Best sex position in which girl is sexiest

Best position of sex in which girl is most sensual, favorite sex position of women, woman likes this sex position, in which position women enjoy most while having sex Sex is also an important part of everyone’s life, Which people do not talk openly about. Especially women, but they definitely want to enjoy it in the best possible way. During sex, everyone always tries how it can be enjoyed to the fullest. In such a situation, everyone’s choice in sex is also different, as if someone enjoys more during masturbation, then someone gets a lot of pleasure in foreplay, but most people enjoy sex only by inserting the penis in the vagina. and try different sex positions to make it exciting. So today we are going to talk about sex position which women like very much, many women do not express their desire openly about sex. does. But she also wants to enjoy sex differently, that’s why every man should know this secret related to the sex of the woman so that both your partner enjoys himself while having sex and also supports you, because if the woman and Both men enjoy freely during sex, so it helps to reach orgasm faster. Women’s Favorite Sex Position Favorite Sex Position Women also want to enjoy sex in exciting and different way. Also, if she wants to get a better orgasm, then in which position does the woman enjoy the most during sex. Let us know about this in detail. Spoon Fitting Position In this position, the way two spoons are joined together, in the same way the woman and the man get attached to each other. When the man grabs the woman from behind and then has sex, the woman is completely lost in the man’s arms, and she starts to get a lot of pleasure during sex.66 Sex Positions In this position, the woman backs up on the man. She sits down, and after that the man puts his penis in the woman’s vagina, after that the woman moves, so the woman gets a lot of pleasure in doing so. And she wants to enjoy sex with her partner in this position as much as possible. Sex on the thighs The woman enjoys sitting on the thighs of the man and feeling the love of the man closely, in this the man spreads his thighs. and the woman sits on his thighs, after that the man moves comfortably and enjoys the foreplay, and during this time the woman feels herself very close to the man’s heart. And enjoys sex completely lost in the arms of the man. Basic sex position Women’s favorite sex positionBasic sex position in which the woman is down and the man is up, this sex position is also very much enjoyed by the woman. But the woman likes to dominate the man during sex. In such a situation, the woman wants that the woman should be up and the man down in this position and after that they have sex, in such a situation, the woman during this time thinks that she is enjoying sex by dominating the man. That’s why sometimes it must be done. Table sex In this sex position, the woman is made to lie halfway across the corner of the bed or on the support of the table, and the man stands up and moves by putting the penis in the woman’s vagina. This is also a very good sex position, which both men and women enjoy a lot. And doing it gives satisfaction to both the man and the woman. Doggy style sex position In this position, the woman lies down on her knees and hands, and the man has sex sitting on his knees from the back side. Both men and women enjoy this sex position a lot. During this, the man’s penis goes completely in the woman’s vagina, which the woman enjoys a lot. And during this time, if you want, you can enjoy sex with your partner comfortably and for a long time. In this sex position by lifting the legs, the woman puts her legs on the shoulders of the man, and after that the woman And men do sex, there is also deep penetration in this sex position, in which the woman enjoys a lot, so if you try this sex position, then it is easy as well as much better for you. So here are some Better sex position which women like very much. And if you want to have a lot of fun while having sex and always want to enjoy your sex life, then which sex position do you like better for the woman. Must be aware of this.

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