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Below story ignites the passion for threesome and couple swapping sex story. only genuine and interested people contact. I am Pradipta from Bhubaneswar, Orrisa, and a new comer to this page. Now -a -day I regularly read the stories published in this site specially the storied based on “ wife sharing, wife watching and wife swapping” with my wife Sarita as we both have such experiences and we like this type of stories very much.After reading other couple’s such sex experiences in ISS, particularly a couple of Orrisa who writes in this page regularly their experiences, we have decided to share our experiences with other viewers so that they will also be benefited by it and enjoy our true story. There are many husbands here who know that their wives behaved as a slut when it comes to sex. Is not it? Read our experience and think if the situation is same with you.Couple swapping sex story – Fucking Friend’s hot wifeSome people think that, when you have married since ten years or more, your sex life slows down. Well, that was certainly not the case with Sarita and me. My wife has always been an outrageous flirt and on many occasions I caught her flirting with my friends. She was 5’3” tall and 50 kg with a perfect 36C breasts and solid hips and beautiful brown hair that ran up to her plump ass with nice figure and sweet face. Even at this age 35 she looked hardly 25 and fresh. She always wore bright colored saris and the way she wore them!She always took care to show her fleshy belly protruding out sexily and the deep belly button that invited all the males and few females too. And the sari is tightly wound around her hips and chest so that her assets looked prominent. I am 5′ 6″ 65 kg and fairly slim. Our friends call us the “beautiful couple”. And she is very aggressive in bed and wants me to call her names like whore, slut when we fuck and invariably she comes with that. So you must have guessed what type of wife she is.We had discussed about fucking with other men but she was contented with her exhibitionism and did not want any complications in our married life. How can Indian wives specially a woman from our conservative state Orrisa does that? They have the fear complex and fear about Society and culture!Couple swapping sex story – Noor, the neighbor’s wifeOne of my best friends was in my mind. Rajan was my best friend and we knew each other for years. The most attractive thing about him was his cock. It was about 7 inches long and thick too. I knew Sarita fantasized big cocks during our lovemaking and when I told her about this she hesitated at first but was convinced when I told her that I wanted to watch her fucking Rajan. She agreed but showed no real interest in it.Once I had decided to invite Rajan over to my residence in a Sunday evening when our children were with their grand parents and briefed him about the situation. He too was reluctant in the beginning but when I told him that my wife wants his big 7-inch boner in her cunt, he agreed. I had to tell him, “She’s still a little tramp in the bed. She’ll do just about anything, man. I fucked her for about an hour last night and I reckon she must have had at least three big orgasms in that time! When I thought I was finally about to get some sleep, she started begging me to do her in the ass! So just imagine how sexy she is. She is real bitch when it comes to sex.”That was sufficient for Rajan to agree. So when he knocked our door in that evening we were ready to welcome him. We all sat in the hall and shared snacks and coffee. We exchanged small talk here and there. Half an hour had passed before Sarita spoke. I had been watching her since Rajan had arrived. She was finding it difficult to hide her excitement and her face was flushed with the idea. I think she was restless as things were not moving fast and it was difficult for her to hide her feeling anymore.“Well come on,” she finally said, rising from her arm chair, “We all know why we’re here, so how about we get something going? Why the silence?” she looked directly at Rajan, “I’d love to see your cock that my husband has told me so much about!”Couple swapping sex story – Getting lucky in a BusRajan was taken aback at her request but I told him it’s all right to oblige her.He quickly unzipped his fly and hauled out his big dick. I watched Sarita’s eyes light up as they fell to my friend’s cock. She licked her lips and immediately fell to her knees in front of him. Her long slender fingers wrapped seductively around his hard shaft as she began to play with his cock and balls. Rajan sighed deeply as my wife began to work his foreskin up and over his large bulbous cock head. Tickling his balls briefly and grasping the shaft, she parted her red lipstick coated lips and, forming an “O”, she took the cock head into her hot, wet mouth. As she began to suck hungrily on his dick, I started to abuse her.“Suck him you dirty whore” I cried as I massaged my own solid erection through my pants. “Take his big cock in your hot filthy mouth. Feel the size of him. Go on, lick the shaft and roll your tongue around his cock head like a slut does!”My wife was sucking on Rajan’s cock for all she was worth. She was kneeling in front of him with her ass in the air. The sight was too much for me and I quickly joined her on the floor, kneeling at her swaying bottom. Rajan was moaning and groaning deeply as I lifted Sarita’s gown and flipped it onto her back. She did not wear any panties and so the creamy flesh of her buttocks was in view. I pulled the single string that ran between her cheeks to one side and deftly thrust two fingers deep into her pussy. She was soaking wet down there and my fingers slipped in and out with ease as I began to finger fuck her hard and fast.The harder I fingered her wet, cunt, the deeper she swallowed Rajan’s big cock. I wanted to see what was happening and, looking over my wife’s back, I was just in time to see my friend’s penis disappear right down to the balls in Sarita’s throat. She gagged slightly as Rajan began to cum, but then adjusted the angle of her head slightly and allowed his come to pour into her sweet, hot mouth. Rajan had his eyes tight shut as he climaxed, but I could clearly see the obscene outline of his huge organ as it jammed inside my wife’s mouth. As Sarita slid back to allow his still hard cock to drop from her lips, her lipstick glistened with his seed and I could see some of the residual come drip onto her chin.Couple swapping sex story – I got a chance to fuck my AuntySarita was still gasping loudly as I thrust my fingers in and out of her wet snatch. Rajan joined me in helping her to lie down on her back and then assisted me in removing her clothes. The gown was first. I quickly unbuttoned it and Rajan pulled it from her head. Then came her Bra. We took one side each and tore it apart; the hooks popping as Sarita squealed her encouragement at us. Rajan and I knelt back to admire the naked woman on the floor between us, cum still streaking her lips, Sarita did indeed look like a complete slut and both Rajan and I told her so. Hearing our words, she wriggled her butt on the carpet and kissed at us. She looked desperate for more attention and we were both pleased to provide it!Rajan was our guest so I decided that he should go first. I was amazed that his cock was still hard and it still throbbed out from his body, slapping against his belly. My own erection was painfully hard as well and I unzipped and released myself quickly. While my friend positioned himself between my wife’s outstretched legs and prepared to enter her, I began to roll my hard cock around Sarita’s stiff left nipple. Rajan and I were still calling Sarita all the names under the sun, telling her she was a dirty little bitch, a slut and a whore. She lapped up the insults, her breathing coming in short gasps, and as Rajan eased his huge length into her open pussy, she screamed out in the throes of orgasm. It seemed to take ages for her climax to finish, helped along by me pinching and tugging on the hard buds of her nipples. Gasping for air, Rajan finally pulled out of her and sat back breathing hard.“Wow!” he exclaimed, “Sarita, you sure are a great fuck! Only the nastiest sluts can take my meat so well.”“You better believe she’s a hot bitch,” I said, not giving Sarita a chance to reply for herself. “And she’s not finished yet! She’s still got me to cum yet!”Couple swapping sex story – My Wife’s Secret LifeReplacing Rajan between her spread legs, I looked down at my wife’s vagina. The hole was open and dilated, thick white cum seeping from the inside and dripping down to splash on the floor under her. My dream had come true, and I wanted to celebrate this occasion by sticking my cock deep into her pussy with the thick come recently deposited by my friend. His large organ had left her so open and wide that I hardly felt myself touch the sides of her cunt. I could hear a purring noise as my own cock slid inside her. As I began to ram my cock into Sarita’s pussy, I watched my slut turn her head sideways and lick Rajan’s soft cock clean of their combined juices. I squeezed her buttocks together as I fucked her harder and harder, my cock flying in and out at a lightening speed. I kept watching as she hungrily lapped all the fluid from my friend’s cock, the sight bringing me closer and closer to my own climax.Just as I thought I was about to pass out from the excitement, my balls and cock twitched and I shot a huge load of come into my wife’s pussy. I wanted the tramp to see it happen, so pulling out quickly I joined Rajan at her head and ran my greasy, spasming cock over her face and lips. She took it all with eager excitement and once again her whole body shuddered into another crashing orgasm.Since that time, Rajan has become a regular visitor to our house and we all share the charms of our slut Sarita. There after we had many more sessions together and we even fucked my wife together, he in her cunt and me in her ass Whenever she and I run out of new ideas, Rajan usually manages to think up something for us all to do. This weekend we are taking her to the shopping complex. Rajan has insisted that she shaves her pussy and puts on no underwear. Let’s see what happens.Now we are happy couple! Rajan is with us still today!