Chudai ki kahani diwali me, Deepawali sex story in hindi

Hello friends, Happy Diwali to all of you, today I am going to tell you the story of my neighbor’s chudai, this story is completely new and fresh, so thought I would share this chudai story with you guys. Because on the day of Diwali also you guys have come to non-veg story by taking out time. When I read your stories, I also have a duty to share my story with you too. I study in Delhi, I am 22 years old, I am very beautiful, I love to stare at girls or sister-in-law It seems, but till date I have never kissed, never got a chance, but today I have opened the door of my luck. I was getting bored alone in the room today, when someone knocked on the door and saw Bali sister-in-law in front, then she said brother, if you are free, will you put a light in my balcony, you will know that it does not happen. (About my husband) I have gone abroad for company work, I am alone, so I do not know how to install lights, I brought light from the market. I said yes, why not, I put it, and I am in their flat I went, my door and their door is in front, Hi, my neighbor’s name is Soni, amazing beautiful, big butt, wide ass, stomach like a jug, fair, red red lips, long hair, looks very beautiful Yes, ever since I saw Soni, I have blown my hands in her memory, then I started putting lights on her, at that time she was wearing a nightie, she was not wearing a bra, because of this her nipples were shaking, her The hair was open, repeatedly she was doing her long hair after jerking, it was like doom. started doing it, so did my sister-in-law Started bragging, I said sister-in-law, brother left you in this Diwali, don’t let them go, either you go with them because a person can get everything again and again, he does not get youth, said sister-in-law Yes, I agree with this thing, do as much fun as you want, then you will not get a chance, sister-in-law then said, but how have you realized all this, you are not even married, so I said after thinking about the experience of many things It happens. What do you say, sister-in-law, let’s understand that I am your girl friend, you talk to me, I said how are you dear, if you do not see tomorrow, then sister-in-law said, shut up, I am not such a girl, so I Where are you then, sister-in-law said, I am a simple Indian girl, who is only for my husband, I said oh dear, try it once and see, then sister-in-law said what is special in you, I said this I will know only after trying, I will keep you very happy, sister-in-law became silent, I said what is the matter, sister-in-law felt bad, so sister-in-law did not speak, just like this, I also wanted someone in my life to keep me happy My husband doesn’t love me, I don’t lack anything, it’s just love. My husband is in love with some other woman, he lives with her in the festival, today he must be celebrating in some hotel. And started crying, I went near them and said, crying will not work, be happy sister-in-law, what you have to do for this, it will not work, life is too short, that’s why a person should keep it, and I put his head on my head. I leaned on my shoulder, and began to comfort me while stroking my back, then she also held me. In my arms was a young woman with her nipples sticking out of my sign, for the first time I had found a woman so close, then what When we both started kissing each other, I didn’t know, my heartbeat got faster, and both of us lay on the bed, I started pressing their nipples and their mouths started coming out, then she said hey leave And she stood up, I said annihilation, I said what happened sister-in-law, I will not tell anyone, don’t you worry Eat sweets, it is said sweets in Diwali, I said you feed me yourself, she started feeding rasgulla, I ate one and I gave one in her mouth, and I went to her lips and said my love. Give the sagulla back to me, then he took it out of his mouth and stuck it in the lip, I cut his lip in half, then started kissing his lip, once again we both started kissing each other, and then went to the bed. Opened the night, and then began to rub the pussy, she was doing ah aah ah ah now, I came down and saw that there was a crack in the middle of the black hair in the middle of the thighs, I put the finger, the sister-in-law jumped, I immediately with both the fingers Chir Ke Dekha Lal Lal Bur appeared for the first time, you are reading this story on nonveg There is no rasgulla, I thought then put rasgulla and see it, I put rasgulla inside the bur and started licking the rasgulla, sister-in-law said be very mischievous, I said you made me today, then I Putting rasgulla in the burr and she went on feeding, my cock was standing, then sister-in-law said, give me ice cream too, I gave my fat black cock in her mouth, she started sucking, I felt strange I was shivering, then she pushed me down and separated both the legs. I put my cock on her pussy and pushed, the whole cock was absorbed in her burrow. was going out and I was going to fuck, she was also picking up her ass and I was going to fuck, then what was it, for about an hour, both of us satisfied each other, it was evening, then both of us were going to fuck And got up to kiss, then put a string, and then I came with firecrackers and fired firecrackers till twelve o’clock in the night, then kissed, went to their house around 5 o’clock, slept holding each other, got up again at about twelve o’clock in the day I came to my flat and after taking a bath I am sharing this story with you, writing the story, I got a phone call twice that tonight both will go out to eat food and enjoy again today because maybe tomorrow my husband Will come, how do you like this story of mine, please rate it, and if I kiss someone else, I will definitely share it on,

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