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Bahan Bhai, Sex Slave, Vidhwa Sex Story, Yes my friends, today I am sharing such a story with you, from which you will come to know that sometimes even a Pak relationship takes a person to the point where the strings of the relationship. Wires up. Today I am narrating this bitter story of my life to you on, I hope that I can convey my many things to you. I don’t feel sorry for what I did right or wrong, because I am no one to decide my life, this is life, it is the need of time, many things have to be done which a person never Doesn’t even imagine. But I am happy, with this life of mine, maybe you will also agree that what I did is not wrong but right. I am 35 years old, my husband has passed away two years ago, my life was not going well even after marriage because my husband was a number one thief and drunkard, I am like a queen in my house But after coming to my in-laws’ house, I had so much problem, I cannot tell you in my own words. I faced a lot of problems, I tried to fix my house but all this could not happen and due to excessive drinking, my husband passed away from this world. All I have is my Rinku 3 year old son a house and nothing left. At the time of my husband’s death, people were consoling that there would be no problem, but what should I tell friends, my condition had worsened within three to four months. My brother Raghav is 29 years old, he is not married, he is my only brother, he started helping me, but how could I get help every month, because of this I started teaching the children of the locality. I started living a little bit, but some months used to come in such a way that I could not pay the fees of my children in school, one day when my brother came, I said Raghav, my condition has become very bad, what should I do? Comes everyday to ask for money. I postpone her for the next month, but she was not agreeing, she immediately withdrew 4000 rupees and said, didi, do your work, but with the money she put her hand on my chest and said whenever needed Tell me, I shook his hand, because I did not like to deal with my body in exchange for money. After that he immediately got up from him and left, and then did not call for several days, neither I did, then I called him one day and said that it has been a long time, come, then he came in the evening but he I had kept my mouth silent, I told her why I am angry with my sister, who else is there in this world except you, if you are angry, then to whom will I share my pain, she said that you do yourselves Like when I can understand your needs. So why do you shave your eyes and blink when I need you, I understood that my brother wanted to get my body at the cost of helping, I fell silent for five minutes and thought, What will happen next, if I do not take help from this and what will happen if I do take help, I started trying to bring all those scenes in front of my eyes, I felt that I should not lose my brother right now, if I do something outside Even if I do, people will scratch me like a wolf, why not talk about the house at home. That’s when he stood up, and said okay I understand, I said why I need you, don’t get angry on small things, when the time comes, everything will be fine, give some time, Do one thing Raghav my dear brother, tonight we stop at home like this, today you will be alone because mom and dad have gone to Haridwar tomorrow, what will you do at home alone, he stopped. Now I was looking at her a little happy, I went to take a bath, when I came back from the bathroom, I was only wearing a petticoat, the petticoat was tied on the top of my nipples, and the petticoat was above the knees, I suddenly saw Raghav He was staring at me from top to bottom, my thick thick round thighs and the nipple pressed from above, my blond wide chest hair was open, he was looking at the spinach without blinking I was, I told you to take a bath till then I am cooking. He got up and the towel was lying on the same sofa, picked it up and started going towards the bathroom, I was tight in the middle, there is a street in the middle where the bathroom goes, I was drying my hair looking at the same mirror, it passed but Rubbing his lauda in my ass, I saw him he was giving a sexy smile, I also took a sexy look, and he went inside, I was drying my hair just like that, then Raghav said didi sempu. I said yes, look above, where the soap is kept, she said no sister, there is nothing here, I said ok, I gave a sachet of sempu which was kept on the fridge, take it and say, she opened the door a little and As soon as I gave the sumpu in his hand, he pulled me up and started the waterfall, I got wet, my nipples started showing from the top of the petticoat, because the cloth was stuck, he started kissing my lips, and caressing my back Put. I kept tight, he was caressing my drunk body, and pressing my nipples, then he untied the knot of the nada, the petticoat fell down, the waterfall was running, I was getting wet, he was also wet, I Was standing naked, she aaah aaaah what a cool figure, she started putting fingers in my pussy, I had saved my pussy today, she went crazy after seeing smooth pussy, she sat down and then put me in the middle of my pussy I took it, I also spread my legs, he started licking, he kept licking for about twenty minutes, now my body was on fire. I also grabbed his head and started rubbing him on my pussy, and started saying, take sister, Chod, today, kill my pussy, motherchod, you turned out to be a very bastard, Raghav also started speaking, yes you are right, Randi, I From today I will call you a mistress, not a sister, you are my scourge from today, yes I am sister Is. After that he picked me up and took me to the bedroom, and spread my legs, and put his cock in the middle of my pussy and gave a big blow, the cock was completely covered in my pussy, why my pussy is already very wet It was done, now he started banging loudly, only the voice of hi hi hi hi ufff uffff aaah aaah was coming out of my mouth, I was also lifting my ass and kissing it. He made me a mare from the front and sometimes from the back. To be honest, I haven’t had as much fun in kissing as much as I was happy to kiss my brother. Then what was the first time I was fucked for an hour, then it fell, then he took out ten thousand and gave it to me, say, a month’s cost, then after that day he started fucking me daily, but one good thing It is that as soon as he raises the salary, he gives me all the expenses.

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