Brother fucks me as sister-in-law, read how he fucks me

Sister got fucked by her brother by mistake: Hello friends, I Puja welcomes you all very much to Non Veg Story dot com. I have been a regular reader of Non Veg Story since last many years and no such night passes by when I do not read its juicy Chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. My Amar Bhaiya had a new marriage. Friends, my sister-in-law was a very beautiful woman. On the day when brother’s honeymoon was to take place, he was completely mad at sister-in-law’s beauty. He had hit sister-in-law’s pussy all night. Gradually, my brother has become completely mad after sister-in-law and used to enter the room all day long and fuck sister-in-law’s pussy. As soon as it was night, I used to secretly go to elder brother’s door and I used to watch all the fuck through the locked hole. Slowly, I got addicted to watching brother and sister-in-law’s fuck. Every night I used to stand at the door of my brother’s room and used to watch the entire sex scene inside. Friends, gradually I also started feeling like getting fucked and eating fat cocks. But I didn’t have a boyfriend. That’s why I myself used to put my finger, radish and brinjal in my pussy and used to beat my pussy to calm my lust and lust. But I was not getting that real fun. I was craving to eat real cock. I wanted to fuck like sister-in-law. And wanted to enjoy a lot. One evening sister-in-law had gone to the market. I was in his room looking for one of my sarees. My sister-in-law was putting a fall on my saree, so I had come to get the same saree. Coincidentally, I had also worn a saree that day as a hobby. Then the light went off. At the same time brother came and held me by the waist and started making love. My brother was thinking that I am his wife. He started kissing me. “Jaan… Come quickly give me the pussy. Saw a very beautiful girl in the market today. My mood got spoiled just by looking at him. My dick is erect now I just want to fuck your juicy pussy!!” My brother spoke. On the other hand, I also wanted to eat cock, so I did not make any sound. Otherwise Amar Bhaiya would have recognized me and would not have fucked me. They caught hold of me and slowly started taking off my saree. The light had gone off, so it was dark in the room. Brother was considering me as sister-in-law. In some time they removed my saree and then removed my bra and panty. I was completely silent and was not making any sound. Then my brother made me lie straight on the bed and started sucking my juicy lips. For the last several months, I was watching Bhaiya playing the game of Bhabhi, so I was also yearning to eat his fat cock. Friends, my Amar Bhaiya was very smart and handsome. He was the owner of a manly body and his cool body was made. His cock was 9″ long and my brother’s penis was very thick and juicy. It was dark in the room and he was drinking my sexy lips thinking me as his sister-in-law. I was also giving her full support. Then Amar Bhaiya came on top of me and started pressing my milk with his hand. Me “……mummy…mummy…..c c c c.. ha ha ha …..ooooo ….oo. .Om…Om…Unhu Unhu..” she was making a sound. Amar Bhaiya was pressing my beautiful mom hard with his hands and was enjoying full time. My mother was very beautiful. All white were white and fair. Amar Bhaiya could not even know that he is not suppressing his wife but his sister’s milk. I was also having a lot of fun. Then Amar Bhaiya started drinking my intoxicating milk with his mouth closed and started having fun. I can’t tell you guys how much fun I was having. Today for the first time I was giving my best milk to a man. I was also robbing myself of my youth. Amar Bhaiya thinking me as sister-in-law was sucking my soft soft breasts. He was feeling very good. He would suck my one breast for 10 minutes, then fill the other breast in his mouth and start drinking. This game went on for half an hour. In the dark my hand collided with his cock then I came to know that his cock is fully erect and all ready to fuck me. My real brother sucked both my soft soft breasts for a long time. “Dear….Fat my dick with your hand!! Amar Bhaiya spoke and he held his 9” thick and juicy cock in my hand. Today was the first time I held a real cock in my hand. Earlier, I used to take radish, carrot, brinjal only, but today I got the chance to take Amar Bhaiya’s real cock. I quickly started licking his dick. Amar Bhaiya….aaaaaahhhhh…. started doing. Then I was whipping Amar Bhaiya’s cock quickly. I wanted to suck his cock because my sister-in-law used to suck my brother’s cock every night. That’s why today I was also feeling like sucking brother’s cock. I put brother on the bed and lay on top of him and started sucking his cock. He was feeling very good. My fresh pink lips were going up and down quickly on his cock. Amar Bhaiya’s hands came on my big 36″ breasts and he was pressing my boobs lightly. I was sucking his cock in my mouth. And it was also whipping quickly by hand. After some time, I started enjoying a lot and I quickly started sucking Amar Bhaiya’s cock and started beating it with my hand. He was very intoxicated with sex and fuck. He was twisting my nipples with his hand and was tugging with his finger. By doing this I was getting intoxicated with sex. Then I went completely crazy and wanted to suck Amar Bhaiya’s cock. That’s why I was sucking his cock quickly. Brother’s supada was very beautiful and very sharp. Friends, I sucked Amar Bhaiya’s cock for half an hour. Today I was behaving like a desi prostitute. Then Amar Bhaiya made me lie down on the bed and put both my legs on his shoulders. Then he put his cock on the door of my pussy and pushed hard. His 9″ juicy dick got into my pussy and Amar Bhaiya Danadan started fucking me. Earlier I used to fill my hole with brinjal and carrot. But I did not enjoy that which I was enjoying today. My brother-in-law Amar Bhaiya was fucking me. I was like “aaaaahhhh……eeeeeeee….ohhhhhhh……….” She was shouting while speaking. Brother is mistaking me for sister-in-law. I was feeling very sexually aroused. I had hugged my Amar Bhaiya to my chest and was fucking him with pleasure. I was not taking any name otherwise Amar Bhaiya would have come to know that I am not his wife but his real sister. He used to repeatedly bite my white smooth cheeks in the intoxication of sex and was fucking me to the core. I was completely in his possession and he held me tightly with both hands. Amar Bhaiya’s cock was so thick that when he used to go inside my pussy, I used to slide forward. They were quickly tearing me apart by fucking me. I was happily getting fucked by my real brother in the dark and was enjoying heaven. Today my pussy was fucked and today for the first time I ate real cock. After some time the elder brother got more excited and started playing me while drinking my milk. I was having a lot of fun. On the one hand, he was drinking and sucking my soft breasts, and on the other hand, he was sliding cocks quickly in my pussy. I said “Uw uw uw… C c c c. Ooh..oh…oh… She was getting fucked by speaking. After some time Amar Bhaiya’s goods were left and he dropped his goods in my bosom. I hugged her and started sucking her lips. Friends, after 10 minutes Amar Bhaiya’s cock was erect again. He came on my pussy and started drinking my pussy. He was licking and sucking my beautiful boob with his mouth. He used to lick and tease my pussy repeatedly with his tongue. I was feeling sensation in my pussy. Then Amar Bhaiya started licking my pussy lips with his tongue. I was going crazy. I pulled the hair off his head with my hand drunk. Amar Bhaiya was a very expert man. He knew how to properly lick a beautiful girl’s beautiful pussy. He quickly started moving his tongue on my pussy. I was getting out of control. My pussy was on fire. Like my pussy is burning. Then Amar Bhaiya put his 3 fingers in my pussy. I raised my ass in the air. Because I felt very strange. Amar Bhaiya was hunting my pussy with great method today. He was fucking my pussy with his 3 fingers. Me “……mummy…mummy…..c c c c.. ha ha ha …..ooooo ….oo. .Oom…Oom…Unhuun unhunu..” She was crying out loud. I felt that I would die. Amar Bhaiya’s 3 long fingers were quickly fucking my hole. The watery sound of fach fach was coming from my pink belly. Friends, my life was dying. I used to lift my stomach and waist again and again. Because I was feeling very strong sexual excitement. Amar Bhaiya fingered my pussy for 40 minutes and enjoyed it to the fullest. Meanwhile, the dam of my patience finally broke and the water in my pussy started trickling out. Perhaps Amar Bhaiya would like to drink the water of my pussy. He was still not stopping and was taking water out of my pussy and drinking it in his mouth. There was an uproar in my pussy. My condition was bad. Then Amar Bhaiya opened both my legs and put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me. This was my second round. Amar Bhaiya this time was caressing my sexy thin stomach and playing my pussy. He was taking me over and playing my pussy. I was in his grip. His stomach was fighting with my skinny stomach, due to which the sound of chatter chatter was coming. Once again Amar Bhaiya was batting with his dick on my pussy pitch like Virat Kohli. I was fucking once again. And she was eating cock of her real brother. Today, Amar Bhaiya had torn my juicy and smooth hair. I “…….Oui. .Oui..ui…….mother….ohhhh mother……ahhhhh…” she was making sounds. Amar Bhaiya’s cock was sliding very comfortably in my pink pussy. I was fucking with pleasure. I got excited and buried my nails in Amar Bhaiya’s back. Both of us brothers and sisters were enjoying hot sex. Amar Bhaiya was caressing my smooth thighs again and again. I was lying completely naked in front of him. He was caressing my whole body with his hands. I was amazingly greasy. Today only my real brother was having sex with me. His cock was inserted in my smooth and sexy cunt and was fucking me fast. It was as if I was traveling in the seventh heaven. Amar Bhaiya was not taking the name of stopping even for a second. He was fucking me fast. It seemed that he was cutting a pumpkin. After some time his body started getting stiff and he left his water in my pussy only. After that I kept sucking his cock for a long time. When I left after getting fucked, the light came on. After some time my sister-in-law came from the market. My brother was lying completely naked in his room. When Amar Bhaiya saw his sister-in-law, he was completely shocked. “Where did you go????” Surprised, Amar Bhaiya asked, “I had gone to the market for 3 hours to buy something!” Sister-in-law said, after that brother came to know that he has mistaken me as his wife and fucked me. But he did not tell this to his sister-in-law. Even today I remember the beating of my Amar Bhaiya again and again. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com.

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