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This is real life hot sex story, which took place nearly 45 years ago during the period when war between India and Pakistan took place. I was around 18 years of age then and witnessed the whole incident with my naked eyes for nearly 4-6 hours right form the late evening to wee hours of the morning. I lost the count of time, as I was so engrossed into it with feeling of pain, anger, disgust and excitement. My Father was a clerk in Forest Department of UP government in a place Called Chilla in Hardwar District. This place is very beautiful and scenic and our small colony consisting of mostly forest and hydel people was situated just besides a big dam. Our house was situated on the outer periphery of the colony beyond which was deep and dense jungle. It was an old British style bungalow with 3 rooms, courtyard, verandah and lot of space for garden and lawn on which mostly wild variety of trees and bushes were standing. There were lot of bushes, wild plants and sapling all around the house. My family consisted of parents and younger brother who was around 6 years at that time. In the night there will be blackout due to war and all the people will go inside their houses just after sunset.

My mother was a lovely and religious lady. Her complexion was whitish but her features are very sharp. With long legs and good height she was really stunning. Compared to her my father is quite ordinary looking and only 2-3 inches taller than her. At that time my mother was around 36-37 year of age. Her body was well developed and proportionate. Her chuchi’s (Boobs) were of medium size but looked very firm and round. She had a very perfect ass which attracted lot of attention.
One day my father returned home in a very tense and worried mood. Though I was quite young I could still make out that he was drunk and staggering. He looked very tentative and nervous. He was getting irritated now and then and will shout on us even on very small and trivial matters. My mother was trying to calm him down and was asking what has happened. She took him inside the bedroom and closed the door from behind instructing us not to go out of the house and to play inside without making any noise, as father was ill. I could not understand what was going on and why he was so nervous. I began to play with my younger brother and forgot about them. After nearly one hour my mother came out and straight away went to the kitchen. I could make out her face was dull and she herself was looking very down and her eyes were moist. As she went to the kitchen I peeped inside and I saw my father sleeping on the bed.
In the night when we sat for the dinner my father still looked like a very worried man and was not even talking to us. My mother asked my father not to worry, as god will help us. He began to eat and looked as though he was not interested in food. My mother came near him and sat on his side and slowly began to talk to him.“ Don’t worry, I will do whatever you want me to do. Even though it is very difficult for me, but we have no choice as this job is very important. “ She said looking in his eyes and moving closer to him as she tried to soothe his feelings.
Father did not reply, he only looked in her eyes. He placed his hand on the shoulder of my mother as if trying to say thanks you to her. After that they did not talk even a single word as we ate out dinner quietly. After the dinner was over my mother took us to our room and made us sleep peacefully as always on our bed. Our room was just adjoining their room and there was a common door between the two rooms. They will always keep it open with only a curtain separating it from the outer drawing room. Few days passed of peacefully and my father also became less tense and was looking relaxed now. On Saturday when I returned form college I found my father at home and whole house looked very clean. It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I was surprised to see my father at home as normally he will come after seven in the evening only. That day I saw that meat was being cooked in the kitchen and there were lots of fruits and sweets in the house.
I was very happy to see all those things and asked my mother, whether it was somebody’s birthday toady. She said no and told me that an uncle will come in the evening to our house for dinner. As she replied to my question I felt that her voice has become very weak and she was looking fearful as her face turned red. After eating all those things I went outside to play along with my friends. Time passed very quickly and it was around 7.30 pm in the evening and it was very chilly and fog has started to flow all around in the air. I saw surprised to see my mother that day as she wore a new light blue color sari with matching blouse. She has also put on some makeup and was sporting a red color lipstick. Even in make up she looked very tense and nervous. My mother was a pucca housewife who was not very literate but has learned all the etiquettes and manners of a small town. She was a 5’3” in height but very fair. She was a bit heavy around bums and had a few tires around her waist. But overall she looked attractive.
My father was sitting on the chair in drawing room and every now and then he will look towards the watch. Time ticked by as it was 8.30 now and outside there was very thick fog. Suddenly we heard a scooter coming and stopping just outside our gate. My father immediately got up and went outside the house. I saw my mother as she nearly ran inside the kitchen and closed one door on the kitchen. Then I saw my father entering with a Sardarji. He was around 45 years old very strongly built man with long beard but dressed very immaculately. He was holding 2-3 packets in his hand and also there was small air bag, which my father was carrying for him.
“ Sir, this is my elder son Arvind “ my father pointed a finger towards me and informed him very courteously.
He came near me and gave me a small packet and said “ Ajit this is a gift for you”. I took the packet and immediately opened it. There was small t-shirt in it for me. I got very happy on seeing it.
“Sir, Please come and sit here” I heard my Father requesting him very politely. Sardarji moved towards the wooden sofa and sat near the corner while looking all around the house.
“Ajit (my father name) please take this bag and keep it safely in your bedroom. We will need it later on in the night.” As he said this I saw his face turning cheerful as he smiled in a mysterious way towards my father.
As my father picked up the bag I saw his face blushing and with great strength he said, “ Yes Sir, as you say “. He went inside the bedroom and returned after 2-3 minutes. He sat near the Sardarji and began to talk in a very low tone. I was sitting at a distance and hence could not make out what they were saying. After few minutes I saw Sardarji taking out some papers form his pocket and after signing it gave to my father. Immediately after getting the papers I saw a big smile returned on my fathers face as he rushed inside the kitchen.
After a few minutes my father returned and said “ Sir, Sarla is coming in a few minutes. She is preparing tea for you”
“ Is Sarla Happy now “ Sardarji asked my father while trying to peep into the kitchen. “ I hope there is no change in plan as agreed before”
“Yes, Sir she is very happy and has asked me to thank you on her behalf” my Father replied to him as he shifted more closer to Sardarji.
“Don’t worry Ajit everything is OK as I promised you.”
“ Thank you very much Sir,” my father replied in a very submissive and begging tone.
“ Ajit have you arranged for the drinks and soda as I asked you”
“ Sir I have brought one full bottle of Peter Scott as advised by you. I have also brought soda and ice “ he replied.
Then I saw my mother coming out of room with tray in her hand. I could see her hands were shaking a bit and she was walking very consciously towards both of them. Sardarji turned his head as his lustful eyes examined her body. He was looking at her very lustily and his eyes were roaming all over her body. Seeing this my mother got more nervous and I thought she would run away form there. But some how she reached in front of them and placed the tray on the small table before them. As she bends a little to place the tray on the table I saw sardarji trying to peep inside her blouse form front. My mother also saw this and she straightened up and tried to cover her front with her sari while looking at my Father.
“Sir, this is my wife Sarla,” my Father said pointing towards my mother. My mother folded both the hands and wished him.
“ Sarla please sit down.” Sardarji asked my mother pointing towards the chair in front of her. My mother sat down hesitantly in front of him. As she sat down on the table my father turned around and said “ Ajit, Beta please go inside your room and study and also take your younger brother with you”
I did not want to go but had no choice. I took my younger brother with me and went inside the room. I tried to play with my brother inside the room but I was not enjoying at all as I wanted to sit with them. Position of my door was such that drawing room was blocked form view. I don’t know why but I went near the window and slowly opened it to make enough room so that place where they were sitting was visible. I peeped form the space between the two doors of the window. I saw them chatting and Sardarji was speaking in a soft voice. My father was nodding his head and mother was just sitting there and was not even looking in his eyes.
Then I saw my father turning towards my mother and saying something, as a reaction of which my mother just got up and shifted her chair near Sardarji. She was sitting close to him now and father was also near her. I do not know what Sardarji was speaking to them but when Sardarji placed his hand on the knee of my mother, she tried to adjust herself so that he will take his hand off but when he tried to move his hand up her legs she got up and immediately ran into kitchen.
This was something very strange for me. I could not make out what has happened but still understood that this was not normal. Then I saw my father standing up and going into the kitchen. After 2-3 minutes he returned with a bottle and 2 glasses in his hand. He placed it on the table and again went inside the kitchen. This time he returned with water, soda, salad and nuts. This was the first time I was seeing my father drinking in our house. Before that I have seen him drunk but never in our house he has done so. In a few seconds they both cheered and began to sip their drinks. They were slowly drinking it. I got bored and began to read story books when my mother came inside the room with the dinner thalis. She has cooked meat and other good food today and we both ate it very fast. After the dinner was over she gave us sweets to eat and by the time we were finished it was already 10 o clocks in the night.
After my mother removed the plates and other things my father came into the room and said that he is going to drop Sardarji in his house and since it was very late we should sleep now as we have to go to college in the morning. He made sure we have retired to our bed when he switched off the lights and silently closed the door. I heard the scooter starting and moving away form our house as I slowly but surely dozed off. I don’t know how much time has passed while I slept but I felt the great urge to pee. I got up form my bed and tried to open the door as toiled was outside the room. To my surprise it was locked form outside. I also noticed that the common door between our rooms was also locked very safely and also the window opening in the drawing room. As I was very desperate to pee hence I went near the second window behind our bed ,which opened on the back side of our house. I pushed it open and climbed out of my room in the open space outside the room. It was so dark and foggy . I turned around and started to pee. As I was facing my room I noticed that the light in the father’s room was on and also just near his room the scooter of Saradji was parked. I was surprised to see the scooter as Sardarji has left earlier. I slowly moved along with the walls towards my father’s room. I tried to open the window slightly and to my surprise its one door moved an inch. Curtain was there which I removed very carefully with my index finger so that I can peep inside . As I was trying to adjust myself outside the window I heard a small giggle which I immediately recognized was that of my father. I slowly peeped inside and got the shock of my life. I saw my Father sitting on the edge of the bed totally naked. He was facing towards me. I saw his very small tool hanging placid. My mother was sitting in the lap of Sardarji and her blouse was open in front with her boobs hanging out. Her sari was rolled over her legs up to her thighs and one hand of Saradji was inside her sari between her legs. He was moving his hand slowly and I could see her head swinging form side to side. She was moaning very loudly and was jerking her body in between. Her Chuchi’s (boobs) were also moving from side to side as she tried to control her emotions.
“ Aaahhh…. Saradrji aur mat karo yeah , bus” I heard her requesting him. He put his one hand on her left boob and pressed it hard while kissing the back of her neck. She still moaned loudly. She was trying to remove the hand of Sardarji from between her legs. But Sardarji was busy with one hand on her boob and one hand inside her rolled up sari. I think this went on for 2-3 minutes till my mother began to close her legs and swing her wildly form side to side. As her motions began to become more wild Sardarji found it difficult to control her. After a few seconds Sardarji removed his hand form under her sari and she immediately got up and sat just opposite to Sardarji with her back towards me. Sardarji smelled his hand and put one finger inside his mouth and licked it.
“Bhabhi ji aap to bahut namkin hai. Maja aa gaya” he said to my mother. She blushed and tried to cover her boobs with her saree pallu. I could see she was breathing very heavily.
As she moved away form him for the first time I saw the cock of Sardarji. It was very bushy, black and thick. He was holding it in his hand and slowly stroking it. His swollen knob was looking even bigger, throbbing in his hands. I can’t certainly say but it was somewhere between 7 and 8 inches long .
My initial surprise and anger gave way to excitement and fear. I have never seen my mother in that position before. I don’t know why but I felt very excited when I saw her sitting in the lap of Sardarji and moaning loudly. Her tits looked so beautiful with black nipples, which he was pinching. The very thought of seeing my mother sitting half naked on his lap made my run very swiftly through my veins.
I turned towards my father who was sitting near Sardarji facing the window. I saw his hand, which was moving up and down on his tiny shaft. I think seeing his wife being mauled by a Sardarji also made him hot as his cock was very hard and erect. But in comparison to Sardarji it was not much of a competitor. It was thin and around four inches only. As I was trying to come to terms with whole of the thing I saw Sardarji getting up and taking his clothes off. He removed his shirt and vest , exposing himself totally in front of both of them. Since my mother was not facing me I could not see her emotions. But I saw my father just watching his erect and hard cock. I think he was also surprised by the manliness of hic cock, which was pointing towards the sky. Then I hear the voice of Sardarji calling my mother,
“Sarla, come here” he told my mother asking her to come near him. But I saw her only moving a bit and then stopping . I think she herself was afraid and shy. Not expecting my mother to come near him Sardarji himself moved towards her and when he was just in front of her he said ,“aao na sarla….thora…..chooso na ” by pointing his cock towards the mouth of my mother . I saw her head shaking but he immediately caught her hairs and by bending himself a bit and in spite of her best efforts to resist, he pushed it into her mouth. He pulled her hairs a bit forcing her to stand on her knees. He placed both of his hand on her head and began to make to and fro movement with his body. Now he was forcibly making her to suck his cock. Slowly but surely it continued for sometime till he removed his hand form her head as she began to suck as per his wish. Then I saw her placing one hand on his leg for support and with other hand she caught his tool as she was sucking and licking him slowly. Now and then I could hear soft moan escaping form mouth of Sardarji and he enjoyed her hot tongue.
“Ajit, Maja aa gaya. Tumari biwi suchmuch bahut achcha choosti hai , waahhh “ Sardarji said looking towards my father. I saw my father just nodding but his eyes were fixed on my mother who was sucking him. I could judge he himself was started to enjoy the show. Seeing his wife being humiliated gave him a sadist pleasure which was all there in his eyes to see. This exercise went on for few minutes and then Sardarji took his cock out form her mouth and asked her to stand up.
Still holding his cock in her hand she stood up and he began to kiss her on lips and cheeks. Both of them were standing on the bed and kissing passionately. And then for the first time she turned around towards the window where I was standing. I saw her face was all red with desire and shame. Her lips were wet and her eyes were semi closed and Sardarji has aroused her feeling to no ends. I saw his hands moving on her chest pinching her boobs and nipples. His second hand was busy in removing her Sari. Still kissing her neck he began to disrobe her of her sari. With no great efforts he was able to remove her sari and then he took out her blouse and then he untied the nara of her petticoat.
My breath got heavier as I saw her petticoat slipping between her legs and falling on her feet exposing her chut (pussy) for the first time to my naked eyes. It had small hairs but was very beautiful. It looked swollen and her cunt lips were open. Her legs were very smooth and her thighs were big. As his hand moved towards her Chut (pussy) I saw her closing her legs and putting all her weight on him for support. His hand reached between her legs and I could feel a shiver running down her body as she tried to close her legs. But he did not gave her a chance as he began to play with the pussy lips, rubbing them between his two fingers. He was slowly teasing her as she was now again moaning loudly and shaking with emotions.
Then he put one finger inside her pussy as loud moans escaped her mouth,“aaahhh …. bus kijia na ji or saha nahi jata “ she said pleadingly . But he began to slowly stroke his finger in and out of her swollen pussy. As his speed increased I could see her loosing control over herself as she began to slowly bend forward. I think sensing that she was ready he put one hand on her neck from behind and pushed her down on the bed till she was on all fours just like dog.
“Ajit , tum bahut lucky ho……..tumari biwi suchmuch e bahut sexy hai. I like woman with heavy buttocks.” He said taking position behind her and kneeling down. He put one arm under her belly and raised her ass a bit till the position was right for him to take action. Sensing all this I saw my father getting up and he came very near the edge of the bed. He was still stroking his cock, which was very hard and erect.
Then I saw him adjusting himself as he spit on his fingers and rubbed his saliva on his cock head. He spit again on his fingers and this time he rubbed it on the chut (pussy) of my mother. A moan escaped her mouth as she rested her head on the bed covering her face with her long hairs.
Then I saw him placing his cock between her ass and adjusting with his hand. For a moment my mother put her face up and turned a bit , but immediately she put it down again on the bed as she felt the warmth of his massive knob. Then I saw him putting one hand under her belly as he pulled her back with his hand and himself moving forward. This action of his resulted in penetration as immediately face of my mother moved up looking I direction of the window and biting her lips between her teeth with ecstasy and carnal pain. Her fingers clenched the bed sheet as he moved inside her with one more stroke.
“Ahh, maa….. mar gayi, bahut mota hai ji apka lund to……. Dheere se kijia na ji” she said more in joy rather in pain. By now his cock was partially inside her pussy as he caught her belly with both hand and gave a hard push. “Aaaaaaa……,,dheere “ a loud and painful weep escaped her mouth as he stretched her cunt walls. She tried to move forward but he was holding her firmly. She wanted to get out of his grip but was unsuccessful. He gave another push and then another till he was finally buried inside her pussy. I saw her jerking her head from side to side as she tried to adjust to the pain and pleasure. “Keya kare bhabhi app bahut tight ho” Sardarji said with joy. He was feeling the tight pussy walls on his cock. He was buried deep inside her as he closed his eyes in joy. His hand were now stroking her ass slowly as he gave her time to adjust. I could see some pain on her face as her eyes became moist. She was continuously biting her teeth.
“ Ajit she is wonderful. Do bachche ki ma ho kar vi She is so tight. It has been so long since I fucked a tight pussy” Sardarji said to my father looking towards him. My father was seeing his cock buried inside her. He looked so hot and excited which was written all over his face. Then I saw him adjusting himself as he pulled back a bit and after 2-3 second gap he again stroked forward making my mother moan loudly. Then he placed both his hand on her ass as he began to stroke her slowly.
“aaaaa oooo mmmaaaa” as my mother moaned. He slowly began to stroke her to and fro while making her body move in a rhythm. Now her head was down as she felt the power of his trust. She was continuously moaning and jerking her head sideways. I watched his speed increasing and so her moans and joyful weep. IN few seconds he began to ride her with great speed as her whole body was shaking with his powerful thirst. This went on for 4-5 minutes as I saw them fucking each other with great speed. Then I saw her body stretching and jerking as orgasm build inside her. She hardened her body and was yelling very loudly and asking himto fuck her hard.
“Sardarji aur thora zor se maria na, “ she said as she began to hit her forehead on the bed.
“maaaaaaaaoooooooo…aaaaa gayiiiiii……..” escaped her mouth as she jerked like a wild animal. As she was jerking I saw Sardarji holding her tightly and fell on her back as he began to jerk on her body. I saw both of them yelling and shaking violently for 1-2 minutes as he came inside the same womb from which I was born. I turned towards my father I saw him moaning too as loads of cumm escaped his cock and fell on bed near them. They both watched him, as he weep and moaned wildly form the intense pleasure he derived form seeing his wife being fucked by a strong and thick cock.
My mother could not bear the weight of Sardarji for long and she fell forwards along with him on the bed. Sardarji adjusted himself to put his weight on his elbows so that she can breathe easy as they watched my father. She was still lying under him and he was slowly kissing the back of her neck. There was a silence for few minutes as all of them tried to control their intense emotions.
I stood there as I watched their body go limp. My hand was inside my knickers as it was playing with the small cock. My body temperature went up as I saw whole of the live action there. I saw my father sitting on the bed next to them and intently watching the face of my mother who was facing him sideways. I could not see her face but don’t know what they were seeing in each other’s eyes. Then I saw my mother lifting her hand a little and placing it on the hand of my father holding it tightly.
Sardarji got up and I saw his cock. It was semi erect and shining with the wetness of her cunt. He caught hold of her blouse , cleaned his cock with it and threw it back on the bed. He got down of the bed and went near the table lying in the corner. He made a small peg and immediately drank it. I saw my mother turning herself on the bed. She folded her legs and caught hold of the same blouse and placed it on her pussy hole. She sat there and began to put on her bra. I saw Sardarji opening the door of the bedroom and going out, I think to piss as bathroom was outside. My father also put on his pajama and went out of the room. I saw her getting up on the bed holding the blouse between her legs with her one hand ,as she picked up her petticoat with other hand. She got down of the bed and began to clean her pussy with her blouse. After a few seconds she put on the petticoat and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked so quiet and beautiful looking towards the door. As they returned she went out of the room.
“Ajit, your wife is so damn sexy. She is so hot and tight” I heard Sardarji saying to my Father, who just nodded.
“yaar ek-do peg aur bana abhi to poori raat baki hai” he said pointing towards the bottle while he put on his knickers.
He began to talk lewd about my mother as they began to drink. It was more than 15 minutes and she did not return , by that time he has already taken more than two pegs.
“Ajit you do one thing . You go and sleep but send Sarla here. She will stay with me till I leave in the morning” he said to my father.
I looked towards my father who was looking perplexed at his suggestion. But he could not say no as he went out of the room. I don’t know what happened between them but I saw her come alone in the room after half an hour. She was now wearing gown and also has done her hairs. From her looks I could say she was trying to control her tears as she came near the bed.
His face lit up as he saw her. She stood there for few seconds before walking towards the bed. He got up and closed the door firmly from inside. He caught her hand and tried to pull her towards him but she resisted and pointed towards the bulb. He went near the switches and put off the bulb. Now there was complete darkness in the room and I could not see anything.
In the next few hours till the dawn I stood there just listening. They did not sleep whole night . That night he used her like a bitch and made her do all sort of things which I could only hear. He told her about his fuckings and how he liked her when he saw her first time. I think after initial inhibitions she also began to open up with him. As time passed she became more talkative and I could hear her giggles, soft moans, shout and sometimes even lewd comments as she responded to his provocations. Standing there I was listening to them and could not believe what they were talking about.
Sardarji was telling her how it was his dream to fuck a motherly woman like her who have 2 -3 kids. Hearing this mother giggled and said “ kiu ji… avivi chuchi se dudh pineka adat nahi chor paye keya aap?
Once they were discussing about my father’s small cock Sardarji said “hume vul to nahi jaogi bhabi”. Mother said “itna bara lund koi vulta hai Sardardi” and they both started laughing.
While talking about me and my brother Sardarji said “tum agar meri biwi hoti to mai ab tak or do char bachcha paida karwaleti tumse”. Mother laughed and said “keya bol rehe hai Sardarji aap…. agar apke jaise pati hume milta to hum itne dino me eak pura foorball team hi paida kar deti.
I had always looked her as a simple and religious lady. But right now she was not more than a whore who was enjoying lewd and dirty chat with a complete stranger to her. Sardarji was a great fucker. He made a bitch out of a simple housewife.
As I stood there playing with my small prick I heard her moaning loudly. I heard Sardarji asking her whether she was virgin before marriage. She did not reply to his question but he kept on asking her. She tried to avoid the question but in the end he pressure her to answer it. To my surprise she said ,
“nahin, jis ghar mein kai mard hon wahan aurat aur beti kaise bach sakti hain. Mai to pandra sola me hi chud gayee the” . I was surprised by her answer. And then she told him something which even I could not believe. She said “sadi ke bad mera patidev ki koi khas income nahi tha or oh humare sasurji ke upor puri tara se nirvar the. Humare Sasur ji jo umar me mera pita saman the oh mera patidev ki garhajri me mouka dekh dekh ke kai bar hume chud chuke hai. I think her story made him too hot and he began to ride her shouting filthy words about her. Sardarji asked her while thrusting her very hard “bhabi agar mai tume uthwa lu to bura to nahi manogi. Apni pati or bachcho ko chor paogi tum mere liya”? I could not hear what she answered whispering because of the wet PLOP PLOP sound from her vagina and the jerking sound of their bed. After few minutes her moans became very loud and I was sure my father must have also heard them. This went on for whole of night till the wee hours of the morning. I slowly walked towards my room tired, exhausted, excited and angry.
I got up at around 11 am next day. I missed my college. When I woke up I found everything was quiet and normal. Father was not in the house. I went inside the kitchen and found her making food on the stove. She turned around and smiled and asked me whether I wanted tea. She did not even question me why I got up so late. I secretly watched her face.
Her lower lip was swollen a bit. She has taken a good bath as she looked fresh but very tired . Her eyes lids were also swollen. I saw her face it looked so innocent and satisfied just as before but I knew now she has enjoyed a cock other than my fathers.
I went to bath room and saw her clothes hanging there. She has not washed them, I saw her panty and blouse. I took them in my hand I saw all the cumm and stickiness on them . I saw her white panty, which had a few small drops of on it. Sardarji’s big cock made her bleed………perhaps she never been fuck her hard with a large cock like Sardarji before. When I took bath and freshened up my self I saw her walking. There was a slight limp in her movement.
I myself was feeling very hot as I remembered all of the incident of the previous night. That night she slept with us on the same bed. She held me tightly in her arms as she slept very peacefully.
I have modified some of the actions which I saw that night as they may be bad in taste to narrate here. First time it was against her will as she was not mentally ready for it. Even my father cooperated with Sardarji to get her fucked. However later on she managed herself. But only thing I can say was she was fucked against her wish under pressure. I regret it even though I enjoyed. Manly Sardarji brought out a full woman out of her and only I know that she secretly enjoyed with him when she was alone with him.
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