bhabhi and sister chudai story

Hi.E Aam Manoj from Delhi.I am 20 years old.And I am going to share my first sex experience with you all.There are only five members in my family.I am about my brother and sister-in-law who have just turned one year old. ,Meriban Pooja who is 16 years old and my father who is always out of work.Now I come to the point. My sister-in-law Soni Syed, whose age is less than me, looks very attractive and Pooja is even more so. It was summer season. Brother had gone to office and sister was at school. Mayor and sister-in-law were alone at home. I was doing some work on computer when sister-in-law called and asked Manoj to go and bring milk. Then I went to bring milk. After a while, he came and said, sister-in-law, the milk has run out, that’s why it was not available. Sister-in-law: Oh, I wanted to make tea, okay, no problem. Then I went to do my work on the computer. After a while, sister-in-law Iyor said, drink milk. Seeing the milk, I was shocked, the milk was there. I asked sister-in-law, was there already milk. I said then the milk was covered? Sister-in-law: I just got milk. I could not understand and I started asking forcefully, sister-in-law said, will you speak to anyone? Me: no sister-in-law, you speak. I mean, sister-in-law: from where does a woman feed milk to her child. Me: sister-in-law, you are giving me your milk! I will not drink it. Sister-in-law: Why isn’t the test aakchi? Your brother says that it is very sweet and I have made Chhaai with this milk many times. I could not understand anything, what should I say Sister-in-law: What happened? Me: Sister-in-law, you don’t do this. Sister-in-law: Yes, and you always do bad things by ruining my panti. What! You drop the cream. I got watery with head and I could not understand what to reply. Sister-in-law: What happened, I know that you are always thinking about me. Tell me, am I wrong? ?I didn’t reply anything.But sister-in-law was completely open. Sister-in-law: Hey, why are you scared because you have gone mad after seeing me, in the same way, since I have eaten your cock, I only inform about you. After hearing this, believe me. I got a new enthusiasm and quickly got my sister-in-law’s hand and said, sister-in-law, I have really gone mad after seeing you, please give me just one chance. It’s okay, but no one knows, tell me. I filled it and don’t know where, then I put my hand on his hand and kept kissing him for 5 minutes. Then I started kissing him on the neck and here and there and put my hand on his nipple and kept rubbing it hard. Sister-in-law also in this You were with me and you were enjoying the whole meal. The doorbell rang anyway. We immediately separated and I went to open the door while singing. I saw that Pooja had arrived. And now we and sister-in-law kept thinking that when will we get a chance. Aarey came and said that I have to go to Bangalore for office work. I will return in 4-5 days. Hearing this, I was overjoyed. Then around 10 o’clock I stole my brother from the airport. Had dinner with my brother. Immediately after eating, we all went to sleep. But I was not able to sleep. I thought that I should go to my sister-in-law’s room, but I did not have the courage to see Pooja. Our doorman had a bad lock, that’s why it always remains open. As soon as I opened it, I went crazy after seeing the inside view. Inside, Pooja was taking a strange type of cloth and taking it inside and out in her pussy. Her eyes were closed that’s why she didn’t even know that I was looking at her. Seeing this my 9 inch penis became bitter. And I started getting desperate to come out of my lungi. So I opened my eyes and saw me in front I quickly went to the square without asking anything. After getting her, I said, do not stop me today. She was very tight as compared to Soni because she was a virgin. Pooja also did not try to undress herself and started supporting me. Then I unbuttoned her shirt, now she was only wearing her bra. She had already unbuttoned her pant and panties. Then I made her lie down in the same bathroom and started sucking her nipples. Then I kissed her whole body and caressed her with my hand. She was enjoying it a lot. Said.At first she agreed but after my insistence she agreed.I felt very bad to suck cock.Then I sat between her legs and caressed her pussy with my hands and then started licking her.She also felt very bad to lick her pussy. Was staying. Then I asked him to be in horsestyle. She happened in a hurry. Then I put my cock in front of her pussy and said Pooja, have you ever fucked before today. Pooja: No brother, I am kissing for the first time. I am fine, now I am going to insert my cock in your pussy. I will start with your pain but bear it. Then I started to penetrate slowly and again and again I pushed hard, my penis entered her pussy. She screamed all over. I was late. I closed her mouth with my mouth. Then I inserted my cock in Uyas’s pussy and then gave a hard push. Inside started getting outside and the pain of Pooja also reduced and she also started enjoying. Then I kept leaving him for about 15-20 minutes and after that we both left. Then we kept hugging each other for some time, then he got up and said brother, I enjoyed a lot today, please leave your morning. Choduga and Jada Aache se Choduga today was the first attempt, that’s why today itnhi.Firvv tried to get up but she didn’t get up. I was also feeling a lot of pain, yet I got him up naked! I came and reached his room and returned to my room. Now the story of Ayez will come again. Will definitely tell you how you liked my story. Waiting for your reply.

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