Bhai chudied a lot by showing Choda Kamasutra movie that night

My name is Gauri. I am final year student. My brother is in Indian Army. She is very beautiful and body builder. What I am sharing with you today is 100% true, because I myself am sharing my past with you, because I have seen everyone share their experience on non-veg, so I Thought why not I will share my point which happened between me and my brother. When I am enjoying reading other’s story then why not share my story too. Now I will tell you guys about myself. Being from a Brahmin family, it is natural for me to be fair in complexion but I am a bit more fair. My size is 38 30 38. I am happy to look. If anyone looks at me from the front, he also looks back from behind, everyone’s eyes are on the bulge of my cheeks from the front and behind he sees my cool butt moving. I have already told you about my brother that he is in the Indian Army and he used to come home on holidays in two years. As soon as he came, the girls of the streets used to come to our house very much. Some girls even bothered me by saying that they should give their brother the address for me. Some had also said that once my pit is filled with your brother’s weapon (penis), then I will be the luckiest girl in the world. I was not so much interested in sex, but I used to enjoy hanging out with boys. My dream was to go on a long drive with a bodybuilder, a handsome boy, and show it to people. But neither I had any boyfriend nor any friend who would fulfill my wish. Once I told my brother that I am feeling lazy sitting at home, I want to go somewhere for some days, but my mother is not with my father, then my brother jokingly said that I should go with my boyfriend. Such things used to go on in both of us). So I said that I do not have any boyfriend, brother. So he said with great love, “To banna le pagli.” This reply of my brother got me a little shocked, but the matter became normal again and he promised that when he comes home during the holidays, then he will take me somewhere for a walk. I am very happy. She did and started waiting for her brother to come home. After two months my brother Gopal came home on holidays. Everyone in the house was very happy to meet him. I was surprised to see him. His body beans had become like those of John Abraham. Then we hugged, he also gave me a cute gift. After having dinner, everyone went to their respective rooms and I started going to my brother’s room. It would be around 10 o’clock in the night, as soon as I reached near the door, I saw that the door was open and the brothers were changing clothes and talking on the phone. Brother- Man did not come here even for a day that I am bored now. Now it seems that staying at home will not happen. (Then heard the talk of Bale in front of the phone) Brother- Oh no man, the pussy will be found here too, but it is a different fun to fuck in a group with you guys. I was stunned to hear this and also got a little horny. This means brother fucks someone with his friends in the army camp. In this he opened his underwear and wrapped the towel around his waist and went to the bathroom. UEEE MAA what was that?????? My brother’s tool!!!So thick and long!! I was very scared and immediately went to my room. I could not forget that sight for the whole night and in the morning I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, my brother was sitting next to me. He said that my mother and father were going somewhere. Well, you come out to meet them. When I came out immediately, my father had sat in the car. I asked where are you going. This morning, I came to know that Papa is going to Delhi for an eye operation and will probably come back in a week or two. Said that your brother will take care of you till we come. At first I got very angry that my parents are leaving me alone, but as soon as I remembered last night’s thing, I started feeling happy. I liked it. After my father left, I came inside the house and went to take a bath. Then I prepared breakfast and both of us started having breakfast while talking. Me- Brother Mummy Papa is gone!!! Now when will you take me for a walk? Brother, what happened? We both have to go, don’t we go for a walk? Wait a day or two, I have come only yesterday, let me take some rest. Me brother!! Is your man feeling here? Brother- Whose man does not feel like in his house?? Me- no.. you don’t have friends here, that’s why someone asked. Brother- you are not my dear friend. Me – Well brother! Half the girls of the locality want to be friends with you. Brother- I do not like any girl from this locality. Somebody’s nose is crooked. Some eyes are scary, some are black like coal and some are fat like buffalo. I don’t like this. Me- So how do you like it my dear brother? Brother – like you (smiled broken by saying) (I was stunned by his love) then asked in a sexy way. Yes yes tell me. Brother- Hey you are my sister. Can’t tell you such things. If I had a gaffe or a friend, I would have told. You don’t ask your boyfriend what boys like in girls? I know brother what you like. And I will find such a girl for you. (Saying this I went to my room) After a while when I came back to the dining room, my brother was not there. I went straight to his room and slowed down a bit as I reached near the door. I saw that the door was closed from inside. But the inside view was clearly visible from the hole of the door and the light was also there. I was surprised to see that my brother is playing with my panty. Sometimes he smells from his nose, sometimes wraps it in his cock.. oh he is a priest of full sex and wants to target his sister.. I thought that I can kiss my brother, if any idea comes, then only I stomach Made an excuse for the pain, aaah aaah aaah started doing it loudly, brother immediately came running and said what happened sister, I said brother, my stomach is hurting a lot, so brother said let’s take me to the doctor, so I said no No, nothing will happen to the doctor, my pain often arises, when this happens, mother massages hot mustard oil on my stomach, brother said, I will do it man, what will happen to you, I cannot see your pain. , When brother went to heat the oil in the kitchen, I changed my clothes, I put on the nightie, only wore panties inside the night, now you yourself think how my brother will apply oil, I took off my bra too. And lay down on the bed. Brother came and said, hey man, how will I apply oil, you are wearing a nightie, I said, it doesn’t matter, turn your face there, I turn the cloth up, brother, turn my face there, I turned the nightie up and pushed a towel over my panty, and said Come on, and I was lying hilt ka ah ah ah. My wide belly, thick thighs, my brother was forcing his brother to drool. tha my breast started getting tight and my brother’s land started standing up once he touched my boob I was shocked then he started touching again and again and I started pretending to sleep, later he held both hands of my nipple He grabbed it and started massaging oil in it, then he put his hand under my panty and started applying oil, then I opened my eyes and said brother, what is this? So brother, put a finger on the lip and said shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I got quiet, he took off my panties. And the nightie was also thrown out, he too became naked and I was completely naked. He started licking my pussy and started mashing the boob with his hands, I became horny and said, don’t delay now, he took out his cock and kept the supada of his cock on the mouth of my burr and in a single push, I groaned with pain. And he then slowly began to chud, then what was it, he played the video of the Kama Sutra in the laptop and he did all the positions in the Kama Sutra in turn, I fucked me throughout the night, I was feeling very light in the morning, brother Said sister, you take a bath, both of us are going to see the Kamasutra again. Tell me how did you like this story, my brother will go again if someone can quench my thirst, then comment I am ready for phone sex.

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