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Bhai Behan ki Chudai, Hot Bro Sis Sex Story in Hindi, Hello friends, I Jyoti Devi welcomes all of you very much to Non Veg I have been a regular reader of non veg stories since last many years and no such night goes by then I don’t read its succulent chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I am from Unnao district. This is a secret that I am telling you. No one in my house knows about this. Friends, when I was young, I used to look very good, the boys outside used to stare at me staring at me, my elder brother also started staring at me. By the time I turned 18, my milk became very big, 34″, very juicy. My face also became very full and started glowing like a sunflower. Every young boy’s eyes began to fall on me. Everyone considered me very beautiful. “Look what a beautiful girl she is!!” All the boys used to say here. Slowly my brother Vinod Bhaiya also started taunting me. Maybe he wanted to fuck me and drink the juice of my youth. I had 3 brothers, Anand, Vikram and Vinod Bhaiya. Vinod Bhaiya was the eldest, my father always used to data him. Because he used to read and write. Just from morning till evening, he used to do vagabonds with his friends all day. Every day new complaints used to come to our house, sometimes they used to come out after beating, sometimes they used to come after teasing a girl. Some girl was gang-raped by him and his friends. Bhaiya was jailed, he was released on bail with great difficulty. In this way, he had become quite infamous in the whole of Unnao and no one was ready to give his girl to him. My father used to talk about getting her out of the house every day, but mother is a mother. That’s why mom used to cry and convince dad in some way. I did not know at all that my real brothers only look at me with dirty eyes and want to kill my juicy pussy. One day when everyone in the house had gone out, my elder brother Vinod invited me to his room. And forcefully grabbed me and my lips began to drink. “Big brother!! What are you doing???” I asked “Today I will kill your pussy Jyoti… you are young now and you have become a lickable item. That’s why today, by putting my fat cock in your juicy pussy, I will fuck you a lot and eat it. Elder brother said and forcefully threw me on his bed “Brother….leave me or else I will tell my father…” I threatened “See by saying….I will open all your poles that you are stuck with a Muslim boy. and secretly kisses him. I know about your secret, Jyoti!” Brother said if he started backmailing me like this, I could not do anything. I was young and was very beautiful. How wrong it was that my elder and very spoiled brother was going to fuck me today. He put me on the bed and started drinking from my luscious lips. “Jyoti!.. you are very beautiful Ray!! If you give me a bucket of water from the sea of ​​your youth, what will happen to you!!” Vinod Bhaiya said and started drinking my lips. They held my hands tightly, so that I could not stop them. My lips were sucking in such a way that I am not his younger sister but a commodity. I was compelled or else my boyfriend would have told my father and mother about ‘Salim’. While drinking my juicy lips, he also started taking the scent of my mother-in-law. He held my face with both hands and he was enjoying my rosy pink lips. Vinod Bhaiya could clearly see the bulge of my two big boobs on my shirt. My mum was very attracted to him. Then his straight hand came on my mother and he started pressing my boobs fast. “Jyoti, you are a very thorny commodity! It will be a lot of fun to fuck your bad!!” The elder brother said, “Vinod Bhaiya!! Aren’t you ashamed? Blankmailing your own younger sister??” I asked angrily “Sister comes…..but immediately leaves!” Vinod Bhaiya said and then he started laughing like a Ravana. I started abusing him in my mind. “This brother is not a butcher…. It would have been better that he would have died as soon as he was born” I started saying in my heart. All efforts were in vain, because my bastard elder brother was only and only a priest of pussy, so today whatever I told him, swearing by anyone was in vain because today he does not believe me without chodo. Slowly, elder brother, my boobs started rubbing fast on top of my shirt, so I also started heating up. Then he took off my salwar suit and took off all his clothes. He didn’t have any mercy that I tie rakhi to him, don’t kiss me. Big brother took off my bra and panty too. I felt so bad and weird. I ran both hands to hide my bare pussy. “Get off your hands!!” Big brother said like a ruthless dictator, he removed his lips covering my pussy and lay bare on me. And once again my lips began to drink. That time again and again “Uffff…. what a cool mall you are!!.. Surely Jyoti will have a lot of fun in fucking my pink bosom!!” He was speaking again and again. My bastard and spoiled brother had forgotten that I am his real body, I am not an alter chudasi stork, I am the one who is doing all this to me. But in any way it was useless to explain to the elder brother because he was a very strong man and was a lover of pussy. After stripping me completely, he was again licking my rosy lips. I was swearing like a tormenting fish and was saying ‘…no!… Then elder brother came on my cool milk and started drinking my boobs in his mouth. I could clearly see his desire from the lust, the sluggishness and the haste that he was consuming my bare breasts. He just wanted to fuck me somehow quickly. I was compelled, could not even resist anything. The elder brother drank one of my bare chest for half an hour and sucked the nipples with a lot of heart, as if I am not his sister, but a scoundrel. Then he came on my pussy and started caressing my slim sexy waist, started drinking my sexy pit navel. He started putting his tongue in it. Then the elder brother started sucking my smooth bur with his tongue as if I am not his sister but his goods or girlfriend. Then he started teasing my pussy with his tongue and started beating fun. Quickly, his sharp and barbed tongue started hitting my pussy. My whole body started running like fury. As if I have touched a moving electric line with a current of some 11 thousand. Then elder brother put his snake-like tongue in my pussy, then I started lifting my ass and bum. He started putting his tongue inside the pussy in my bosom, I was getting so excited that what should I tell you. “Aaaaaahhhhhh….EEEEEEE… The ground bursts with heat. Friends, my condition was exactly the same. I was shouting again and again, but Bhaiya did not feel any pity for me and by applying he kept on choking my burr with his sharp grainy tongue. Every single piece of my pussy, elder brother was drinking with pleasure. I was suffering like a fish without water. The grain of the pussy was hurt by the elder brother by biting it with his teeth. I was shouting “…… mummy… mummy…. cc cc.. ha ha ha….. ooooo…. oo.. oo… Absolutely elder brother put his 10 inch long and very thick cock in my bosom and started fucking me. When I started making the sound of “Aa aa…ha ha…” again and again, elder brother got scared. He was afraid that the neighbor might not hear my cuckold, so he put his big thumb in my mouth and suppressed my voice. And then humiliated me and started ruthlessly banging me like a scoundrel. Friends, now I could not even speak anything because elder brother had stuck his big thumb in my mouth and was hitting my pussy by pressing my voice. He was loving every part of my bare body of his own free will, he used to do whatever his heart used to do. My little pussy was able to eat his 10-inch looda with great difficulty. My pussy was hurting so hard, I wanted to cry, scream and scream. But I couldn’t do anything, my bur was being churned like an empty can of beer. My throat was going dry. My pussy was in very bad condition. The elder brother was taking deep and long breaths and was choking me by hummock, was making a sound by chucking the bed…. I was looking at my pussy by raising my head again and again. Big brother was fucking me. I can clearly see the expression of satisfaction and pleasure of sex on his face. He was opening his mouth by saying “uh uh…” and was fucking my burr. After half an hour, he removed his lauda from my pussy and left the goods on me. They dropped at least 10 pichkaris and at least 100 grams of their material fell on my face, mother and stomach. “Ha ha ha….. Jyoti.. really darling, it was fun today by choking your burr… ha ha ha!” The elder brother spoke for half a week and collapsed next to me. I started cleaning their goods with my chaddha. Then I saw my pussy, in this hot sex of 35 minutes, my elder brother had torn my burr. His 10-inch lad had completely destroyed my burrow by choking it. I did not know that elder brother would turn out to be such a big chubby man. Maybe in the same way he and his friends had gang-raped that girl, now I wanted her bail to be canceled and my bastard elder brother should again reach behind the bars of the jail and God bless Gandu should be hanged. . I started thinking all this in my mind. After some time, the elder brother made me sit on his loin and put his 10 inch long cock in my bur. “Jyoti… let’s ride my cock now!!… it is very easy. Just imagine that you are sitting on a horse and the horse is running very fast!!” Big brother said slowly he taught me everything. I sat on his waist and started riding his lode, I started kissing him quickly. “Oh yeah…….ohhh yeah!!” Brother laughed and shouted loudly, then slowly he also started banging my burrows by hitting from below. They had supported me by connecting my claws to their claws and were choking me in a hurry. After a while I opened it and started kissing with fun. “Uh uh uh am.. am… am. Hmmmm…ai….ai……” I was screaming and riding his cock. Once again he put his thick right thumb in my mouth and choked my voice and started licking me tightly. After some time, elder brother came in perfect form and he made me lie on his own. He started drinking my Mast Mast mango by putting it in his mouth and started having fun. My elder brother, while sucking and drinking mangoes, choked me for 1 hour. I started banging from the bottom so quickly that the sound of crackers bursting like a Diwali cracker started coming from my pussy. My bur was licking very coolly. Then the elder brother dropped his goods in my burrow. I kept taking it on him for a long time and playing with the hair on his chest. Then he kicked my ass. You are reading this story on Non Veg

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