Caught Chudakkad mother red-handed, then I also fucked along

Mother daughter fuck together : Hello friends my mother is very big bitch so today I am going to tell you her story and I am also in the same story because when all this was happening. B. Mummy was getting fucked. At the same time, such an atmosphere was created that I also joined my mother and I too calmed down the heat of my pussy. This story is not very old, it is only of yesterday, so now I am clearly telling you on non-veg I also visit this website daily and read more and more sex stories everyday, so today I also got a chance to share. Friends, I, my mother and my father live in my house. And there is a driver. He lives. The driver comes to the house only occasionally, he always stays outside, but what did I know, my mother was giving her heart to the driver and then I would also fuck him. This happened friends, I also had sex with my driver along with my mother. He himself beat both of us mother and daughter. Now I will tell directly how all this happened. Friends, it was only yesterday that my father had gone to Agra for some work, I live in Noida. And I had gone to my friend’s place because it had been three to four months since I had met my friend, so I was feeling anxious, so I had gone to his place in the morning itself. Didn’t eat lunch, I had to stay till evening but I remembered work, so I had to come early. You came back home at 2:00 in the day. When I reached home the door was open I thought mummy must have gone somewhere around but as soon as I came in I heard some sound from mummy’s bedroom I thought mummy has fallen or is sick that’s why she is moaning Yes, I ran to his room, and as soon as I reached there, I was stunned, the atmosphere there was different. My mommy was naked amazing driver named Raju was also naked and mounted on top of mommy mommy wrapped her leg around Raju driver. Raju the driver was going to feed my mother. Mummy was moaning and he was being pushed hard. Raju driver’s black ass was clearly visible because he is black and mummy was fair. It looked like a bear climbed on the marble. Raju driver was pressing my mommy’s nipples hard it seemed that he was going to scratch it seemed to be pressing tightly and was pushing hard mommy’s mouth ah ah ah and her voice was coming from home The atmosphere was very strange, which means it was completely sexy. At first I saw both of them having sex for 5 minutes. Then I also came forward. When it seemed that Raju was going to fall because he was saying, Madam ji, put it, Madam ji, put it, you understood that he was talking about putting it, but mother was saying, don’t put it now, don’t put it for a long time. Now and till late last time also you put early. That’s why I came forward, seeing both of them, Raju got scared, immediately stood up, mother got up in the corner, started covering her happiness and then started wearing clothes, after that mother said, Son, today I made a mistake, don’t share this with father. It will not happen like this in future. So I said, mother, this is wrong and that too, at least look at your status with Raju. So mummy said after today it won’t happen but friends tell the truth then Raju was behaving like Raju my heart yearned for mummy then I thought that I will not leave like this I told mummy, mummy this matter even to father Will go You always keep scolding me when I call my boyfriend, you keep scolding me, think for yourself, when you have got so much fire, I must be on fire too, where should I go to put it out, you call Raju to put the fire on yourself, but Where do I go So mother said, do one thing, if you want, you can sleep with Raju today, I sit outside, you also extinguish your fire. I thought it was the right idea because no one would be able to make me happy like Mujhe Baad Mujhe Koi Chor Lega Raju. Thinking this I got ready and then mother went out and I said to Raju, come fuck me too, give me the same way as you were giving to mother loudly, I don’t have big boobs but yes you enjoy It will come very small, it is very tight and it is round in shape. To go into Raju’s hand, say that there were laddoos in both the hands. Because right now he was fucking his mistress, now he is going to fuck the daughter of the mistress, who can be more fortunate than this. I didn’t even close the door and called Raju to bed first he took off my clothes then he took off my bra then took off my panty after that he started playing with my nipples started pressing my nipples started kissing my lips started kissing my cheeks But I was not enjoying this time because I wanted direct fuck. I said that he will do all this on the next day also, but at least make me happy today as you were making your mother happy. He immediately shook his penis. And put it on my pussy, but he said, Madam, before fucking once, what should I say to you, you will not feel bad, I said, why would you feel bad, lick as much as you want to lick first. After what should I tell friends, I was licking my pussy as if it was fun, I used to put the whole tongue inside and then I used to put my finger. As soon as he used to put his finger. I used to turn into water. He licked my pussy for about five minutes only and I enjoyed it. I was moaning loudly. That’s why mummy also came inside because even she couldn’t resist listening to my sexy voice. I said to Raju, now put cock in my pussy, he set his cock on my pussy. Then mom sat next to me and started caressing my tits. That’s why Raju pushed his penis inside my pussy. The pain was not much because I had already kissed my friend wearing it. My pussy was very wet due to which the cock started going in and out easily. I trapped Raju in the middle of the legs and then put Raju’s hand on her nipples, he started rubbing and pushing hard. White colored cream started coming out of my pussy. That Raju used to lick himself every two minutes. Till then my mother would sometimes caress Raju and sometimes me. Friends, I made Raju lie down and then climbed up. Holding his cock, I myself took it in my pussy. And started sitting up loudly. That’s why Raju started drinking my mother’s teats, my mother was drinking her teats from him. Then mother sat on Raju’s mouth and Raju started licking mother’s pussy. Then I said to my mother, now take it and fuck it. Then mummy lay down and Raju started fucking mummy again. Till then I was rubbing my tits in Raju’s ass. Then fuck me, after that he went for a long time and then fell. He put all his semen on mother daughter’s mouth. We both licked his semen. Then my pussy calmed down. I am also going to tell you another sex story very soon.

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