow the law. I never used to bet on anyone. Till now I was sitting single. Even at the age of 28, I used to secretly see pussy. At the age when boys get married, I was doing promiscuity. My way of debauchery was also very funny. He used to encourage the girls who came in search of work to kiss him once. If she liked him, he would definitely have sex by hypnotizing her in one way or the other. Girls had become addicted to pussy. I had fucked almost all the good girls in the factory. One day I was sitting talking to the manager. Me: It’s been a long time since I got to see my pussy! Friend, find some new goods. Manager: What should I do, sir! I am also hungry: Bring anyone for a job, he will be fucked. Little did we know that the victim we were looking for. He will come to me on his own. I saw a girl through the mirror inside the cabin. The age of that girl seemed to be around 25 years. I liked her at a glance. I started looking at her tearing my eyes. What a cool figure she had! Seeing the body of 36 30 34 my body came to life. The sluggishness of the body disappeared very quickly. She was looking amazing. She was wearing a red salwar suit. She was looking very beautiful like a fairy. Seeing the bulging breasts, my cock stood erect. I asked the manager to come out of my cabin. I am free for that. Seeing me alone, she knocked on the door. Girl: Can I come in?? Me: Yes come! Girl: Sir my name is Laila. I have completed my graduation. I am looking for job. Can I get a job in your factory? Me: Well there is no vacancy right now. But after two days one person wants to leave the work then you can take his place Laila : Thank you sir I held my visiting card which had my address and mobile number written on it. She went away busting her ass. While leaving, my cock got erect once again. I was also very surprised how a girl can be so beautiful. First time I waited for a girl. That evening, after coming home, remembering her shiny body and big nipples, I fisted her name several times. Somehow he was cooling down his enthusiasm by shaking his cock. Badi was eagerly waiting for his arrival after spending two days somehow. The day was about to pass but she could not be seen by me. In the evening I sat thinking about that. Then my phone started ringing. I didn’t pick up the phone once. The second time I picked up the phone, it was Laila’s phone. I didn’t know his number. I was not happy at all. I started talking to him. Slowly one thing kept increasing and that day we talked to him for about two and a half hours. She told me that she had gone out somewhere. It used to take two days for him to come. He had informed me that if you want to hire someone else, then do so. I had already given him a job. He got a call the next day as well. And that’s how I talked to him little by little for two days. As soon as he came to Mumbai, he started working in my factory. I had given him the work of wheeling. The counter with the will was right in front of my cabin. I used to scold him the whole day. One day in the evening I was going home. She was waiting for the bus standing at the bus stop. From there I was going in my car. I saw Laila. I put the car next to him. Me: What are you doing here? Laila: Waiting for the bus to go home. When I asked the address of his house, he was near my house. His house used to be 3 kilometers before mine. I put her in my car and dropped her at her house talking all the way. A similar program started running everyday. Slowly we started sharing everything with each other. Everyday I used to drop her at her house. One day I talked to her a little too sexy. He supported me. She was answering everything. Laila had also become frank with me. We both used to go to hotel hotel some day. After that I started going to his house to drop him. In this way I increased friendship with him. She started liking me as well. One day I had taken it for shopping. For me she was liking nice clothes. She was looking very hot that day. I also praised him a lot. Hearing his praise, he kissed me. I was very happy. I gifted him by buying jeans and top. She had come wearing the same the other day. My cock stood up on seeing her. What a cool looking item. I called her to my cabin and kissed her. Planned to take him to the cinema in the evening. I booked two tickets by telling the manager. After the factory closed in the evening, I made Laila sit in my car. I kissed her by closing all the windows of the car. She was also supporting me. By answering my kisses, she was making me closer to her. I kissed her a lot in the car itself. I also mashed her cheeks a lot. That day, in the car, we talked a lot about Chudai with Laila. It had become a common thing to talk to him about Lund Bur Chut Gand. I grabbed the corner sheet after watching a romantic scene in the movie. She was watching sitting with me. I started kissing her. Both of us were getting hot. Laila was looking ready to kiss me. I kissed and licked her a lot that day and pressed her mom. The other day I gave her an expensive gift. Every day I used to bring something for him. He also knew that she could fuck anytime. Now he used to take her to the movies once a week. One day he was taken to the hotel. That day my mood was made to fuck her. I had told her everything in the car itself. Me: Laila, I like you very much. Ever since I saw you, I keep thinking only about you. I have started loving you a lot. I don’t see any other girl except you Laila: I have also started loving you very much, I made you my boyfriend as soon as I saw you for the first time. You were my boss that’s why I was silent: From today you will fulfill my every wish. You will spend the night with me today. I brought her to the hotel today only after finalizing the deal. He looked at me very fiercely. I had dinner with him first and then got the pizza packed. I brought him to my house. Laila was going to fuck today. Laila Hasi happily came with me to my house. I took her to my own single living flat. I often used to take girls there. After a long time some girl had come to that flat. Parked the car downstairs and was going to my flat. We both started in the lift itself. I started kissing her in the lift itself. She was also supporting me. Both of us had become very hot. As soon as I got out of the lift, I took out the key from my pocket and entered the room. I was quenching the thirst of my lips by sucking Laila’s lips. Laila was also enjoying a lot. She was doing very well with me. By supporting each other, we both were enjoying the kiss to the fullest. Made me fat by sucking on Laila’s pink delicate soft lips. Her lips were very swollen. It was too much fun to bite and suck Laila’s lips. Seeing Laila’s heat, I started kissing her on the neck. He found it difficult to kiss on the neck. She started suffering. She started wrapping the bed in her hands. Suddenly Laila hugged me. Her big boobs were felt in my chest. I filled it in both my hands. Was enjoying a lot by suppressing both the nipples. I felt like looking at her soft butter like mamma. I removed his T-shirt. Her soft soft milk like a big mattress were trapped in the bra. Laila’s red colored bra was looking very cool. I freed the chicks and started suppressing them. Seeing her brown nipples, my mind started to feel nauseous. I put my mouth on her nipples to drink her nipples. Sobs started coming out of Laila’s mouth. She started sobbing loudly. I started drinking her nipples by pulling. She was feeding me her milk happily by pressing me in her nipples. I cut the nipple and sucked the nipples for some time. Made him sit down. Her mouth was right in front of my cock. I unbuttoned my pants and slid down including my underbear. My cock was standing erect. Laila was staring at my cock. I rubbed my cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and stuffed the top of my cock in her mouth and inserted it through the gape. She was licking the top of the cock with her rough tongue. I was having a lot of fun. Slowly I got very excited. I stripped her naked to fuck her. Removed her jeans and put her in her panty. She was lying on the bed like a mannequin. To excite her even more, he took off her panty and caught a glimpse of her pussy. To drink the juice of juicy pussy, he put his mouth on her pussy. Started sucking the pieces of her pussy one by one. She started exclaiming loudly “Ai…..Ai….Ai… Ahhhhhh…..C C C C….Ha ha ha…”. I excited her a lot by biting her pussy. I started rubbing my cock on her pussy. Her pussy became red hot like iron. My cock was also tight like iron bars. Pushed the cock hard by touching her pussy hole. Half of my cock was inserted in her pussy that she loudly “……Mummy…Mummy…..C C C C.. Ha Ha Ha…..Ooooo….Ooo. .Ooh…Ooh…Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..” I screamed out. I pushed my entire cock into her pussy by pushing. She was crying loudly. Slowly started fucking her. She started sobbing slowly. I started pushing my cock. The whole cock started pounding till the root. She was getting fucked by whispering. She was also enjoying eating my big cock. She lifted her waist and started kissing. I started fucking hard. My cock caught its speed in no time. He was thrusting his cock into Laila’s pussy and taking it out. Laila started enjoying sex by lifting her ass. She was fucking with the sound of “Aau….Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhhh…cc c c c..ha ha ha..” I changed my position by touching her pussy and sitting on my cock and started fucking. She herself jumped and started enjoying the sex to the fullest. She was sitting up on my cock like iron bars. Laila’s pussy left the water. Her pussy was loose. I was not enjoying pussy fucking anymore. I made Laila a bitch. Cocks started inserting inside her ass hole. The top of my cock had just entered inside that her ass burst. He very quickly “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Oo-oo…oo….” The voice started coming out. I pushed my cock hard in her ass. He was fucking Laila’s ass by hitting her ass. Laila was also contributing fully in sex by rubbing her ass. I held her waist and started fucking hard. The whole bed was shaking with the sound of charr…charr…charr…. My cock was about to ejaculate soon after eating rags in her tight ass. Before falling, my speed became very fast. He was making pudding by tearing her ass. She was screaming “….uh uh uh…..hoo…hoo..hmmmmm…ai…ai….” His voice stopped coming out after some time. I stopped fucking. My cock got ejaculated in her ass. All the hot stuff got stuffed in her ass. I took my cock out of her ass. My cum started flowing from her ass. We both were tired. He lay naked all night. That night I fucked Laila several times. After that fuck her in many places. Sometimes in the hotel, sometimes in the factory and took her to other places and had sex with her. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. Also share your story.

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