Director and producer fucked in the name of getting a role in serial

Casting couch sex story, serial wali ladki ki chudai, tv serial sex story, role ke badle sex, Hindi serial sex story, TV actress sex India : Yes friends this is true and I am bringing the same truth in front of you in the form of sex story So that you also know how sex happens in Mumbai city. How sex is done in the name of getting a role. And how does the sister-in-law fuck her director and producer of the TV serial Ladkiyan Aur Auratne. I am going to tell you all that. It has been only ten days since the story happened. Day and night I was thinking whether I should put my sex story on non-veg story or not. But I thought this was the only way to ease my mind. Now if I tell you through this story then my mind will become light. I will come straight to the story. My name is Garima, I am 24 years old. I have worked in many Bhojpuri movies. I have also been playing side heroine in many Hindi movies. In some, I am a friend of heroin and in others, I am a relative. But the break I got was in Bhojpuri. Because my body is fair, I am beautiful. Lips are red and when I perform the show of my hot youth, I think that many boys would not be able to live without kissing. But I felt that to move forward in life and for permanent work, I need to appear in Hindi serials. So that I can get break in Bollywood too. So I talked to many of my friends who work in TV serials. I got an opportunity from a serial producer and director. Which is a very well-known name in the industry and its serials go on to become hits. I also felt that if he gave me a break, then life would become a reality. I was going mad thinking that now God has heard me. Nothing can stop you from being famous. So the appointment was received from both of them. And a famous hotel in Mumbai which is in Juhu. She went to meet them. When she reached the hotel room, she found both of them sitting. It was a big room, double bed, sofa and many things. I had never been in such a big room before. So she was a little stunned. And it seemed that something would happen when both of them called in such a big room and five star hotel. And I started feeling that they will definitely give a break in their serial. They asked about my work, asked for further planning and asked that whenever I offer you a role, will you not refuse? Because I need an artist who goes according to me. So that I can move forward and he can also move forward and earn a lot of fame. The truth is that I also wanted the same. I wanted a break, did a lot of small roles, but now I need a big role. I said don’t you worry. I am ready for whatever role you give me. And I’m always with you. I also have to make my life. Both of them said then you are ready for the next serial. And they made a peg and offered me too, but when I started refusing, they said, “Hey, you are already refusing, what will happen next?” Seeing each other’s face, both of them started saying yes man, she has already started saying no. So I quickly took the peg from her hand. All three started drinking saying cheers, I took two pegs, they took more than me. I got less intoxicated but both of them got more intoxicated. Then he said when I am giving break. So you have to compromise. You make both of us happy. Both of us will make you happy by giving you a role. And they both sat close to me. Now I started thinking what to do? If I refuse then thousands of girls will agree to sleep with these two. If I do as they want, then maybe these two will make my life. Thinking of this, I could not say anything. And it came out of my mouth that you will not cheat. He said that trust is also a thing and he took out a check from his bag and gave it after cutting a check of 1 lakh. He said he will sign this low advance next month. So the other said that give 1 lakh more. So again gave a check of 1 lakh. I became happy. I said ok I will do as you want. Then what was friends, I got ready to fuck so that my career could be made, I would get work in films and serials. Me in the middle and both of them next to me. There was a big sofa, they were sitting on it. Both of them started taking off my clothes one by one and made me naked within two minutes. My broken body Kajrari eyes, balkhati body, pink lips, thick thighs, gadarai ass roundness and hairless pussy ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anyone would go crazy. Both of them also got mad like this. Both of them also took off their clothes and made me sit down and started giving their big cocks in my mouth. I started sucking both of their cocks in turn. Gradually his cock had become very thick and long. I too started burning in the fire of lust. I was happy that the deal was being done for my body, but I was worried about my career. That’s why I was happy, an advance of two lakhs was also received from him. TV Serial Sex Story in Hindi Friends, my pussy was getting wet and both my nipples had become pink and tight. Both of them now put me on the bed and one put cock in my mouth and started licking one pussy. I was going crazy two two cocks ohhhhh it was fun. Then one started licking my ass and touched my ass with his tongue, my whole body used to shiver. I was now ready to fuck. They made me lie properly, one was pressing my tits and nipples with teeth and one put his cock in the middle of my white pussy and inserted it hard. My pussy was already wet, white white cream was also coming out and now cocks push from above. I was shaking One was playing with my tits and was fucking hard. Then it was the turn of the other one, he also fucked me in the same way and the other one kissed me and rubbed my nipples a lot. Both of them together for about an hour. They both kept on fucking in different styles and kept on saying. You are my wife, you are my girlfriend. Now we both are your husbands. Keep giving the pleasure of wife to both of us and we both will make you heroine. Both of them were saying that till date I have fucked about 100 girls but both of us fell in love with you, so then you are permanent, you have given a lot of fun and sexy. Fuck without permission is in style, so from today we both will do whatever is possible for you. And will keep you as a heroine as well as a queen. This is how I got my first break in Mumbai, now I am working in a serial. Life is going well, money is also being received, only respect is in public. But in the closed hotel room, I make the nights of both of them colorful. This is my first story on I hope you will like this my true sex story.

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