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Hello friend my name is Radhika and I am going to post this story which happened between me and my brother (Rahul) just a few days ago, I and my family live in New Delhi, my brother and this site He has posted a lot of sex stories because he has fucked my mom everyday and has shared his experience. When he told me this, I and myself agreed to write my brother’s sex story. Let me come to my story without boring you guys too much. As I told you that I am a resident of Delhi, and I have 18 years ahead of me, my boobs are about 21 years ahead of 18 years. Big and bloated like a girl, normally I wear only short clothes, my body becomes bigger and bigger, and seeing my fair complexion, copy me and die while thinking in my dreams. It would seem, my whole body has come like this, may I tell a little bit about my brother, he is 23 years old, and he is very handsome. After going to the gym, his body has become like a 40 years old man, his 10 inch cock which is very thick, I scream a lot while having sex because when his thick cock leaves my virginity, it kills me. This incident happened with me a few days ago, I, my brother and mother live in my house, initially I was not interested in sex, but one day I went to the bank from school and went to the movies with my friends. Had come to watch, which was an adult type movie, all of us friends took platinum tickets and sat on the palatines sheet, meanwhile the movie started, there were very hot scenes in the movie, I saw that behind my sheet A couple is sitting and they were kissing each other, the lady in it was holding the man’s cock and moving it up and down, because it was too dark, I was just showing her body. Seeing them, I started to get hot and I put more fingers in my pussy and caressed, I was enjoying a lot and now they both started fucking, I was enjoying seeing this, then for a while me my The water ran out, I had a lot of fun, then both of them had showered, after watching a few days, the movie ended, and the lights were turned on, when I saw it in a dark mood, I lost my senses. Rahul) and my mom (Sangeeta) were there, I somehow hid myself from her and we came out. When I was coming home, I thought that mom and my brother were having sex, in the beginning I got very angry but later I got Soncha’s ringworm and I got very tired and I needed someone else, so I thought it right to fuck at home, I felt so much that my fingers were wet again. Yes, I am now enjoying all this very much. I was thinking that I wish I could get rid of my brother, my brother and I used to leave me jammed all night, I thought that I would definitely get angry with my brother, some days passed like this every night, mother and brother I used to watch the fuck and sometimes finger and sometimes candle inserted in my relaxation in the night, now I used to go in front of my brother wearing only the smallest bracelet I used, and he used to see my ass pot, I used to think brother And they are noting me, I did not wear bra and panty inside my clothes, due to which my boobs used to move a lot and when I used to reach brother. I used to jump forcefully due to which my boobs and upper were down rapidly, I had noticed that brother’s cock was getting erect, I could see my work being done, one day when brothers were fucking mothers. There were…Brother- nowadays Radhika has grown up, her boobs are making me crazy. Mom- so what happened, leave her, I have made a relation that she is asking for a lot of sex since few days. Brother- I will see a good opportunity to leave her tomorrow. I came and fell asleep after fingering and started waiting for the next day. The next day when I was sleeping, I did not wear anything while sleeping at night, and I was sleeping only in a piece of cloth, so I came to my room and Seeing me naked, he signaled to brother, I had just woken up, I saw that both mother and brother were standing in front of me and mother said softly to brother that this is a good opportunity to leave, I was very happy. Started pretending to sleep. That’s why I closed the door and went away. Bhaiya came to me slowly and started rubbing my boobs by holding them, I pretended to sleep, then they removed the cloth from my upper body and my whole body became naked, I still pretended to sleep. Then Bhaiya came on top of me. And the kiss on my lips, they were sucking my lips, I opened my eyes with one shot but brother did not feel afraid of me, I pretended to be lying and started to free myself, but brother’s body was not ready for me. I walked and then I gave up, my man’s wish was being fulfilled, then he lifted me up and took out his own 10 inch cock, initially I enjoyed it a lot, but in a second he lost my strength. Holding my mouth, he took his cock to the side and I started sucking his cock. My mouth was filled with his cock and I could not breathe. He was having fun with his eyes closed, for about 15 minutes. After sucking my cock, he started gushing and he poured a lot of semen in my mouth, my mouth was filled with his semen, I drank all the semen, then he gestured me to bow down and I choked. Then he took his mouth near my clit and started licking it. I was feeling very happy, after licking my clit for about 10 minutes, I jerked and he drank all my semen, after that he made me lie straight and started licking my clit. I put cream on my lips and put my penis on my lips. It was as if someone had inserted a hot iron, I wanted to scream but he kept my mouth shut, tears welled up in my eyes. Then he jerked hard and his entire cock hit my pussy. Fartha went inside, I was about to faint, then gradually those shocks started dying and my pain was of some use, now I was fucking with pleasure and was being filled with screams “ahhiuuuuaa”. He was going to fuck me harder and I was having fun, after about 25 minutes of hard fucking, he jerked off and I jerked off with him. Then that day we fucked 5 times, I left And it was not going, but later mom applied cream on my pussy, my pussy was completely torn and blood was coming out of it. Friends, this was the first story of my brother’s sex with me, after that Mom and I had sex and now we have sex everyday.

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