Brother Sister Sex Story: Wanted to kiss her husband but got kissed by her brother

Friends, my name is Sapna, I am 23 years old, it has been only 13 days since I got married. Today I am going to tell you my true story. This story is from yesterday. If you read this story, then you will think that when the situation becomes such that it has to be done even if you do not want to. Friends, like you, I am also a big fan of non-veg For three consecutive years I am reading hot sex stories on this website. And to be honest, I don’t go to any other website. It was a long time ago to read stories, but the taste of sex has been there for six months since my marriage was fixed. Since then I have been kissing sometimes in the park, sometimes in the hotel, sometimes in the cafe. Friends, now it has become a habit, without a kiss, there is no mind. I too have become a chukkad of number one, my husband also got the same, he also sees the opportunity and whenever he gets a chance, he puts his lauda in my pussy. Whether it is kitchen, balcony or bedroom corner or terrace. He has fucked me everywhere. As I have already told you, I have kissed my brother only yesterday, how she is going to tell now. Friends, it actually happened as if I was in my in-laws’ house. My brother had come to take me back because I was going to my maternal home for the first time after marriage. I had to leave for my maternal home at night. And my husband was engaged from five o’clock in the evening to go to bed. I also wanted the heat of my pussy to cool down a bit in the evening. I don’t know after how many days I will be lucky to return again, I wanted to kiss a lot. So my mother-in-law and my husband all three were going to the market to get clothes etc. for me. So husband Dev felt that even before going to the market, I should kiss once. That’s why he was repeatedly calling me down near the stairs but I was not able to go. Because someone was coming. But then the light went out and a sound came from near the stairs for a minute. I understood that he was calling me. I ran away and I thought there was a chance. I was wearing maxi at that time. Immediately I took off my panty and she ran away and immediately reached near the stairs, she was sitting on the chair. I hurriedly turned up my night and said, “Chod it soon.” But they were not taking out the lauda immediately, I said, there is no time, someone will come soon. Then he took out his lauda and I set the lauda in the pussy and sat down. And started licking up and down. Friends, I felt a little different because I was feeling more fat and tall, I said, what is the matter, you had never made your lauda so thick and long before, when I am going, then you show me by making your lauda thick Why were you tempted? Then he stopped, I turned to see why he got upset. So see he was not my husband but my brother. My brother is one year younger than me. I understood that I had kissed my brother thinking of my husband, I said why didn’t you say that you are. I thought it was Rajiv. So he said brother-in-law and mother-father, all three have gone to the market. So I said that you were going to go with him, then he said that Babuji said that you stay at home, talk to your sister, I will come in two hours. That’s when I was calling you. Thought I should talk to you, how did you like your in-laws’ house. I understood the whole point. It’s no one’s fault in this. I was thinking that my husband would be there but brother turned out. And when a woman gives her by showing her ass and showing her pussy and opening it, then anyone will fuck. Same happened with me too. I opened it myself and the quote entered early, so he did what he had to do. But now what was meant to happen has happened. At that time there was no complaint in my mind and there was not even the slightest complaint in it. He was standing even more and taking his laoda in his hand, he was doing it back and forth. That is, he was completely ready to fuck again. I said, whatever has happened, it is done, now if you give it, then you should also fuck it. I say stop, I come after closing the main gate. I closed the door and immediately came back and wrapped around my brother’s neck. He immediately grabbed my boobs and then opened the nightie. And started drinking booze. I was caressing his hair, my teats were turning yellow. He was pulling nipples in a very sexy way. Maybe he was blessed to have round round shapely nipples. He started sucking on my lips, I also started sucking on his lips. He put his tongue in my mouth. When he took his tongue out of my mouth, I would put mine, and when I took it out, he would put his tongue in my mouth. Then both of us went to bed and I took out his loaf and started sucking. I was stunned to see the big fat lauda. I was already thinking that my husband’s Lauda would be fat, but it was not so, my brother’s fat was even more than that. Friends, then I lay down, she started licking my pussy. I was taking hissings. There was a fire in my body. I spread my legs. He set his lauda on my pussy and then started pushing hard. I was doing ah ah ah. He was fucking me. Biting my nipples on my lips, biting my neck and was pushing hard in the pussy. Friends, I was getting happy, now wherever I live, I will keep getting Lauda. And for about an hour, he fucks me, sometimes standing from the front, sometimes from the back, sometimes in a doggy style. Friends, both of us had a lot of fun for an hour. Then when both were calm, put on their own clothes and then went to make tea. Friends, today I am writing this story by reaching my maternal home on non-veg Now my brother is going to come in half an hour, he has gone to party with his partner, I don’t know what he will do with me today, but whatever he does, I will like it very much. Whatever happens, I will tell you tomorrow on this website, thank you till then.

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