Brother in law fucked on the pretext of teaching cooking

I welcome everyone kissing all the big cocks of the men with cocks and licking the pussies of all the beautiful young pussy queens. I have shared my story with all of you friends through This is my first story. You people will definitely enjoy reading this, I will say this with guarantee. My name is Ananya Choubey. I got married in Allahabad. I am 28 years old young sexy girl and very beautiful. My figure is of 34 30 34. My waist is slim and slim and my face cut is very sexy. All men’s cocks stand erect on seeing me and all are eager to fuck me. I’m just such sexy stuff. When I wear saree blouse, my boobs look like a taut coconut shell. Seeing my youth, my father-in-law and brother-in-law’s cock also gets erect. My husband is an engineer and earns very well. Whereas my brother in law is a chef and runs a big restaurant. Apart from this, he also runs a cooking channel on YouTube and licks his fingers when someone eats food made by him. Friends, my brother-in-law Aditya used to stare at me ever since I got married. I was young and sexy. I was also very beautiful, that’s why many men used to tease me. Slowly, I came to know that my brother-in-law Aditya likes me deeply and is in the business of fucking. Aditya’s wife had eloped with her Majnu. She used to do desk job in a private company. While there she had an affair with her coolie and she ran away. After that my brother-in-law did not remarry. But the way he used to find an opportunity to talk to me, it was known that he is trying to fuck me. When I used to go to dry clothes on the terrace, Aditya also used to leave immediately and tried to come near me on some pretext or the other. He was only 1 year older than my husband. Both my husband and Aditya looked the same age. Slowly my closeness started increasing with him and my heart also started yearning to kiss him. I had to learn Chole Bhature because both my mother-in-law and father-in-law loved Chole Bhature and were asking me to make it since many days. In the evening, I went to my brother-in-law Aditya’s room. Due to the hot weather, he was wearing a half vest and shorts. My eyes fell on his whole body. He had a very muscular body. ′′ Brother-in-law!! Will you teach me Chhola Bhatura?? I said that I was wearing pink color maxi at that time. Friends, whenever I used to cook, I used to wear maxi because it is very convenient. Aditya started staring at me. Then we both went to the kitchen and started cooking. He was giving me all the necessary tips that how much and what ingredients should be added to make Chhola Bhatura tasty. When I started kneading the flour with hot water, suddenly Aditya put his hand on my hands and he also started kneading. On this pretext, he started touching and touching me. ′′ Brother-in-law!! All this is not right” I said at that time he grabbed me from behind and started kissing me forcibly on my cheeks. I could not even run because the gas was burning. Chickpeas were being cooked on it in the cooker. I was kneading the dough for Bhature. “Ananya!! When I see you, I remember my wife. I like you very much. I will do it myself to get you” he said after that he caught hold of me and kept sucking on my lips. I could not even save myself. Friends, as I told you that Aditya was a very handsome man. His body looked so cool in half vest and shorts. That’s why inside I was also feeling like kissing him. That day he kneaded the dough by keeping his hands on my hands. His cock had stood up to fuck me at the same time. While Aditya was holding me from behind, his cock was piercing my ass. From that day our love story started. When my husband used to fuck me in the night, it seemed that my brother-in-law was feeding me. I would happily get fucked by my husband, but in my mind I used to think that Aditya is fucking me. Friends, after a few days my husband had to go abroad. His company was doing a project with a German company. That’s why he went to Germany. Now only my mother-in-law was in the house. It was a good opportunity to fuck Aditya. They also started looking for excuses to meet me alone. I was cutting vegetables sitting with my mother-in-law. Meanwhile, Aditya came. “Mother!! I go out to the shop to get my clothes done.” Aditya said, “Hey son! What is the need to go out? Ananya will do it. Go daughter!! Make Aditya’s clothes feminine! My mother-in-law said, “But mother, who will cut the vegetables???” I said “I will cut” Mother-in-law said I went to my brother-in-law Aditya’s room. As soon as I started undressing, Aditya came and put his hand on my waist from behind and started caressing me. ′′ Why Jeth ji!! How did you miss me?? I laughed and said “Ananya!! You fuck with my younger brother everyday, fuck with me today. Today I want to play in the fire of your form” Aditya said, started moving his hands on my milk, “You will be burnt brother-in-law!! I boasted and said, “So today you kill me by burning me in the fire of your youth.” He said and released the press from my hands and filled me in his arms. Like a flower bud, I started saying “..ahhhhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha s s s”. My brother-in-law started touching me everywhere. Friends, even today I was in pink color maxi. Slowly his grip tightened on my waist and then he took me straight to his bed and made me lie down. My lips were very juicy and beautiful. At first Aditya kept looking at my beauty and youth for some time, then suddenly started sucking my lips. I started swearing. He started enjoying and sucking my lips by taking them in his mouth. I was like “……ai…ai….ai…..isssss…….uhhhhh…..ohhhhhh….” Started doing Then I also had to support them. I started sucking too. My Jeth Aditya was 21 to my husband in body and body. That’s why his body was a bit more strong. I also started loving her in my heart and I also smelled her sweet breath. Then they started playing with my youth. My 36” big juicy boobs started pressing over my maxi. I started sobbing again. Aditya went to my feet on the bed and holding the edge of the maxi started lifting it up. My heart started pounding. I was scared that what would happen if my husband came to know about it. As soon as Aditya unbuttoned my maxi till my thighs, he could see my sexy body. My fair fair smooth legs were looking very beautiful. “Oh Ananya!! you are so gorgeous!!” After speaking, my brother-in-law Aditya started touching my legs and knees. Then started kissing. He kept moving up and started running his hands on my beautiful fleshy thighs. Friends, this was a very sexy style. My thighs were beautiful. White and perfectly smooth cut. Then Aditya started kissing on her. “Ai….Ai….Ai… ahhhhhh… c….you are so good!!….ha ha ha…” I started saying. His hands were dancing here and there on my thighs. Then quickly he lifted the maxi up to my stomach. I was wearing a light pink colored triangular panty. The glimpse of my pussy was visible to Jeth ji from above through the transparent panty. In a few seconds, his hands reached my pussy and my pussy was being caressed from top to bottom. Then he started playing with my stomach. After that the atmosphere became so hot that both of us started taking off our clothes. “Ananya!! Did you have any boyfriend before marriage?? Aditya started asking “Why are you asking this???” I said “I want to know which man had enjoyed a beautiful thing like you first” Aditya said “I had no boyfriend. It was your brother who ate me for the first time.” I said, “I can’t believe it.” Aditya said, now both of us were without clothes. I took off my bra, then took off my panty too. My brother-in-law Aditya now started playing with big boobs like my Musammi. Started enjoying by pressing with hands. I started cursing “Aau….Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc c c c..ha ha ha..” Then Aditya started pressing my milk with both hands and started rubbing it. I was taking long long sobs. After all, he started sucking my nipple in his mouth. Everyday my husband used to suck my milk but today my brother-in-law was sucking. My breasts were very soft and tender. Aditya’s teeth were sharp on him. Still it was full of fun. Aditya was sucking quickly by running his mouth and was working to warm me. ““….um um um um…um…drink it!! I wanted to suck my breasts from you!!… ho..hmmmmm…ai…ai….” No, but I am his wife. Taking the tip of my tight milk in his mouth, he was sucking it with pleasure. They were drinking the juice of my stout youth. Then he filled the other teat in his mouth and sucked it like a mango. Now came on my pussy and started licking it too quickly. Friends, my pussy was very sexy. It was full of meat. You must have seen that some women’s pussy is dry and dry, which is not fun at all to fuck. But my pussy was very fleshy and plump. My husband had made me eat choda paella many times, because of which my bur lips were well split apart. Aditya was licking it by inserting his tongue. I was sobbing “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Ooh…Ooh…Ooh….” Aditya turned out to be a very enthusiastic man. Even my husband did not have this much enthusiasm. He licked my cool pussy. He sucked every layer of my pussy very well. In this way now I was completely ready to fuck. ′′ Brother-in-law!! You are very sexy man!! Now I can’t wait….. fuck me fast!! Ho ho….” I started saying “Fuck my queen!!” He laughed and started saying and again started teasing me. For a long time he drank the sweet juice of my pussy. I got a big weight done. Then gave my cock a good fist and made it stand up. Then the supara of cocks started beating on my big ass, started hitting. I started doing c c c… ha ha.. o ho ho…. My Jeth Aditya’s penis was 11″ long and 3″ thick and looked very gigantic. I was also feeling very scared. Looked like an African cock. He was licking my plump pussy by holding the cock. Kept beating pussy for a long time. Then the supada of cocks started rubbing from top to bottom in the middle line of my pussy. They were rubbing quickly like someone rubs a wet almond on a stone. By doing this, a fire broke out in my body. I started moaning louder. Aditya did not fuck me for 6-7 minutes. Just rubbing the cocks up and down got me very fucking excited. Then he held the cock and put it on top of my pussy hole and hummed it hard inside. Friends, my eyes just popped out. My plump pussy swallowed his 11″ monster cock. Tears welled up in my eyes because of the pain. Then Aditya lay down on me and lifting his waist started to fuck me. I am now “Aaaaahhhh…..eeeeeeee….ohhhh….aw. .Ai..Ai….Ai..Mummy….” Was forced to speak because I was fucking. Till date I had only got fucked by my husband. His penis was barely 7″. But today she was eating the giant cock of her handsome brother-in-law Aditya. I was dying. “You are beautiful Ananya!! You are so beautiful!!!” Aditya started saying that I was shying away from making eye contact with him because there was only lust and fuck in his eyes. Today I was seen in the mood to eat the whole. I was kissing with my eyes closed. Aditya lifting his ass and jerking hard in the pussy. Were getting my sobs out. No one was showing mercy. They were fucking me by taking me in both arms. His cock was badly sunk in my cunt like a peg as if someone had hammered it. Aditya gave me fun by fucking and made me under his control. Darling!! How do you like the service of my cock???” He said while fucking, “It’s fun dear!! Aye.Aye. .Ai… u u u u… tear it in my bosom!! Don’t have any mercy!! Ohhhhh… Ahhhhh…” I said after listening to my sexy erotic words, Aditya started playing my pussy loudly and started pounding me very fast. I was getting so intoxicated that automatically both my legs went up. Aditya was being pushed and pushed in the pussy. Then lying on me, he started sucking my 36” Musammi in his mouth. Now doing two things at once. They were also sucking my full chest and were also beating me. This way I was having a lot of fun. Today I came to know how a real man’s powerful fuck is. My brother-in-law Aditya made me lie down for 30 minutes, fucked me a lot, pushed me a lot. Then fell in the pussy itself. Then started loving me. Friends, my husband stayed in Germany for 1 month and during this, Aditya opened my pussy well by fucking me. Now I have become used to them. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. You also share the story.

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