Bhabhi ki bahan ki chudai

Hello friends, I am Iqbal telling you my story. This is my first story on, When my brother Rajan got married, I also went with him to see the girl. My sister-in-law was very shy there. Had brought water and sweets in a tray. I had gone to see my future sister-in-law with my father, my Rajan Bhaiya. My sister-in-law was very tough. I can say with a claim that brother’s cock must have got erect at once after seeing sister-in-law. There I met sister-in-law’s younger sister Sarla. She was very beautiful and I also had a sister-in-law in the relationship. I thought wow what a treat, sister-in-law has been booked in the name of brother. But Sarla is still a virgin. Now she is 18 and after at least 5 years her studies will end, then she will get married somewhere. Till then I will fuck him. I tried to impress her. My brother got married and he broke the bed on his sister-in-law’s honeymoon. I saw a lot of rasleela of both of them from the window. Brother!! I’ve got you tea! I knocked on the door. No sound came. I looked through the window. Both brother and sister-in-law were naked, hiding from each other and sleeping on the bed after selling horses. I came to know that the pussy has been torn apart overnight. I returned with tea. Brother is still sleeping!! I told my mother. I was missing sister-in-law’s cool naked breasts. She had such beautiful round breasts. I started thinking that how brother would have taken sister-in-law in honeymoon, how he would have fucked sister-in-law by lifting her legs. He must have enjoyed it a lot. Then I started thinking that how brother would have taken sister-in-law’s ass. Will sister-in-law be a cool virgin? Would there have been blood coming out of his head during the night? How would brother have drunk sister-in-law’s delicious round balls in his mouth. Oh My God! How much fun they must have had. Would the brother have got the sister-in-law to do oral sex as well? How the brother bit the sister-in-law’s mouth, must have bitten her lips. Would the brother have drank the navel of the sister-in-law as well? And will his breasts also be fucked by placing his cock between their cool breasts. Friends, while thinking all this, my penis got erect and I fisted. Then I started thinking that when my sister-in-law is such a wonderful asset, then her younger sister must also be an amazing asset. Then I started thinking about Sarla’s form. Friends, Sarla came to my house after a few months and stayed for 5 days. But I could not fuck her. 5 days passed as soon as we made acquaintance. She went back before I could do anything. I took her phone no and started talking to Sarla on the phone. My sister-in-law’s house falls in Badayun. And mine in Lucknow. That’s why friends, I could not find the reason for the long distance. But friends, now I started talking to him all kinds of things. He also started enjoying a lot. I also started talking to him a lot of dirty dirty sexuality. He also started enjoying a lot. I also started having phone sex with Sarla. Her pussy also used to get wet after having phone sex. And here and there my cock also used to stand and flow. Sister-in-law’s legs became heavy only after a few months. There was no one to work in my house, so sister-in-law’s mother sent Sarla to our house in Lucknow to do household chores. Friends, due to heavy legs of sister-in-law, Sarla got a good excuse to come to my house. I got lucky lottery. When Sarla came on the very first day, we did not speak in front of the family members, but in the afternoon all the work was over. Brother and father went to their office, in the afternoon I asked Sarla to come to the terrace. Friends, it was scorching hot these days. My sister-in-law had slept after working. On the other hand, my mother also used to run the cooler. Sarla comes up. It was very hot, so I asked him to come in the tin. All the junk in my house was lying under this tin. Dry wood was also kept, from which food was cooked in winter. Today after so many months I got a chance to meet Sarla. It would not be wrong to say that we both started loving each other very much. I wrapped Sarla in my arms. Perhaps Sarla was as eager as I was to meet him. We both hugged each other tightly. She also started kissing and licking me like crazy. My hands also started touching all his private parts. There were some gunny bags lying nearby. I spread the sacks on the ground. Sarla and I sat on it. I asked him about the condition of his house. She kept telling about her condition and I kept kissing her mouth, cheeks, lips. She kept telling me the condition of her house for an hour. Then the matter ended. I made Sarla lie on the same gunny bag. Sarla!! Give pussy today!! Now work will not work without pussy!! Where did I go? I have permission! She said What happened then friends? I lifted Sarla’s suit. When I lifted her bra a little higher, the meaning of life changed for me. Oh dear!! What a beautiful chick. For a long time I kept admiring Sarla’s simple chuchchi and her beauty. With great care, I touched the nipples of her chest with my hand. I waved my fingers over the nipples of Sarla’s simple nipples. She tightened up. She started biting her lips. Started taking deep breaths. Now her breasts started getting bigger and smaller. I stopped and started watching this activity. Sarla’s heartbeat increased. Her nipple started shrinking quickly. I filled my left chest in my mouth like people fill Golgappa in their mouth and I pulled my mouth and started drinking my sister-in-law’s chuchchi. Seeing her black smooth circles, my heart felt that just talk later, fuck her first. But I didn’t think it right to be in such a hurry. I was drinking my sister-in-law’s chuchchi while running my mouth like a calf drinks the breast of a buffalo. I was getting great pleasure. Then I stuffed the other chest in my mouth. And filled his mouth till his throat, he started drinking. Then I removed his entire suit. Oh dear!! I became convinced of her beauty. Friends, Saral’s looks and youth were just like my sister-in-law. She had black eyes, and her hair was shiny black. I had become crazy about her beauty. I removed my clothes. Sarla took a look at my erect penis and then she got shocked. He removed his eyes and turned to the other side. Take it in hand and see!! I purposely made Sarla hold my big cock. Jaise trembled and got scared. I forced, and caught my thick cock in his hand. She became watery with shame. I again put her on the thick gunny sack and started sucking her breasts again. In the meanwhile I realized the mischief. I pressed her right chest tightly. She jumped up. I fell in love with her pain. Now I started rubbing her black nipples with my thumb. Sarla ji has now become very naughty. I opened the slogan of Sarla ji’s salwar from my mouth. made him naked. Took off her panty. Saw that Sarla ji’s pussy became watery after rubbing my nipples. Don’t do it! do not do!! Sarla kept refusing, but I did not agree. I kept rubbing her black knuckles with both my thumbs. He was enjoying the pain as well. Friends, I did foreplay for whole 1 hour. Well warmed up Salma. I knew the benefits of foreplay. Before fucking any young girl, she should be kissed and licked properly so that she gets warmed up well and gets fucked hard. I put my big cock on Sarla’s bosom and started fucking. Uff what a tight pussy! came out of my mouth. I started eating paella to Sarla ji. There was a slight fear in my mind that if sister-in-law or mother came on the roof, there would be a big trouble. Because there was no door on the roof. That was the only problem. But the risk has to be taken if you want to fuck someone. You are reading this story on Sarla ji kept feeding like a straight cow and I went on playing them. I fucked her a lot. Then I folded both her legs on her stomach making a cross, put one leg over the other and started fucking hard. I was getting deep penetration in this position. And deeply I was able to fuck my sister-in-law. I took her for a long time, when I fell, I took out the cock from her burrow and dropped the material on her tree. Sarla picked up my goods with her finger and drank it all. Now I woke up Sarla. I myself lay down on the thick gunny sack and started sucking cocks from Sarla. Sarla did not even know that girls are made to suck cocks. Sarla! Your sister also sucks brother’s cock in her hand like this! I told Sarla that now she became comfortable and started sucking my cock well. I happily put both my hands under my head. Iqbal! You don’t make jante?? Sarla asked. Will I make it!! But today I was in a hurry to fuck you, so I could not make it. I also had a lot of hair in my armpits, but I was in such a hurry to pick up Sarla that I could not make it. While Sarla had come with well made Jhante and Bagle. I felt a little ashamed, then Sarla said these things to the swindlers. Sarla kept sucking my cock. Now I made her sit on my cock and started fucking. See Sarla! You jump slowly and fuck me!! I explained. Sarla now raised her waist and started fucking me. My cock was completely penetrating her hole. I closed my eyes. Sarla started fucking me. For a long time he just fucked me. I kept caressing her breasts, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs and Sarla kept sucking like her sister. I kept caressing her lips with my fingers. When his chuchchi used to bounce, it seemed that this ball is going to bounce out of the stadium only after hitting my bat. Friends, I was infatuated with Sarla’s looks that afternoon. She was not looking less than an officer, a heroine. She had such milky round breasts that my heart was wishing that now Sarla should never go to her home and I should keep feeding her like this. He had a body like butter. Now I lifted Sarla for a second and made her sit facing back. Sarla jumped up and started getting fucked. I sensually caressed her body, bare back, her waist, her ass. Then when I felt that I was about to ejaculate, I took out the cock from Sarla’s burrow and left a pitch pitch pitch in her mouth. Sarla drank my goods. My chip chip glue got on his face too. Sarla drank that too by licking her fingers. Now I have made Sarla a quadruped. From behind I put my mouth between her soft pink pussy and started drinking Sarla’s booze. Sarla started feeling restless. I started drinking his booze with more gusto. I spread her bore wide with my thumbs. The pink inside cream of the bur started to appear. I started drinking my sister-in-law Sarla’s booze like a sweet. Then my cock got erect again. When I put the cock in his hole from behind, he started moving again and again. Then I tried again. Land went into the burrow. I held Sarla’s soft milky waist tightly and started rubbing her. Really guys, that day was fun. After that day, Sarla stayed in our house for two whole months. I used to take her to the terrace every day, and her pussy used to die a lot in the same tin. Used to drink a lot of her milk. Then when my sister-in-law’s son turned 1 month old, Sarla went to your house. But friends, both of us used to have phone sex everyday on the phone. And whenever she used to come to our house, I used to take offense at her. Very hot story

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