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My dear friends, today I have a big hot sex story for you which is about my cousin. Today I will tell you that how I fucked my cousin sister and made her a scoundrel. My name is Alok and I am 18 years old. My lauda is 7.5 inches. My cousin’s name is Ragini. I used to watch sexy clips and sex videos on mobile phone from my school time, but I never paid attention to my cousin, but one day when I saw her youth in bra and panty, my mind He started to kiss her. Today I am sharing my experience with you on non-veg I hope you enjoy it a lot. Me and my sister used to live alone in a house, I study in school and she studies in college in the adjacent city. It is a matter of one day that my sister had gone to take a bath and at that time I was watching porn as usual, on my mobile phone, only then a voice came from the bathroom, Alok, give me my towel and clothes. I went and took towel and sister’s bra-panties and went to give it to Didi, while giving clothes I saw half-boobs of Didi but I ignored her, then after I started going to your room, only Didi was coming out from behind, she towel was wrapped. But as soon as she came out, I got stuck in her towel door and got out of the towel, I looked back and looked back, sister was only standing in bra-panties, at that time I saw my sister in the hottest way and just at that time Since then I fell in love with my sister, after that situation, that night I just kept looking at my sister and caressed your lauda. The second day when my sister left for college and I was alone at home, I went to my sister’s night. Wearing clothes came out and I started smelling my sister’s bra-panties and after I put her panty on your cock and started dying my fist and put all your goods in the panty and it was my routine that I am in sister’s panty. The handle used to die every day the panty was spoiled due to the death of the fist and because of this my sister started doubting me.. After having dinner one night, Didi told me that Alok, I have to talk to you very important and then she asked me to talk to you. I saw the panty and said that where did these stains on my panty come from, then I got a little nervous and said that I do not know but didi said, I know from where these stains can come, I did not say anything. So didi said tell the truth, do you die in my panty?? So now I have said that yes, I clench your panties because I love you and want to have sex with you. Hearing this, my sister got blown away and she started getting angry. But I decided that tonight I will make my girl friend by fucking Didi and I told didi that you either let me fuck you today or I will forcefully fuck you, then didi said that I am your sister, this state is ours. Couldn’t be in between, but I was not going to listen to anything, so I directly pressed Didi on the wall and sucked on her. Didi started pushing me away, but I did not stop and kissed and started pressing the sexy boobs of Didi, then didi started crying. So I said, whatever happens today, I will make you a scoundrel and then I will throw her on the bed and first I myself came off the clothes and then forcibly started taking off the clothes of the sister too and kissing her, she started crying and seeing both of us. Naked, but she looked a little differently. She was not helping me. Then I asked Didi whether you will do it together or I do it by force, then didi said that now if it is your wish that you want to make me a scoundrel, then fuck me and make me a scoundrel, there is no other way left for me, listen to this. As I reached heaven and stuck my lips on Didi’s lips and now both of us started sucking each other’s tongue and kept doing it for 15 minutes now I put my cock in her mouth, that suck made me very happy It was after 20 meters that I fell in his face, he drank all my goods. Now again I started kissing her and sucking her boobs too, for a while, my cock stood up again. And the clean pussy was licked and your tongue also started putting your pussy in the pussy. Didi also started enjoying that too aaaah. Aaaah. After sighing, the hiss started pouring in, now I put my land on his pussy and started pushing hard, Pele my land went up to half, then slowly the whole land entered Didi’s virgin pussy was attacked by a cock for the first time. She was screaming in pain and aaaah. Aaaah. Faq. Puff mummy. Amma started talking and I kept on fucking her, then I fell in her pussy after about 30 meters. Now the time has come to tear the ass of which I had become crazy, I again put your land in Didi’s mouth and it sucked and my land stood up again, I said, “Aaja randi today your ass ko I burst.”, then didi came in doggy style and I put my mouth on her naked and virgin ass and started enjoying it. ahhh. Then I put my fat cock on his ass and it got rubbed… Then I spit on his pine and with a single stroke I inserted my full 7.5” cock, she screamed in pain. Aaah. Aaah. But I didn’t stop and started hitting the whole room I just aaahah. Aaah. Fc. Fc. The voices began to reverberate, as we both got the happiness of heaven, then I started banging on my max speed and then after 20 meters I fell in his ass. We both were very tired, both of us were lying on the bed kissing each other and then I kissed Didi 5 times that night and made it completely yours, now we fuck each other almost everyday and our lust is fulfilled. do, hot desi indian story in hindi about my chacheri bahan sex, cousin sis sex, bahan ki chudai ki story, sex with my cousin sister, chacha ki ladki ki chudai, sex with my sis. please visit daily for very hot sexy story in hindi at nonveg story dot com

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