Brother fucked and sister-in-law supported in lock down

threesome – Indian Sex Stories : Friends, my name is Kavita, I am from Jaipur. I study in Jaipur only. I have just come to Delhi and got stuck in the lock down after giving the exam. Could not go back to Jaipur, I have come here to my brother but something happened here and I had to kiss my brother. After all, what happened that even I could not stop myself and got fucked by my real brother and you will be surprised to know that my sister-in-law was the only one who supported me in this. I am 22 I am very hot and sexy girl I am fan of nonveg story dot com I read sex stories daily. Two or three of my friends who live in Jaipur also visit this website daily. If you are on any other website, then you should directly open this website from tomorrow, because nowadays I see that everyone is copying the stories of this website. Now I come directly to the story. Friends, even before kissing my brother, I have kissed three men. So the fuck was already known about. But sister-in-law taught some more sexy poses, that too I will tell you so that you too can satisfy your wife or girlfriend as brother satisfied me. Friends, I was getting bored in the lock down, so I started reading stories on non-veg story everyday, some old and some new. Then I also told my sister-in-law about this website, she is also hot and sexy but something else was going on in her mind, she did not take interest in the story and said that I have left all this and now I have come to the real one. If you also want to kiss then speak. Nothing will happen by reading the story. I was surprised. But this question was in my mind when Delhi is closed then where will it take me. I had never thought even in my dreams that she would fuck me only from the real brother of whom I am the real sister. But they said that when I myself have been fucking with my brother in my home, then you can also fuck. Domestic matters should remain at home only. At first it seemed a bit awkward, but there was power in talking, I felt that yes friend, the goods of the house are in the house and no one outside even knows, there can be no better option than this. I said sister-in-law, tell me one thing, even if I am ready but brother is not ready to fuck me? And would you be okay with someone’s husband fucking someone else in front of her? She said, oh girl, I will not feel bad because I am modern, nothing has been kept in all these things. And as far as your brother is concerned, he calls me everyday, friend, my sister is amazing solid material. I feel that first I eat, only then someone else eats. I was surprised that brother says this about me. I am happy, let’s not have to read the story tonight and will not have to caress myself, today I will go to heaven after eating brother’s dick. Sister-in-law, go and tell everything that the poem is ready. Now when he came to my room, his attitude towards me had changed. Coming, he first gave me a kiss on the cheek and caressed my nipples and then gave a lovely kiss on the lips and said tonight will be fun. And he went to the market. He brought liquor from that day because there was a crowd at the shop due to the lock down. He also brought chicken along with liquor. At about nine o’clock in the night all three of us sat down to drink. It started from there, brother used to fill liquor in his mouth and then put it in my mouth and I used to kiss and lock lips and slowly put liquor back in his mouth. He was also doing the same. Put the wine of your mouth in my mouth. Then I was doing the same with sister-in-law. Friends, you would be surprised to know that sister-in-law took off her clothes and took off mine too and she was taking more interest in me than brother. Sometimes kissing, sometimes drinking and pressing my beautiful round fair breasts. Then she made me lie on the dining table and started licking my pussy. Started fingering my pussy. I was enjoying all this. My pussy was very wet. Now I wanted my brother’s cock which I was waiting for. Friends then brother got up and started fingering my pussy in my ass. I caught my brother’s cock and took it in my mouth. And started sucking. Sister-in-law was taking my toes in her mouth and caressing my whole body, she was rubbing her tits on my body. That means all three of us were enjoying each other. Then all three of us went to the bedroom, I lay down, sister-in-law sat on my face so that I could lick her pussy. Brother separated both my legs and put his dick on my pussy and pushed it hard. The whole dick got inside my pussy. My pussy was already wet. Now I became even more sensual. From above, white cream was coming out from sister-in-law’s pussy, which I was licking. Sister-in-law was also saying ah ah ah ah again and again thick sticky thing came out of her pussy and I drank it, sister-in-law was also enjoying a lot. Brother was getting pounded loudly in the pussy. Only the sound of ah ah ah ah ohh ohh ohhh was coming from the whole room, all three of us were making sounds. Brother now came down and took me up and put his dick on me and I took myself completely inside my pussy. Now I started pushing from above. Now brother started licking sister-in-law’s pussy. When I pushed from above, the whole bed was shaking. Friends, brother again returned to my tight ass by applying pale vaseline. For the first time I got ass killed by my own brother, the fun of it was different. Friends, all three of us together had sex for 3 hours. In which I got fucked hard which will be memorable for the whole life. But still my story is not over. Now daily we do threesome sex but brother sometimes fucks me even during the day because he has to double fuck sister-in-law and me too. I am enjoying a lot Now it seems that the lock down will not open soon. Will bring you another story soon on till then thanks for your support.

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