Brother was in front of everyone, he spent a lot of his youth on him

Hello friends, I am Urmila, I am a drunk girl, I love to have sex, so till date I have been kissed by many men, whether they are younger than me or older than me, I have tried all ages of men’s cocks. I have tasted it, today I am one of the sexes that is close to me, which I remember even today, sometimes when there is no jugaad of sex, I put a finger in my pussy and quench the hunger of my lust. When I turned eighteen, I used to have weird weird fucking dreams every day, and then slowly started reading stories on nonveg, it was a lot of fun, my pussy used to get wet, my nipples would stand up I used to go, the sound of aaah aaah uff uf uff uff used to come from my mouth, I used to fall asleep in some way, but my mind used to be desperate. There lived a tenant next to my house, he was married, he used to do computer work, I also had a computer, so I used to go to him to ask for some software and sometimes, slowly first I went to my house with that boy. Made me aware that he is a very good boy, now my housemates also started to understand that both brothers are like sisters, because I always used to say Rohan Bhaiya, my housemates also did not have any doubts, the street children also started to understand that This girl would have come because of some computer work. Rohan was married, his wife was very naive, she was from the village, she did not know much, I was more educated and always lived in a city like Delhi, I was very gimmicky, I trapped her in my net, I started calling her Didi And his husband i.e. brother to Rohan, now everyone understands that our relationship is a sacred relationship. What was then, Rohan’s wife went to the village because she was pregnant. I had full opportunity now to kiss and spend my youth, one day I went to Rohan’s room in the afternoon, Rohan was alone, went inside and sat down, slowly the conversation started, I kept my scarf on his bed that day I was wearing a round neck dress and my throat was more severe, because of this both my drunken nipples were coming forward, tell the truth friends, if anyone’s mind gets upset, Rohan started staring at my teat and I bowed down many times. So that the whole chicks can be seen and what happened, then what was it, it melted and said Urmila, you are very hot, tell me one thing, if I was not married, I would definitely propose to you, I understood that this mother has come on the line, then I also said in a very polite way, so what happened, do it now, then Rohan said, what is the use of doing it now, now you are made for someone else, then I said Rohan, by eating mango, you mean by counting the kernels, then Rohan said Urmila ji, I did not understand, so I said first stop saying Urmila ji, speak Urmila, I did not understand what you are saying. I said what you want, then Rohan said you are very good, very beautiful, so I said that something happens even further, then said I want to kiss you, so I said, what will happen to Kish, then Rohan said First let me kiss, I said huhhh take my lips forward, Rohan peeped out and closed the door, and put his lips on my lips and started kissing, then his hand fell on my nipple and started pressing, in my pussy So itching started and the water became watery, slowly when both of us reached the bed and I took Rohan’s cock in my mouth, he started licking my pussy, he was saying in the middle that you are very hot, Urmila , aaah what a pussy, aaah what a cuckoo, oohhhhh enjoyed it, from today onwards you will not miss anything, take as much money as you want from me for pocket expenses Now you are my mistress, aaah aaah I am also yes I was saying yes, my king, since when did I want to kiss and be a mistress, but your wife Randi sister-in-law was afraid of her, but do whatever you want to do today, everyone understands that you are my brother, but from today you will Be my sister too, and I I will become a mistress, what should I tell after that, friends, Roahan put his cock on my pussy, I was surprised to see his fat cock, it was very tremendous, before that I had kissed Ramu Kaka but I did not enjoy it, said I Young and said he had not given me 60 years of fun, today I got a real cock, and he again rubbed the cock two or three times, pushed hard again on my pussy, the whole cock got into my pussy, my mouth came out ahhhhh And the mouth was left open, you are reading this story on nonveg, then what was that cry, it seemed that the cock was not the piston of any machine, at the speed of the capital. After that he kept pressing my cheeks, kept putting his tongue in my mouth, sometimes on the cheeks on the lips, sometimes on the neck, he was pushing hard by holding my bum, it was fun in the fuck of that day, For about an hour I kept kissing and he kept choking, then he fell, and both of them fell asleep holding each other, after about an hour I got up, dressed and gave a deep kiss to it and left. After that, what should I tell friends, I used to go to Chudwa every day on some pretext and Rohan’s wife came after 9 months from the village and I kept chudwat everyday, I even took her out of Delhi many times for another two to three days in the hotel. Chudwai and Gand Marwai householders used to think that they have gone to give exams. After that, I got addicted to cock, I have been chuckled by 12 men till date, if you are also interested then I am ready, moving such a cock will not work, the cock needs a pussy.

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