Brother’s Oil Massage – Younger Sister’s Story

Real Sex Story of Bhai Bahan – Friends, my name is Kavita, I am 18 years old, I am still studying in college, I have my brother, father and mother in my house. This story is from the day before yesterday. Same day my brother fuck me whole night, I started massaging brother’s curvy body and didn’t even realize when she came in his body and gave her pussy, and that too turned out to be sisterhood. I am telling the story on non-veg story dot com. It was a matter of day before yesterday, both my mother and father had gone to grandmother’s house, me and my brother Sumit were in the house, Sumit Bhaiya is 21 years old. He is a cricket player. He spends most of his time playing matches. He plays on the district label. That day, while trying to take a catch in a cricket match, he collided with another player. That’s why he had a thorn in his back. There was no mother in the house, that’s why I said brother, you can see the doctor. It is still three o’clock. Brother said no no no problem, it will be fine. You heat mustard oil and put garlic in it and massage it on my back, the pain will be relieved. I said ok and brought oil after heating. Brother opened his vest and lay down on the bed, I sat on the bed and started massaging his back. What can I tell friends, muscular body, and she was massaging the young boy like this for the first time. So my pussy started getting wet. I tried to divert my attention. Because I understood the importance of my relationship. That’s why I again started talking here and there. Brother was also saying yes in yes. After that he straightened back. Friends, you will not believe, his pajama tent was made. His big cock was erect. He was staring at my big round tits. And were staring at my lips. I felt that they are also obsessed with lust like me. After that brother said Kavita tell me one thing. Is it necessary to have a girlfriend? I said that today’s world is such that the one who does not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, has no respect among his friends. Nowadays it has become a matter of status. After that brother spoke. Tell me one thing, today I wanted to ask you one thing. You don’t tell your parents. I said I will not tell. So she said she knows sandalwood. I said which house is near Chandan Jina Mor. That tall boy. Brother said yes, that is my friend Chandan, I said yes, I understood. So brother said have you seen his sister Pushpa. I said yes, I know her very well, she is Reema’s best friend. So brother said, nowadays Pushpa is giving me the line. I was speechless. I didn’t want my brother to be in Pushpa’s affair, I said brother, you will not make any friendship with Pushpa at all. I said I know very well, she is not a good girl. She has got many things done by four boys. Friends, this thing slipped from my mind. Brother said what are you saying? Have you got it done? I said yes brother, my friend Reema keeps telling me everything about her character. She was in relation with Ravi earlier also and she got pregnant. She has abortion in Gupta Nursing Home. Brother said it was good that you saved me from the clutches of that witch, and brother hugged me. I was clinging to his chest. My nipples had come out of pressure. You know it. I was already water water. After that he started caressing my back. And then what happened friends, what should I tell. I am not ashamed at all to tell you the story of this fuck in front of you people on non-veg story dot com. Friends, he locked my lips with his lips and started sucking my lower lip. I was not able to do anything now. I felt that nothing could be better than this. And then I also started kissing my brother’s lips. The talk increased and slowly he started pressing my nipples. And then took off all my clothes, friends my boobs which are of 34 size. He started rubbing. And I was sobbing, hugging her body. Now the sound of ah ah started echoing in the room. And he made me lie down and himself being on top, spread my legs apart, I had cut all the hair of my pussy that day. That’s why my pussy was a dam clean. He said as soon as he saw it, oh what a thing you are, ohhhhh and he started licking my pussy. I started shivering, when he kept his tongue in the middle of my pussy, I used to become watery and let out hot water from my pussy. After that he came up and started licking my nipples. I had lost my senses. My eyes had turned red. The nipples of my teat had become hard. I was wondering what to do with brother’s cock, and I immediately pushed brother up and took his cock in my mouth. And started sucking. A little semen had come out of brother’s cock. I found it salty and enjoyed it a lot. And then after about five minutes of sucking. Bhaya said now let me fuck you. When I told you, when did I stop? This is your thing, whatever you do, and then he separated my both legs, and set his cock in the middle of my pussy and pushed hard, friends, the whole cock entered inside my wet pussy. I shuddered in pain, my pussy was torn. Now he started rubbing my pussy with his thick cock. And I started crying. He would sigh and thrust his thick cock into my pussy. I was moaning and he was fucking me. After about 10 minutes all my pain got over and I also started lifting my ass and getting it fucked. Then what was it that sometimes I was below, sometimes she was below, all the positions are the best of sex, mother took them today. And after about two hours of fucking, both of us got exhausted. And fell asleep holding each other. Woke up around seven in the evening. Brother again kissed my lips and caressed my nipples, and said that I am just coming from the market, will eat food from outside, brother went out. Bring food. And both of them ate food together, then my eyes fell on a packet lying on the table, I asked what is this, then he said that it is Viagra. I understood that tonight I am going to drink a lot by taking Viagra. I also became happy and then what was friends, he ate that tablet, and again he started fucking me, now he was not stopping after eating the tablet, he started fucking me just like he does in a porn movie. And then my brother fucked me repeatedly in the night, in the morning I could not even walk properly because my pussy was very swollen. But it was a lot of fun.

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