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Devar Bhabhi Sex Story: Hello friends, Anita welcomes all of you very much to Nonveg Story dot com. I have been its regular reader for the last many years and not a single night goes by when I do not read its sexy stories. Today I was telling you my story. Hope you will like it very much. Friends, I got married in a nice house in Banaras. My husband was a government doctor and used to work in a government hospital in Banaras. I had just been married for 6 months. My husband loved me very much. My mother-in-law, father-in-law and a brother-in-law Sanjay were in the house. He was very sweet and always took care of me. He also wanted to become a doctor and was currently preparing for NEET. I was very happy in my in-laws house. One day suddenly Sanjay called me. “Bhabhi Bhaiya ka accident ho gaya hai. Come to the hospital quickly” Sanjay said friendship, I started feeling dizzy after hearing this. I quickly went to the hospital but by then my husband had died. I fainted. After the death of my husband, I became completely dead. Now there was darkness everywhere in my life. I used to cry whole day. Did not eat food. I was in depression. In this way 4 months passed. My father and mother had come to my in-laws house. My mother-in-law, father-in-law and father-in-law decided that I should now sit on my brother-in-law Sanjay. Now I should be married to my brother-in-law. “Daughter!! Alone you cannot spend such a long life. Now you have to marry your brother-in-law.” My mother said, “Mummy! Do whatever suits you” I said. After that I was married to my brother-in-law Sanjay. This program was done in a simple ceremony. Because I was a widow now. That’s why there was no occasion for much happiness. Pandit got me and Sanjay married. Then after taking 7 rounds of fire, we became husband and wife. After marriage, both of us had come to our room to celebrate the honeymoon. Now my brother-in-law Sanjay was my new husband. I was wearing a nice red saree. I came into the room and sat on one side of the bed. I was repeatedly looking at Sanjay with oblique eyes. He changed clothes and put on kurta pyjama. He also sat on one side of the bed. He was very shy. I was now looking at my new husband Sanjay with slanting eyes and was thinking what a game of luck. The brother-in-law with whom I used to laugh and joke, today he has become my husband God. Sanjay started looking at me. He gently held my hand. I got scared and started trembling. I knew that now he will fuck me. “Sister-in-law, if you don’t feel like celebrating your honeymoon today, then it doesn’t matter. I will not force anything. You are my sister-in-law first and then my wife!!” Sanjay spoke and lay down facing the other way. I was silent and thinking about my life. Now I was feeling that Sanjay is not a bad boy. Slowly I became normal. Friends, my mother-in-law had kept a glass of milk and sweets in my room. “Sanjay!!” I called him. He mouthed me like “What is sister-in-law???” He said, “Not sister-in-law, now call me Anita!!” Sanjay sat down after I said. I fed him milk with my hands. Then we started making love. Sanjay removed my pallu from my head. Then he took me in his arms. We both started kissing. Sanjay quickly started sucking my lips. In no time both of us got fucked. “Anita, come on, take off your clothes quickly” Sanjay said. Then he started taking off his clothes and I mine. I started opening my saree. Then removed the blouse and petticoat as well. Then I also took off my bra and panty. Friends, I was a very fair and beautiful girl. My body was very fair, full and curvy. My figure was amazing. I looked very sexy and hot material. My figure was 36, 30, 34. Slim and perfect fit. My boobs were big and round at 36″. I got completely naked and came back and sat on the bed. Sanjay also came naked to me. His cock was still dry and was not erect. Sanjay made me lie on the bed. Then started kissing after filling his arms. We both got hot in no time and were kissing each other. Sanjay hugged me and was kissing me everywhere. He had showered kisses on my hands, feet, waist, stomach, neck, cheeks, forehead everywhere. Sanjay was touching and caressing my legs, thighs, and buttocks with his hands. I was feeling fine. I let my hair down which made me look more sexy. Then Sanjay caught hold of my mother and started caressing her by the hand. He lay on top of me and started sucking my juicy and sexy lips. Then we both hugged each other and for 15-20 minutes both of us clung to each other and kept enjoying. Sanjay hugged me and started rolling on the bed. Both of us were taking round and round and having fun. Sometimes Sanjay gets down, sometimes I. “Sister-in-law, please give me milk.” Sanjay said, “Shshsh, now I am not your sister-in-law, I am your wife. Please call me as Anita” I said in a complaint way” No sister-in-law!! You will always be sister-in-law for me because sister-in-law is more sexy and sexier than wife” Sanjay laughed and said “Ok???” I said and I also started laughing then Sanjay opened my hands and caught my mango in his hand and started pressing it. Without delay, Sanjay took my mother in his hand and started checking her size. My milk was very beautiful, the breasts were full, shapely and round, as if the one above had made a girl like me, like me, sitting with such ease. My fair breasts were proudly stretched. On the top of the chest, there were big red circles like pomegranates around my nipples, in which I was looking very sexy. Sanjay’s eyes fixed on me. Rapidly he took control of my juicy nipples and caught both the moms with both hands and started pressing and rubbing fast. I started crying loudly. Sanjay started pressing my milk like a horn. I was having a lot of fun too. Then he started drinking my milk by lying down in his mouth. I yearned It was like I had found heaven.’Sister-in-law!! You are such a strong material that the man who sees you once, his dick will stand up immediately and he will accept you only after fucking’ said Sanjay. I liked what he said. He again lay down on me and started drinking my pointy very small tits by licking and licking my mouth. He turned out to be very mischievous. He was biting my pointed breasts with his teeth and was drinking. I was in pain, excited and having fun. ‘Sanjay!…Please suck my coconut with ease!! Suck it easy!!’ I said. But there was no effect on him. He was in his tune. He was drinking loudly my white Kadli-like teats, biting them loudly with his teeth. He had become very cuddly. Had he had his way, he would have eaten my breasts. He was pressing hard on my juicy breasts and moving his tongue on the nipples and was drinking. Friends, this game went on for a long time. Sanjay gave his cock in my hand. “Bhabhi chuso na please” he said pleading like a small child. Hi grandpa!! What a big dick he had. was 9 inches. I was scared when I took it in my hand. I was scared that how such a big cock would go inside my pussy. Then I quickly started licking his cock. Sanjay’s cock was erect in no time. He was looking very sexy cock. Like a donkey’s cock. I quickly started whipping her up and down. Sanjay was also enjoying a lot. He was making the sound of ah ah. I started licking his cock more quickly. Then taking it in my mouth I started sucking. My hair used to fall down again and again. Again and again I had to move the hair behind the ear. Sanjay’s cock was very juicy. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it quickly. Sanjay started caressing my pussy. Slowly I was getting warm. Then I stuffed his cock inside the throat. For a long time I did not take out the cock. Then after a few minutes I took out his cock. He liked this act of mine very much. Then I quickly started sucking Sanjay’s cock with hard work and was beating it by hand. My hand was not taking the name of stopping. Round round I was beating Sanjay’s thick cock with my hand. He was suffering. He was feeling very sensual. He was feeling very sexy. Sanjay’s cock was so long that it was not coming in my hand. Looked like a fat cucumber. I was sucking fat quickly. His semen was smeared in my mouth and sticky material was coming out like a string. I was sucking his cock like a prostitute with hard work. Now his cock had become more swollen and bigger. I was afraid that his cock might tear my pussy. Sanjay came on my pussy and he opened my beautiful legs. I blushed ‘Sister in law! Your pussy is very beautiful. I have killed many pussy but your pussy is the most beautiful ‘ Sanjay said. I am proud to hear this. Someone praised my pussy. Friends, every morning when I used to take bath, I used to see my pussy. She used to bathe him by rubbing excrement with soap. So she was very clean and smooth and looked very beautiful. He kept gazing at my pink pussy for a long time. Then started drinking my pussy. Touching his lips, he started drinking my pussy. I started sobbing. Friends, most of the women’s pussy is sunken inside, but my pussy was very big and it was emerging outside. My pussy was pink like a bloated mouth. Sanjay’s tongue was licking my pussy with pleasure. I was feeling very excited. I was pressing my own nipples forcefully with my hands. It would not be wrong to say that I was also enjoying a lot today. Along with this, he put the middle finger of his hand in my pussy and started taking it out. “Aau….Aau…..hmmmmm ahhhhhh….cc c c c.. ha ha ha..” I started shouting loudly. What should I do friends, my pussy was getting strange sensations. Sanjay quickly started beating me with his middle finger. I started lifting my waist and stomach. My throat was getting dry again and again. It was a strange situation. There was a sensation in my body and mind. Sanjay’s finger on one side, and his tongue and lips on the other. Today it was not only difficult but impossible for me to survive. Don’t know what fun Sanjay was getting in drinking my pussy, I could not understand. His tongue was playing with the softest and most sensitive part of my body. It was a strange and different feeling. He used to grab the grain of my pussy with his teeth and used to pull it like above. I was going crazy. “Pleasesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssing me now fuck me or else I will die!!” I said brother-in-law made me husband, now Sanjay was ready to fuck me. Then Sanjay set his big dick on my bosom and pushed it hard inside. His cock entered my pussy like a missile. Friends, my first husband’s penis was smaller than Sanjay’s. He could not give me as much pleasure by fucking as Sanjay was giving today. Today I was openly celebrating honeymoon with my brother-in-law. I was fucking Sanjay by lifting both legs. He started fucking me hup hup. I started sobbing “Aaaaaahhhh….eeeeeeee…ohhhhhhh…….ai..mummy….” It is a bit more fun to eat fat cock. Because this makes the pussy tickle well. The thick dick in the walls of the pussy creates more rubbing and more friction, which gives extreme pleasure. In this way today I started getting fucked by Sanjay with pleasure. I was lying straight and spreading both legs and getting fucked. Then suddenly he started pushing so hard that I thought the ground would slide. There was a banging noise in my room. “…..Ai…Ai….Ai……Ai….Isssssssss……Uhhhhhh…..Ohhhhhhh….Fuck dodo…. She was pleading like crazy. It was the sweet noise of my fucking and deep thumping. Today my house became sacred by this sound. My pussy survived bursting. Then that young boy fell in my cunt. After 10 minutes he got hot again and he put 2 thick pillow under my ass. Then he applied oil in my ass and also smeared oil in the cock. Then Sanjay set his 9” thick cock on my ass and pushed it inside. Then he started fucking my ass quickly. I was in a lot of pain but I was enjoying a lot. Sanjay was fucking my ass in full enthusiasm. She was getting tight like a virgin girl. Friends, my husband did not beat my ass. After some time I was drowned in bliss. I was feeling very sexy. Sanjay had enlarged the hole by fucking my ass. Then he left the goods in my ass. On my honeymoon, brother-in-law-turned-husband Sanjay fucked my pussy 3 times and ass 2 times. When I woke up in the morning, my body was breaking. There was pain in the whole body. But I had a lot of fun in the night. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com.

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