Brother-in-law fucks both of us sisters inside the quilt

I am Khushi 22 years old and my younger sister is 21 years old whose name is Priya, my sister Kavita who is 24 years old got married only last year, brother-in-law is also a big bastard, because since marriage He used to suppress Amoli (small teat) of both of our sisters, at first both of us used to get angry but slowly both of us started liking it, but my Kavita didi did not like all this, Kavita didi was also right. It was because if someone’s husband hits his face somewhere, he will get angry. But both of us sisters were having fun. Brother-in-law is very hot, when he used to pinch my butt, it used to be painful, but the feeling of that pain was different, sometimes he used to put his hand in my panty too, but mother’s strictness was guarded, maybe my mother knew that the bridegroom was a bastard, he should not clean his hand on my daughter, because of this his hand used to go inside my bra easily whenever he got a chance, now I will tell you, when such a chance came It was a matter of one day, brother-in-law had come to Kolkata for some work, sister and brother-in-law live in Delhi, so they came to Durgapur to meet both of us, in the evening 7 On the same day, both mother and father had left for Bhilai because he had to go to see a boy for me for marriage, and he would come after a day, as soon as brother-in-law came to know that mother had gone today, So he became very happy, both of us were also happy because both of us were not able to work from anywhere, both of us were languishing in youth. You are reading this story on Went to watch the show at 8 o’clock in the night, there was a cinema hall nearby, brother-in-law was in the middle, we both sisters were adjacent to the teats, and from there the teats started pressing, in two and a half hours, hot water started coming out of both of their pussies, I wanted to open the zip of brother-in-law’s pants and take the same cock in my mouth, or sit on his lap and put the whole cock in my pussy, but no problem, we came home till eleven o’clock to eat. We had eaten outside, now we had to sleep, so where did we sleep, only one quilt was outside, the rest was in the trunk, mother had left with the keys, it was a cold night, so we slept on the same quilt, between Me Jiju and both of us on the side, Jiju first turned to my younger sister and fell asleep, after a while Priya’s mouth started making sounds of Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I immediately removed the quilt and saw that Priya was topless, her big Both the teats were open and brother-in-law kept rubbing the nipples, after that I said to brother-in-law, this is wrong brother-in-law, I am big, first do this to me, then Priya said sister, look, I am excited, do not spoil the fun, So brother-in-law said, look, the night is ours, and no one else is in the house, why not have a lot of fun, and fuck both of them together. It was very cold, again went inside the quilt and then I took off all my clothes, Priya also took off all the clothes, then what was there, we took off brother-in-law’s clothes one by one, all three of us are now naked in the same quilt. and all three of us were kissing each other, brother-in-law pressing my nipples and sometimes drinking, sometimes pressing Pira’s nipple, sometimes drinking, after that he climbed on top of Priya and separated both Priya’s legs, cock pussy Putting it in the middle, pushed it hard, even then the penis did not go inside the pussy, but Priya’s life started to hurt, she started crying, then I caressed Priya and also caressed Priya’s teat and brother-in-law again Tried with and put the cock completely inside the pussy, now brother-in-law started fucking Priya loudly. I started licking my pussy from brother-in-law, he was fucking Priya and licking my pussy and I was pressing Priya’s boob, after that I lay down and brother-in-law climbed on top of me, he started fingering my pussy And started rubbing the nipple with one hand, I was sighing, Priya was sticking her nipple in Jiju’s ass, then Jiju put his cock in my pussy, and started fucking, what should I tell guys, sometimes he fucks me sometimes Priya This fucking game went on all night long. Brother-in-law had torn the pussy of both of our sisters inside a quilt overnight, after that he had to leave in the morning, he once again fucked both of us and then went away.

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