Cousin Ki Chudai Story Hindi Bhai Bahan Sex Story

Hindi Bhai Bahan Sex Story : Yes friends, as you have read, this is my true story. I had fucked my four cousins. Today I will tell you my complete story, how I was Choda and how I had fun. This story is from my village. Nowadays I live in Mumbai but today I felt like telling you the story of my true sex. I was young at that time but not too young to understand sex. My four sisters were also intelligent. The idea of ​​such a fuck was of those people, I was only about to fuck. But no one else gets such luck. Maybe all four of me had a chubby sister-in-law, she had this idea to have fun and she started enjoying it. It was winter, it was evening. Our family members and their family members all went to a wedding ceremony. We five siblings were at home. We were playing hide and seek game in the evening. Then it was planned that Raju would find everyone and whoever he found, he would fuck for two minutes. And had to hide in a pile of straw, because the barn was behind the house, the paddy crop had been harvested and there was a huge pile of straw. It had become dark. The game has started. At first we thought that we don’t have to kiss in the first place, we just have to press the nipples. It was the rule of the game. I looked back and counted from one to ten and looked back and saw no one. Chhota Sa Pyaar Sa Lauda was getting tickled. There was a new feeling that pressing the teat was not of one but of four wood. There was curiosity in my mind, earlier I used to think when I was very young that when the nipples are pressed, it makes a sound. Like Bhopu, there was a little fear that the chitchi might not ring. Turning back there was no sound called by name, only Kuhu’s voice came, I ran towards Kuhu. She was hiding behind the straw, I touched Kuhu and then according to the game, she started pressing the teats, she was sitting quietly, the size of the lemon-sized chicks, my lauda was buzzing. After two minutes, he left her again and then went out to find another, but Rashmi was found, she was sitting in the middle, I found her and started pressing the nipples. She was swearing a little and was saying don’t speak to anyone. Even after that, she found Pooja, her nipples were big, she pressed her teat with great pleasure. And in the straw itself, she climbed on top of me. Ohhh what to tell friends, I am also laughing and enjoying this story while posting this story on non-veg story. After that it was too dark. After that there was the second level of the game. Now it was time to hide again that whatever you get, she will go home and have to be inserted in the pussy only once. Do not move up or down, otherwise semen may fall. The game started, now I got Babli Didi, before I was ready to open those nada underpants. I caressed the pussy and then took out my lauda and tried to enter it like that, whether it hurts or not, I was starting to feel pain, even then somehow I started inserting the lauda in his pussy and became successful, then pressed the nipple and lips too Kiss. After that she got up with a jerk and said I am leaving. She left. Then Kuhu’s turn took her paint down and then started kissing, her pussy was tight enough, it was not going. But tried and was able to put only a little, then Rashmi was inserted into her pussy at once, then on the fourth turn, she took off all the clothes comfortably, till then all three of them had gone. I started putting my cock in her pussy, she was also enjoying a lot because now both of us were there. I started pressing her nipples, she also started kissing me and then put my lauda on her clean pussy but started pounding hard. I was having a lot of fun. She was also saying I love you and so on. You are reading this story on nonveg After that my lad started having severe pain, I took out my lode and said now I should walk. She stood up and put on her clothes. We both went home, don’t tell that road to anyone. After reaching home, he immediately went to the washroom and checked his lauda. I don’t know whether blood is coming out of the pussy of those charred or not, but blood was definitely coming out of my lode. Because the cap had been opened to the cock. But whatever it was or was very funny, even today I remember that day, I enjoy it. After that, I chuda many times, then all four of them started to kiss me, but yes, I used to use condoms. So how did you like this sex story from my Hindi, you must tell. And yes I am going to write another story soon on nonveg

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