Being alone, son-in-law warmed me and then know how to fuck

Today’s story is dedicated to all the non-veg readers who visit this website every day and get hooked by reading sexy stories. Because I am also a fan of this website. I read stories for a long time. The stories of this website are very sexy. And to be honest, how to fuck, how to get double the fun in sex, I have got this knowledge from this website. Thank you to all of you especially those sisters who post hot stories on this website. So today I am going to tell my story to you all. I have only one daughter, Kiran, married her only last year. Kiran lives in Bangalore, I live in Jaipur. My husband lives in Canada, so he comes for one month in a year. I live alone in Jaipur. Friends, I am a very open minded woman. I have a lot of fun and live my life with pride. Whenever I feel like going to Delhi for two or three days, I stay in the hotel, eat and drink, I stay cool. My son-in-law who is a software engineer by profession. He was just going to America for a project so he came to meet me. I myself went to pick up the airport in Jaipur. He reached home around eight o’clock in the night. I had already made biryani for him. He brought a white rum to drink at night, he knew I loved white rum. So we both went to sleep after having food and drink. I had ordered a sexy dress online for myself the same day. When I was wearing it, his eyes were on me. Even though he is a son-in-law, I have never seen him from son-in-law’s point of view. Always open minded jokes. Even I used to ask him how many times he did this tonight. That means fuck my daughter. So you yourself can understand. When I started going to sleep at night, I told you, who will give you heat? Your sweetheart is in Bangalore. So he said, you give me heat. I’m not asking you to have sex. So I said yes, I can give heat by sleeping together for a while because it is cold but I cannot allow sex. I have given you my daughter for sex. Enjoy what’s in me. I am 40, I agree that I am still young and I can fail any eighteen year old girl but I cannot make you happy because you are son-in-law. So the son-in-law said okay, let me sleep for a while with you in your quilt, after that let’s see whether you warm me or I warm you. I said okay let’s see how much heat is in whose body. And both of them came to the bed looking at each other and both entered in the same quilt. He started watching Tik Tok. And immediately he put down his phone, hardly used mobile for five minutes. At that time I was opening nonveg to see if the new story has been updated or not. But there was a hot story Pal Poskar Jawan Kiya then on 2nd January for the first time was the Chudwai post. I had to read this story, I told my son-in-law to give me ten minutes. She went to another room saying that I have to do some important work. After reading the story I became sensual because it was a very sexy story. When I came back, I was cold but the son-in-law was hot, my hands and feet were cold but he was hot. When I held her hand, she said, now you will have to warm yourself. He held my hand. and stuck to me. He put his hand on my boob. I didn’t say anything but he slowly started pressing. I was finding his touch very hot because I was also a little drunk and a young boy slept with me no one in the house and he was caressing my nipples near me. I slowly became sexier. My pussy was already wet. Why had read sexy stories on non-veg Now they set fire to my body. I said you have warmed me. Now I probably won’t be able to stay, you sleep with me for a while so that’s why I say go, I don’t want to cheat on my daughter on my bed. So he said, mother, no one is watching, I am watching you situation, you do not need to say anything now and neither need to hide anything nor need to tell anything to anyone. The night is gone, why did I make you happy tonight. As soon as I said this, I put my lip on him. She started sucking on my lips. The fire had started both ways. He started pressing my nipples and I was kissing by holding his forehead, he sewed his shoulders, cheeks, lips, he took off my sexy dress and made me naked, he himself threw his clothes off. Now he climbed on top of me and spread both my legs and caught the lauda in the middle and inserted it in my pussy. I spread my leg further and started pushing softly from below. But he was vigorously tossing his ass and throwing it in the pussy. Friends, now I have become very sensual, I started pressing my own nipples, my lips themselves and myself were coming inside my teeth. I was sighing and he was fucking me loudly. Now he put me on my stomach and started inserting the lauda in my pussy from behind, I raised my waist a little so that his lauda could go inside, now he started choking me from the side of my ass. Friends, now I have come up and down below, I first licked her pussy, the white cream that was coming out of my pussy was applied in her entire mouth, on her nose and on her lips. He was licking my pussy. I was making a sound of ah ah ah oops oops out of my mouth but he was doing his work quietly. He was thrusting his tongue into my pussy. After that I slid down and took his loin in my pussy on the grip and started sitting up loudly, my nipples were shaking like a footwall and the whole room was fuming and my voice was coming out in the middle ah ah ah Ahh. Friends, by then my ass had also become very wet. I took out the lauda from my pussy and set it on the ass and sat down. The whole lauda entered my ass, but now it was not able to bounce because it was starting to hurt a lot. But gradually it became normal in the ass too. And then started kissing. Friends, both of us drank alcohol again in the night and then it was a very funny night that winter. The next day the son-in-law left. Now I want to kiss but no jugaad is happening. I will soon write you another story on this website, you will definitely read it.

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