Drunk husband got fucked by friends in lock down

Drunken husband sex story, lock down sex, husband’s friend sex story, Lockdown Sex Story, Pati ka Dost Sex, Apni biwi (wife) ko dost se chudwaya: Friends, many relationships are such that one trusts that he will do whatever he wants. Will do it for good, but many times it is the saver who sells it many times. The same is happening with me nowadays. There is no food in the house, the husband also needs liquor daily, there is no ration in the house. Husband said nowadays my work is not going on. That’s why now there is hope only on you. Saying all this he trapped me and handed over to his friends. Now I am getting fucked everyday. He must have heard the sound of ah ah and the sound of breaking the bed. Because I fuck in the room and he is sleeping outside. You think for yourself if someone’s wife says ah ah ah ohh ohh ohh and fuck louder and louder in the room and her husband keeps listening to all this silently, what would you say to her. Friends, I want to tell you one more thing. All this was a step taken out of compulsion, but now I am liking this compulsion. I am happy to fuck Because when I start enjoying it and my needs are also fulfilled and I myself also enjoy then what is the harm. Now I come directly to the story and tell how what happened. Ramesh Gurjar is my husband’s friend. There are people with a lot of money. My husband does a small job. Nowadays work is closed, so I am at home, the owner has not even given money, I do not have any child yet, it has been three years of marriage. I am hot, I am beautiful and I am not too old, I got married at a young age. But husband’s age is more till date, he has never been able to please me in sex, by the time I get hot, he has become cold. Ramesh ji has taken care of my house a lot in lock down. Has helped my husband a lot. She arranged everything for her husband from liquor to household expenses and house rent and also helped in cash. Ramesh ji got married this year but his wife is no longer with him, she has eloped with her old friend. And I am probably the reason for helping my husband. Their eyes are always on me with cruel eyes but did not come closer, maybe they want to become a long race horse, so they are doing everything slowly. One day they trapped the husband in their net and persuaded me to hand over have done. My husband probably needed it too. My husband also thought that I would run away because he was neither able to meet my expenses nor was he able to fuck me. That’s why from the safe side, he was trying to enter Ramesh ji in my life. So that I can stay and everything will be done and nowadays time will also pass. One day my husband got drunk a lot, he stayed at my place till late night when my husband got upset after drinking, then he came close to me. And hold my hand And started saying that I will give you all the happiness which your husband could not give and the truth is that I will make him move forward too. Don’t take it wrong. But I want you very much and want to have sex with you. At first thought that maybe it is wrong but thought what is wrong in it? If I will get all those happiness then I also agreed. I remained silent and lowered my aanchal big big boobs round round and tight. My lips were fluttering, my breathing was getting faster. It seemed that today is my honeymoon. Friends, I was scared as well as happy. I didn’t want to miss this chance either. But there was also talk in one corner that this is wrong. Thinking all this, she lay down thinking. Ramesh ji closed the door. My husband had fallen asleep on the verandah after drinking. Ramesh ji came close to me and started opening the hook of my blouse and started moving one finger on my lips. My hair was shivering. It seemed strange that the throat was dry. He unbuttoned the button of the blouse, I went to the opposite side, he also opened the hook of the bra, I removed the bra from myself and dropped it down. My nipples are like those of an eighteen year old girl. It seems as if no one has touched till date. Gurjar got upset after seeing my nipples. He broke down on the teat, started drinking, pressing and playing. Then I threw down the saree and opened the nada of the petticoat. The rest of the panties were removed by Ramesh himself. And started licking my pussy hair and started inserting tongue in pussy. I started getting wet. Sweat started coming out of my forehead. Pussy got wet. Now he took off all his clothes. He started rubbing his thick dick between my two tits, then he put it in my mouth. In about two minutes, his dick became thick and about eight inches long. Now he was ready to fuck and I was also ready for my fuck. I separated both the legs. He came in the middle, put the supada of his cock in the middle of my pussy and inserted it forcefully. I grabbed the pillow tightly. Fluttered with pain. Said three inch small cock of my husband and today eight inch land and three inch thick. Went for the first time. He hit two or three times and then the pussy was also wet. Now the dick started coming out. I started sighing. Electric was felt in the whole body. Today I found a real man. My wish was getting fulfilled in the lock down. And happiness was also coming in the house. Now he started fucking loudly and I also started extinguishing the fire of my lust leaving the shame. I myself would have pressed the teats and kissed them. Caressing and licking his chest. I was very excited. That’s why the voice got louder and started saying fuck me fuck you a lot. I want you to be the father of my child. Ah ah ah ah shove full and shove. Gurjar ji is so fat, I have enjoyed today, my thirst has been quenched. You fuck me daily and take care of my house also, keep my husband happy so that he will hand over to you and you fuck me a lot, just like this, you fuck my night daily. Make it colorful I want you girlfriend to be your mistress. Now I am yours, whether you want to hit pussy or ass, I will not refuse. And started crying ah ah ah. That’s why my husband woke up and knocked on the door. Speak slowly, the sound is coming outside. But where did I stop, I said, go to sleep. Let me extinguish my heat today. Friends, then he turned around and made me stand up and sit down and fuck me a lot and I also got fucked a lot. It was about half past two in the night. Then both of us slept naked together. Friends, since then the husband stays drunk at night and both of us are busy in this lock down. You will read my second story very soon on nonvegstory.com. This is the story of my first fuck, I will write the second one soon, it is even more cool!

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