Brother took advantage of being a quilt and fucked me

Friends my name is Payal. I am preparing for engineering, I live in Kota, today I am going to write my story of my fuck in front of you people, this story is about my bastard brother Rohit, who made me fuck my pussy all night Swollen, today I am not even able to walk properly, today I am writing my story on non-veg because today I want to lighten my mind, this morning when I woke up, I searched on the internet Does this happen? So I read many stories on this website, in which there was a story of love and sex between brother and sister. So I dare to put my story in front of you guys, friends, I am 22 years old and my brother is 21 years old, my mother has given him my warm clothes and sent them to Kota, because winter has come. That’s why my brother has come to give me all my clothes. I live in Kota by taking a room on rent, my brother came last evening. Around eight o’clock, he was playing games on mobile after eating and I was studying. In the meantime, she was reminiscing about the household and her old things. We both are like a friend, we both share everything. He was asking me didi have any boyfriend or not, I said no, now my focus is only on my studies. Apart from this, I do not see anything right now. So I also asked and tell me what is your condition. So he started saying. Yes nowadays a girl is giving line. As soon as there is good news, I will tell you immediately. I said, you are very scoundrel. First study and then do whatever you want later. And I got busy in my studies. Don’t know when he took my mobile. After half an hour he said sister do you see all this, I was shocked. When I looked at him, I was surprised that he was teasing my mobile. I immediately took the mobile from his hand. Till then he had seen everything. Friends, you know whether it is a boy or a girl, nowadays who does not watch porn movies or does not read stories of sex. I had also downloaded many such clips in my mobile. He had seen all the movies. Sunny Leone also had some. And he had seen everything from the history of mobile internet that what kind of web page I open, now I was stuck. I said no no I didn’t, this is my friend Geetika, she did it. So Rohit said sister, please meet me with Ritika tomorrow, I want to make friends. I said have you seen your face in the mirror. I understood that my brother has become a bastard as soon as he is young. It was about 11 o’clock in the night. He said where to sleep, friends, I have a bed too. And only one quilt to cover. I said sleep on my bed only. Because there was no option. He came and slept facing the other side and I also slept facing the other side. when i was in sleep. So I felt that someone is caressing my boobs, I understood. Rohit had put his leg on my legs and was pressing my nipples by putting his hands inside my nightie. I thought I should refuse. But I also felt that if I refused then this matter would be revealed and later we both would not be able to see each other, so I thought that he is young and must have got hot. In a short while he will cuddle and go to sleep. But this did not happen, he put my nightie up and also opened the bra hook. Started drinking my teats. And started putting his finger in my navel. Friends, you tell me, how could I have tolerated it. I too was young. I started feeling better. But I could not say anything. He lowered my panty. Friends, caressing my pussy, hisses started coming out of his mouth. I also spread both my legs. He slowly started inserting his finger in my pussy. My pussy was very wet. I too got excited. And he slid down, sat near my pussy and started licking it. Now it was unbearable. I caught her hair and started rubbing it in my pussy. He was licking my pussy water. Sicaria also started coming out of my mouth. The waist started humming with ah ah ah ah ah. I started sucking Rohit up and on his lips. He was on top of me, he was also sucking my lips while pressing my nipples and he was repeatedly putting his tongue in my mouth because of which I was getting more sensual. Friends, I was feeling that I should insert Rohit in my pussy, I said, don’t delay, you bastard, how much more he will suffer. Today you are giving both the punishment and the fun of being a quilter. The punishment is that a sister will fuck her brother today and for the fun of it I will fuck all night. I made Rohit higher, he sat close to my chest and I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. I was feeling amazing in sucking cocks. Friends, today I myself could not understand the work of any porn heroine. He also started taking out his cock inside my mouth. His cock was very thick, it was getting completely set from my mouth and was going inside till the throat. Friends, my pussy had become very hot and was releasing water again and again. I said, Rohit, at least extinguish the heat of my pussy today. You have made me hot today. And Rohit went down and set his cock on my pussy, and pushed hard, the sound of ouch came out of my mouth and then hi, hi hi, ohhh what can I tell friends, now I want to push the cock hard inside and out I was lifting my ass from below and he was pealing from above and in the middle the whole waist was resounding with the sound of clack. I held her in my arms and she was trapped by my legs. He was keeping my fat ass low and was thrusting his cock inside and out. After that he put me up and fell asleep himself and made his cock stand like a pole and said come sit down, on this I sat on his cock. Cock slowly got inside my pussy. I sat like this for a minute, then I started moving up and down, I was slightly bent over her. He was holding my nipples. And started pushing my pussy from below. Now I also started moving up and down. He was slapping my bum. Now he started abusing me too. He was saying that you are very prostitute. Today you are fucking with brother, I also said that I was less, I also started abusing. You turned out to be such a bastard, you didn’t even spare your sister’s pussy, you are a fucking sister. As much as we both were abusing each other. The same enthusiasm was rising. After that he made me a mare, and started inserting his dick in my ass from behind. But I refused because I was having a lot of pain in my ass. That’s why I said brother, fuck your pussy as much as you want but leave the ass. But sister Chod, where did he agree? He put spit in his cock and slowly he inserted his cock completely in my ass. Earlier I was having a lot of pain. But now slowly it started getting better. Now ah ah ah ah ah started coming out of my mouth again. And I started thrusting cock in my ass. After about 10 minutes of ass-fucking, he again made me lie down, and he put my leg on his shoulder and joined both the thighs, and again thrusting cock in my pussy. Put. I was starting to feel pain, I said brother, my pussy is very swollen. And there was a lot of pain too. That’s why I will not be able to fuck anymore because you have been fucking me for two hours. He said, bitch, now I am in passion, let me enjoy it today and he started thrusting it. Friends, at that time he put all his semen in my pussy while doing loud ah ah ah ah Gave, and fell on me. Woke up in about five minutes and came in the position of 69, he gave his cock in my mouth and he himself started licking my pussy. We both licked all the water that came out of each other’s pussy and cocks, and then both slept naked holding each other. Friends, you are reading this story on non-veg story dot com. After that he got up at five o’clock, and started fucking me again. I was feeling a lot of pain, both my pussy and ass were swollen, but I was enjoying a lot, so I didn’t even refuse and I started getting fucked again. But he fucked for about 40 minutes and then fell, then both of us went for morning walk, but I was having a lot of difficulty in walking, came to the room, took bath and had breakfast, Rohit said that today you don’t have bra and panty. Wear, friends, at twelve o’clock he started fucking me again. He has fucked me thrice today. But I also had a lot of fun with my brother. It was painful but it was fun too.

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