Didi’s brother-in-law got rid of fear of sex

Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to Nonveg Story dot com. I have been its regular reader for the last many years and not a single night goes by when I do not read its sexy stories. Today I was telling you my story. Hope you like it very much. My name is Antika. I am a resident of Delhi (Bawana). I am living with my sister in her in-laws house. I am 22 years old beautiful girl. I am very beautiful to look at. Seeing my beauty, good people’s cocks stand erect. My breast size is more than 36″. My nipples are very juicy and round. I love wearing shirt pants. I’ve always wanted to look like the boys. My family members are also very independent and I always live in shirt pant and jeans top. My pussy was completely virgin till now. It was very juicy and beautiful. Many boys in my neighborhood wanted to fuck me. But I refused. I don’t know why I was so scared of sex. My friends used to openly talk about sex. Rose used to tell me how she got fucked by her boyfriends but Ram knows why I used to get scared. Maybe I thought of it as a bad thing. My sister’s brother-in-law Anirudh was a very nice boy. Slowly I started talking to him a lot. My college was very close to sister’s house, so brother-in-law said that I should stay in his house. Friends, my brother-in-law is very good. Takes great care of me. Anirudh always used to joke with me. He was also of my age. Maybe he was 20 years old and he was 2 years younger than me. I looked like his sister-in-law’s sister in the relationship. That’s why he used to make fun of me a lot. One day the lights went off in the house at night and when I was going to look for matchsticks, I bumped into Anirudh in the dark. His hands touched my 36″ milk and my breasts suddenly got pressed by his hands. Then after some time the light came on. When I saw in front, it was Anirudh. “Antika!! I am very sorry!! I couldn’t see you in the dark” He said “It’s ok!! I said then we both went to the terrace. We began to talk. Anirudh was looking at me with different eyes. I also started liking him in today’s encounter. A pleasant breeze was blowing on the terrace. Now it was late night and due to heat we both came on terrace. “Have you ever had sex” suddenly Anirudh asked me. I got scared and started shivering. I was very scared of sex. Ever since I was 12 years old, I was very scared of the name Chudai. I started trembling again after listening to him. “What happened to you?? why are you shivering?? And why did you sweat on your forehead?? Anirudh started asking “I have sex phobia” I said and explained to me that my sister also fucks brother-in-law every night. Nothing happens to them. All this is the reason of my mind. Then Anirudh caught hold of me and started kissing me. You don’t need to be afraid. Sex is not a bad thing. Don’t take it as a joke. This is a simple thing which is necessary for a human being. Didi’s brother-in-law made me understand in every way. Then he grabbed me by the hand and started hugging me. Slowly he started kissing me. He started stroking my 36” milk. When he started putting his hand on my round big ball like teat, I was like “ohh ma….ohh ma… u u u u u…… aaaa aaaa….” Started doing Slowly, Didi’s brother-in-law Anirudh started loving me. He wrapped his arms around me and placed his lips on mine. We started kissing. After a while I got warm. Now I was feeling like kissing. “Antika!! When will you give pussy??” Anirudh started asking “No!! You just kiss me and squeeze my milk. I will not be able to fuck. I am scared” I said. He explained a lot to me but I refused to give him pussy. Then he agreed to drink my teat. I took off my top and opened my bra. Didi’s brother-in-law started rubbing my 36″‘s fabulously tanned mommy with his hands. Then took it in his mouth and started sucking it. He sucked a lot. Friends, my boobs were looking very beautiful. They were absolutely tight and tight. Anirudh was sucking it in his mouth as if I was his wife. He was enjoying by pressing my tight and taut nipples with his tight hand. I was like “Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…ahhhhh…Aye..Aye. She was making loud noises of .ai… u u u u u u…”. The best thing was that there was no one on the roof of our house. Otherwise, if someone would have seen us, there would have been a problem. In this way, I started meeting my sister’s brother-in-law Anirudh every night on the terrace. He would have taken off my jeans slowly. Then sitting on his knees on the ground for hours and hours drank my pussy. I always used to feed her pussy while standing. He used to suck a lot with his tongue. Tried to put tongue inside my virgin pussy but my pussy was still completely sealed. I was a virgin and had not been fucked even once. The lock of my pussy was not broken yet. Anirudh would make me stand against the wall and open my legs. Then sitting on the ground, he would gaze at my pussy to the fullest and drink it with his mouth full. Slowly, I also started feeling like kissing. One day there was no one at our house. Brother-in-law had taken sister to the doctor to get her checked up. The rest of the people at home had also gone somewhere. Anirudh came to me. “Antika!! No one is at home today. Tell me to get fucked” He said “No!! I am scared” I said then he showed me the video of my sister’s fuck. Made it a few days before Anirudh. He had installed a camera in sister’s room and when brother-in-law undressed sister at night, everything was recorded in the camera. “Antika!! You are unnecessarily afraid of sex. See for yourself” Anirudh said, when I saw my sister getting fucked by brother-in-law, my fear went away. Sister was fucking with brother-in-law with her legs open and “aaaaahhhh…..eeeeee….ohhhh….ai. .Ai..Ai….Ai..Mummy….” She was making loud noises. Didi’s sexy voice was only telling that how much pleasure she is getting. Brother-in-law’s thick cock was tearing her pussy. Was going in and out of her pussy quickly. Didi was having fun. Brother-in-law was feeding him by sucking his mother. Seeing that video, my fear was dispelled. “Ok Anirudh, I will fuck you but promise me that you will make me feel comfortable” I said and he agreed. He removed my jeans top and made me lie on the sofa. I was wearing Jockey’s bra panty. I was already of slim sexy body so I was looking very sexy. Anirudh takes off his clothes. He didn’t just take off his underwear and took off everything. He sat on the sofa and lifted me in his arms. I was looking like Ileana D’Cruz. Slim and very sexy. Didi’s brother-in-law Anirudh started kissing my body everywhere. I was sitting on his lap. He was moving his hands on my legs, thighs and buttocks. “Ohh Antika!! How hot are you You are looking like Ileana D’Cruz.” He said, “Thanks!!” I said softly in loving words, then Anirudh could not stop himself and started kissing me. He put his hand under my throat and brought my lips in front of his lips. I was sitting on his lap with my legs folded. We started making love. I closed your eyes and started kissing you fiercely. I also chewed his lips and sucked a lot. Now Anirudh started getting hot. He started rubbing his hands on my buttocks again and again. Friends, my butts were very fair. They were smooth and cool. He put his hand on my bra and started pressing my boobs. Me “……mummy…mummy…..c c c c.. ha ha ha …..ooooo ….oo. .Uh…Uh…Uhnu uhnuhu..” she started doing. I was feeling fine. Was pressing today for the first time. For 10 minutes Anirudh pressed both my boobs over my bra. Then made me lie on my stomach on my feet. The blue straps of my bra looked so beautiful on my milky shoulders. He started drinking by touching my soft shoulder and he took down the bra straps. How many times did he bite my beautiful shoulder with his teeth. He sucked both shoulders for some time. He untied the hook of the bra. Now my whole bare back was exposed in front of Anirudh. “Antika!! You have a fantastic back!!” He spoke and started moving his hands again and again on my bare very smooth back. was loving me Was caressing Was touching I was lying on my stomach at his feet. Anirudh bent down and planted many kisses on my sexy back. Took kiss after kiss. Then started biting the back by baring his teeth. I “…….Oui. .Oui..ui…….mother….ohhhh mother……ahhhhh…” she started doing. No one had ever loved me like this till date. I was also in the mood to kiss now. I didn’t stop him. I started doing whatever he wanted to do. Didi’s brother-in-law Anirudh kept playing with my bare back for 15 minutes. Then took me straight. My legs opened on their own. Now there was only a small triangular panty on my body to save my dignity. I was looking very sexy in panty. Anirudh started fingering her pussy from over the panty. I started doing CCC. Now my pussy started releasing juice, due to which the whole panty got wet. Anirudh finally removed my panty from his hand. I got naked To cover the pussy, my hands started going to the pussy, then he grabbed my hands and captured my Munia Rani. Friends, my pussy was full. My pussy was absolutely dirty. Didi’s brother-in-law put his mouth on me and quickly started licking my ass. I was starting to go insane. “Hoooooo hoooooo hoooooo ….oo-oo…oo c-c-c-c… ha ha ha.. oh ho ho….” Was making sensuous sounds. Today for the first time in my life I was licking my pussy. Anirudh was drinking my sealed pussy quickly. Today he wanted to suck all the juice. He was intoxicated with sex. Today he wanted to eat my Bur. He used to pull my pussy lips by holding them with his teeth. The current used to run in my body. My pussy was now heating up like a heater. Still Anirudh was not taking the name of leaving. Was drinking my juicy pussy quickly. White butter came out of my pussy several times which he licked all over. He took off his underwear. “Antika baby!! Suck my dick” he said and gave cock in my hand. Friends, sister’s brother-in-law’s dick was 9″ long and 3″ thick. Ikdam was looking like an American man’s dick. I was getting nervous. But slowly I started licking Anirudh’s cock. I sat down on the sofa next to him and started shaking. I started having fun His cock had become as hard as wood due to my rapid ejaculation. I bent down and took the cock in my mouth. Then quickly I started sucking. Anirudh started saying “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Oo-oo…oo….” He was having fun. I was sucking like ice cream. The top of the cock was so thick that it was not going in my mouth. Then somehow I opened my mouth more and took the cock to the throat. Started sucking quickly. I started having fun Now I was sucking quickly till the throat. I found it all very romantic. I was farting quickly and sucking by shaking my head. Very well done friends. Then Anirudh made me lie on the sofa. He put his pillow under my head and opened my legs. “Honey!! Fuck it easy!” I reminded him that he put the cock on my pussy hole and put his straight hand on the cock and pressed it on the pussy. Then he quickly started rubbing the top of the cock pussy. He did this for 15 minutes. He didn’t fuck me. Just rubbed the cock repeatedly on the pussy. By doing this, I became very horny. “Honey!! won’t you fuck me?? Will you suffer just like this?? I asked but Antika!! You are scared of being fucked.” Anirudh said, “No, I don’t feel so now. Fuck me now for God’s sake” I said like a whore. Anirudh smeared his mouth with saliva on the top of his cock and held it with his hand and placed it on my pussy hole and gave a strong muscular push. My seal is broken. His cock penetrated 4″. I was in a lot of pain. Red blood started flowing from my pussy. She gave the second push again and this time the 9” cock got completely sunk inside the pussy. I started dying. Didi’s brother-in-law held both my delicate wrists tightly and quickly made me lie on the sofa and started fucking me. I was letting out sexy sounds of “….uh uh uh…..hoo…hoo..hmmmmm ahhhhhh..ai…ai…ai….” There was a lot of pain. Didn’t enjoy it at all for a few minutes. But Anirudh did not leave me for a second. Kept hitting my pussy quickly. I cried too. He got out for a long time. After half an hour when he fucked me again, there was no pain at all. I had sex with pleasure. My pussy’s blood was still on Anirudh’s cock. Now I go to the terrace and kiss him every evening. How did you like the story, do give your comments on nonvegstory.com.

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