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Behan Ki Chudai: I have fun licking and licking my real sister’s pussy: Today I am here with a very hot sex story for you, my name is Manoj.. I live in Gurgaon, I am 23 years old.. I am a big fan of this site non veg story dot com.. I have read many stories on this but this is my first story written for the first time.. Friends, this story which I am writing, it is a true sex story.. This story is an incident between my sister and me, which I am going to tell you all today. I hope you will like my sex story. Friends, let me tell you that we are four people at my house.. in my sister Anamika didi and mom and daddy, Anamika didi my sister is only one year older than me but she is very beautiful in appearance.. her chicks her age According to more.. her tits is around 32-36-40.. very awesome stuff. Seeing his ass, the water of good people goes out.. Everyone is ready to enjoy his burr.. That thing is very cool and sexy.. Friends, our family is very free and frank.. We always have a party every week on Saturday nights.. where all the drinks happen.. Anamika didi works in the call center.. You are reading this story on non-veg Friends, this thing It is in the month of August, when daddy went on tour from office work and that Sunday only Anamika didi and mom were in the house.. We reached home that evening with drinks and snacks before coming back from office.. Reached home quickly and I had a very loud toilet, so I went straight to the washroom and then I also left the gate open. .. she didn’t know that i was in the bathroom for two to three seconds, she kept watching the urine coming out of my lode.. then suddenly came out laughing.. then i got very angry i came out Told him that you should have come to see him.. then he said that I should have locked.. He had a strange smile on his face. Anamika didi was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans, which was very short and tight. As soon as she stood up, her panty on her ass and the size of her nipples was clearly visible from inside. Seeing her nipples, my boyfriend would stand up every time.. Then I notice after about two pegs that Anamika didi was looking very carefully at me.. Actually we both are very free and frank and almost from each other. share all kinds of things.. but that night there was something different in his eyes.. then I finished my drink and then I went to the terrace, there I lit a cigarette to smoke that suddenly Anamika didi was there came.. she knew very well that I smoke, so now I have no problem, then suddenly she took cigarette from my hand and then she started smoking cigarette.. I also did not tell her anything but I It was understood that she is not drinking this for the first time.. because all this happens in her call center.. Then we came back down after smoking cigarette.. Then the mother was heating the food that suddenly Anamika Didi told me that let’s drink a little more today, because the next day was a sunday, then I said that it is okay, then she brought two glasses and said that in today’s ho jaye I had brought vodka.. Then we made pegs and drank one by one. Went.. now both of us were having a lot of fun.. Anamika didi’s eyes became very red because she was more yellow.. Then we all sat together and ate food and then after having dinner went to our room And Anamika didi and mother in another room, now I was reading the stories of this site by opening my laptop, that suddenly at 1.30 pm someone knocked my room, I thought maybe she would be mom, she must have come to give me water.. then I minimized the page in the laptop and opened the gate and saw Anamika didi was standing outside.. then she suddenly came inside and then she told me that mommy is asleep and she is not sleeping.. she is getting bored alone Yes, she saw the light of my room lit, then she came to me. Quickly took the laptop from him and closed the page again.. Now he asked me what were you reading? I said nothing, then she slept on my bed while talking like this.. I also slept beside her. He pulled my hand and put it on his nipples and his eyes were closed but his breathing was going very fast.. Maybe he got too much alcohol intoxication.. Was very happy in that day, then I dared a little And then I slowly moved my hand forward, I was moving my hand everywhere on his body.. Then I extended my hand forward and put it on his nipples and started pressing hard on his nipples and now his breath and It started intensifying.. then slowly I came closer to her and then I started kissing her in the neck and on the ear, now she was moving like a madman. holding her in her hand and started playing with her.. her saliva was very tasty.. then I slowly went near her waist and raised her nightie, she was wearing black color panties.. then in her paint I started smelling what was the smell guys, now I took it up and down a bit, now she was lying straight in front of me in black bra and panty then I opened the bra completely, then her nipples suddenly jumped out .. then I started biting and sucking it like a madman, just ahhhhhhh fuck me please chodo sounds from his mouth.. then i took off his panty also i was surprised to see that black panty had turned white inside, What was her smell, then I quickly took my mouth to her bur and touched my tongue on the bur, she shook like a current, then I put my tongue in her bur and started licking the bur.. She jumped up and grabbed my head Started pressing on her burr, suddenly words came out of her mouth, which made me very happy to hear.. Anamika didi started saying how happy are you, you are getting to lick your real sister’s burr today.. Chod tu meri bur ko Today I will not say anything to my heart.. Hearing this, I started biting the burrow with my teeth and started sucking.. After sucking for about ten minutes, he grabbed my hair and pulled me over him. She started kissing again, then she opened my T-shirt and half pants.. I quickly opened my underwear and stood up. Put it inside the mouth and she was sucking the lode as if eating Kulfi.. After sucking for about five minutes, I picked her up and laid her on the bed and put a pillow under her ass and spread both her legs. Now her burr was exactly with my burr, then I was rubbing my burr on his burr’s mouth to torment him more.. Then he started saying, tear my burr, show my manhood.. I hastily put one in his burr. I put it with a strong push.. She screamed and said please take out my burr burst, I am in a lot of pain.. Then I lay on her and started kissing her and pressing her nipples with one hand. Now slowly he started moving the lode back and forth.. Then after a while his burr became very smooth.. Now he was enjoying it too.. Now he was saying where was you why you kept such a cute lode hidden for so long was.. fuck me Make it louder and louder with full enthusiasm. He was holding me tightly.. Then suddenly after sometime I felt that I was going to fall, then I told him that should I put it inside? Then he said that no, put it in the mouth.. Now I quickly took the lode out of the burrow and took it near his mouth and started shaking vigorously.. Suddenly all the water in his mouth, in his nose, in the eyes, in the whole face But it was spread.. then both of us lay down tired and then she got up after half an hour and started kissing me and then said thank you and went to her room to mommy.. 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