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Devar Bhabhi Sex Story : My dear friends, my name is Vishal, I live in Delhi, I have been married for only four months, I live with my wife in a small rented house, in my lower floor. A couple used to live there, they had two small children and brother used to work in a company, I used to call her sister-in-law and my wife called her sister, she was a very well-behaved woman, she was very beautiful to see and had a medium-sized body. She used to always pull her sexy body towards herself, used to meet very closely, sometimes we used to sit on the same bed in the same quilt and talk for hours, my wife said one day, I know one thing, the sister who lives below She says that your brother makes me have sex once in two-three months, I was surprised that I was the one who used to have sex everyday, could it be that someone who has sex once in two-three months? Whereas sister-in-law’s full body when she used to wear saree looked amazing, her boobs were stretched from side to side in the blouse below the aanchal, her belly looked like a jug and when the saree went around her waist, her Butt used to be outside, it was amazing, I used to feel very hot. After a few days, while vacating the house from below, she was shifted to some distance, one day when I left for office in the morning, work was an excuse Left a little earlier, and reached their house, their house was of two floors, upstairs she used to live and downstairs was their landlady. Brother also had to go far away, so he used to leave the house at 8 o’clock, and sister-in-law’s two children used to go to school, sister-in-law told this, she was alone in the house, when I went, she got a little nervous because Today my wife was not with me. I started talking to her sitting on the bed, then she made tea, then both drank tea together, I was feeling that today is the chance to fuck her, but where should I start this talk I could not understand, because of this it was very late, I had to go to office also, because of this I was thinking quickly that I should speak to him, but I could not understand from where to start talking and what to say? I dared to talk, I said sister-in-law, you are looking very beautiful today, so she said why today, why not yesterday? And she started laughing, I said no, you look beautiful every day, but today You are looking more beautiful, she said, well, today your brother was saying that you are not beautiful, but you are praising me, I said that praise is given to those who are worthy of praise. Then I said, today I feel like kissing you, she said, well kiss me tomorrow, once I will ask your brother, then either you come tomorrow with your wife and kiss her, she was laughing, I was a little nervous But I handled myself, then said don’t kiss in front of her, if you give now, it’s okay, otherwise it doesn’t matter, then she said, are you scared? I don’t have courage to kiss in front of both of them I said I can’t kiss in front of them she said ok ji I will enjoy kissing alone It is bad, she said yes, there is no harm in kissing someone else’s wife. I said there is no compulsion, it is your thing that’s why I am asking you. She stood up and went near the gate and looked here and there, then she closed the door of the room a little, about 6 inches the door was open, and she was standing on the side of the wall. There was green signal, I reached near her and looked into her eyes, she was waiting to kiss, first I kissed on her head, then on cheek, then on lips, my cock started to erect, I was kissing, my The hand fell on her nipple and pressed it, she shuddered, she said this is wrong, please don’t do this and I started pressing both the nipples again, and was kissing, she was getting upset and was shivering and was hugging , Then she said I will tell this to your wife and brother, I got scared and left them and said please don’t tell them, then she said no, I will not have to tell, what do you do when I am alone, I Left soon. Reached office, I was not feeling like doing any work, I was afraid of not knowing what was going to happen, after about 2 hours I got a call and told the reception that there is a phone for you, I picked up the phone, it was my sister-in-law. i said hello From there she said yes, I am speaking, what have you done to me, I said sister-in-law, I have not done anything, I made a mistake, sorry, now nothing like this will happen, she said, why won’t it happen, I want it to happen, you soon Come to me otherwise I will tell the truth if you don’t come then I said ok I will come, I have taken leave from office as my wife is unwell I will come in 2 hours and directly reached her house as soon as Reached their house she said come inside I went then sister-in-law was sitting on the bed, I went and stood up then she said why won’t you do this now I will have to do whatever I want and she tightened my lips with hers She started licking with her tongue, held me tightly and started kissing me, I said, now you will not tell anyone, she said no, keep extinguishing my fire, I will not tell anyone, I started cooperating with her, she opened the hook of her blouse and my Holding the hair stuck my mouth in the middle of her bra and rubbing it, I started having difficulty in breathing then I somehow freed her then I started pressing her boob and unhooked the bra , big big both boobs were hanging in front of me alternately I was drinking and pressing she was saying ah ah ah ah ooh ooh ooh ooh my king please calm me down I want to fuck you since when She was waiting, drink my teat, drink my teat, she was air-kissing my forehead and running her fingers over my hair, the whole pallu was down. She was in black panty. She lay down on the bed. Up and down then started licking like ice cream in mouth, uhh uhh uhhh she was doing, then I put my tongue on her discount, she shuddered, I started licking her discount, salty salty water was coming out from discount, that cc c She was doing cc. Then I sucked her lips, she had hair in her armpits, raised both hands, looking amazing, big boobs, hairy armpits, thick thick arms, fair body, pink lips, I let go of my cock K I put her on the hole and pushed it in her pussy, her voice came out “hi hi hi” what was it she was being pushed and pushed, she got drunk, her ass was being fucked with bounce, I fucked her in many positions, for about 1 hour After fucking, both of them were upset. Then they kept sleeping for about ten minutes, then she wet the napkin and wiped the lipstick on my face, and said, don’t tell this thing to anyone, from today we both lust each other like this. 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