Choti Bahan ki chudai

My name is Srikant. I am a resident of Delhi. Height is 5’8, I am also smart in appearance. It’s been 2 years since my marriage. This story is of me and my distant sister Sonia. Let me first tell about Sonia’s figure, her figure is 32-26-32. Now I come to the story. My job was in Vadodara and my wife’s job was in my hometown, so we both lived separately. I used to live alone in Baroda, I had taken the room alone so that if I get a chance to fuck, then there should be no problem of the place and I did the full of this room.. had brought 4-5 girls here and left . One day when I came home from job pay then my distant sister Sonia got a call. She said that she has got admission in Vadodara, it is 6 months course but if she doesn’t stay in hostel then she needs room to stay. I said that I live alone at home, if you do not have any problem then come to stay with me. So she said brother, my boy friend will come sometime to stay, then you will not have any problem, will it?? Moose knew her boy friend had fucked her many times. I thought that maybe Moose also gets a chance, then I said that Moose is not a problem. Put the stuff that came with it right. I lived in one bedroom and I gave it to him. His boyfriend had to go to the job the next day, so he came here only for 1 night. I knew that both of them would fuck at night, so I pretended to sleep early. At around 12 o’clock in the night, when I heard some sound from my room, I understood that the fuck had started. I slowly came to the door of her bedroom and saw through the keyhole that I was lucky that Sonia was afraid of the dark, so she kept the low light bulb on. By the time I came to see her, her foreplay was over. Seeing the naked body of my arms, I went crazy, I took out my cock there and started moving, and I thought that whatever happens, it is only Chodna. After 20 minutes her boyfriend’s water came out but Sonia’s water was not taken out, her boyfriend slept leaving her like this. I understood that he is thirsty for real cock and long fuck keto moose had shown a ray of hope. Next give her boyfriend gone. Sonia was wearing a neck and neck shirt and shorts that day. There is no problem, is it not if I wear such loose and short clothes?? Because I don’t have the habit of wearing tight clothes in the house, my socks are suffocating. In my opinion, I said that if you do not wear clothes, then more will come. Then while taking care of myself, I said you can wear anything, I don’t mind. Within a few days, we merged with A66A. After 2 weeks, he had a bad day, at that time his boy friend had some emergency, so he could not come. Sonia was looking a little sad, what happened to me, she said nothing, then on insisting more, she told that her boy friend had told her that we will have a betke party together on your badde. I told him, let’s not talk, we do a party, he said brother should do a special party?? I pu6a special means?? He said brother, let’s not drink, how does it feel to taste the food. E side ok. I called my friend and ordered a 66E whiskey from somewhere, later I brought some snacks along with secretly brought Vigra pills and condoms. She was drinking for the first time, so she got it in 2-3 glasses. She said brother, I am not enjoying it, so we started playing truth and fear. Think if you want to play any other game. He said that now we will play the same game. The first turn came towards me, then I selected the truth, he told me how many mistakes did you have before marriage? I told him that it was 8. After that his turn came. I told him that there were many boy friends till today. The turn of his came back he feared liked I gave the command to remove ur top and short. She took off the top and not the short, now she was only in bra or panty, next turn came to me, she ordered a pair of kisses. I caught him by the waist and gave him 1 cool french kiss. We were kissing for about 3 minutes after that he broke the kiss and then my turn came, he said to remove ur clots. I took off my clothes, looking at it in bra-panti, my cock, which is 7 inches from the effect of and Vigra, was already standing, she was looking at him carefully. Then I said whether to play or tie it. After that his turn came, so I told him that I could dick. It was as if she was waiting for the same thing. He said that you lie down, I lay there and was looking at him, he took my cock in his hand, he had such cool soft hands, he felt that if my brother doesn’t come out like this, then it is aa66. Then he looked at me and put his lips on my cock, slowly he took the whole cock in the mouth. What a hot mouth was his. With that, my hand started spinning on the dirt. Keeping my hand on the dirt, my cock became tighter then we came to the position of 69. Now I removed her ponytail, what a cool smooth pussy was there, not a single hair was on her. I said that your pussy is very cool, he said that for today it is yours, whatever you do. I thought today if I leave it from A66A, then I will get a chance to leave my whole life. His hissing made the mood even more excited. I slowly began to put my tongue in and out. In 10 minutes, her water came out, I drank her, then took her on the bed, put 2 fingers in her pussy and was sucking her boobs, she was taking cicarea. Never had fun..and do it louder Aahah. After a while his pussy became wet again, he said brother, he is not going now, please put your cock in my pussy. It was a lot of fun to hear these dirty dirty things from his mouth. With the future that was to be secured, I told him that whatever I say on one condition and I will ask for it whenever he wants. She was looking so thirsty, she said brother, whatever you say, I will do everything, please put a cock in my pussy. I again asked that she was so excited that she had forgotten everything, she said, brother, I will get my sister freed from you too, but please quench my thirst now. I began to rub my cock gently on her pussy. She was slowly taking siccaria.. ah ah. I was giving. I saw that the cock was still outside as much as 2 inches. I put my lips on his lips and hit it back again. I had never hit such a hot pussy till today. The pussy was a little tight, so the society went that the boy friend would not know by doing much. I kept the cock inside her pussy like this, she got relaxed after a while, now I slowly started pushing, she was also enjoying my cock by shaking her filth. I thought the whole reality has come out as a 66a chance. Doesn’t your boyfriend leave him much as soon as I leave it. Till no boy friend has quenched your thirst? That quote took 5 people, but no one had as much fun as your cock, after hearing this, he started pushing hard, after 25 minutes his water came out. I still did not get water. Lie down, she came on top of me, she set the pussy on the cock, then she started U66. After 15 minutes his water came out again, Moose felt that I was going to remove it too, so I said come on doggy style now. She came in the same position on the bed, I slowly started walking by placing my hand on her dirt. I thought that I was going to kill his dirt, then she said brother, don’t kill the dirt today, I have not killed the dirt till today. After no other then I put a cock in his pussy. I started pushing hard. She was being done aaahah, I said what a hot pussy is yours, now I have become a bahnchod, I will leave Ratko today, he said aaha, my sister-in-law, brother, if you had known this earlier, you would not have gone to anyone else. …..and leave it loud brother…..aaaaaaaaaaaah. After 20 minutes I was going to take out my water, so where did I get the pu6a?? He said brother, today I will eat e-pill in your juice, if I leave it in my pussy, later.. I increased the speed of my water in 5 minutes. Pussy filled. He took out my cock from his pussy and then took it in his mouth and did it. I left him 3 more times that night. After a few days, when I was my friend, I also beat him. I left him almost daily for 6 months. While having sex, he asked him a secret question, he also told me that his mother is having an affair with my friend’s father and when papa is home When he is not there, then he comes at night and leaves his mother frozen. His mother is also cool, I told him that by doing some juggling of mine, then he said that sister’s day is coming in that day, you will give your sister’s pussy. Later I will do something for my mother. How I left her sister and mother, she will tell in another story.

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