Earlier mother used to fuck, now I also fuck, now both fuck together

Group Sex Story, Ma Beti Sex: You also know who is the person who used to fuck mother and daughter and how it all happened that I also started fucking with those who used to fuck my mother. Now it has happened for two months that both mother and daughter fuck together. I am going to tell you the whole story on nonvegstory.com. This is my first story and I hope that today I can tell the fire of my body in front of you. My name is Sumi and my mother’s name is Rekha. I am eighteen years old now and my mother is only 36 years old. My mother is very hot and sexy. And what should I say friends, my ass bulge is on the outside. My tits are hot and tight, I am fair, I am sexy, I am raw bud. My mother is a hot and naughty type of woman. Who is not satisfied with her husband and fucks with other men. There is also a reason to kiss. What should a woman do when real men could not fuck? This is with my mom. Mummy started getting fucked by uncle only when papa was not able to fuck. As soon as I put cock in my mother’s pussy, all the goods would fall immediately and mother would keep on suffering and then would push father. I was looking like this for about 1 year. After that mummy got stitched up with Kapil uncle who lives below. Mother used to spend her life on Kapil uncle. Gradually Kapil uncle and my mother became very good friends. And then the mother’s relationship progressed. At this time father’s work was also going on, so sometimes he used to go out of Delhi and sometimes he did not even come home to the factory for three days. And mother and uncle got a chance for this, both came close. When and how the physical relationship between my mother and uncle was established, now I am going to tell the same thing. It was a matter of a day when father went to Chandigarh for work, I was at home and mother. When Uncle’s wife does night duty, she leaves, she works at the airport. So in the evening uncle came home and said that I will give a party today. Mummy was also happy and I was also happy. Then she ordered and a lot of food came. Along with the food, a bottle was also brought. Gave me separate food because that mother and uncle were drinkers. So I happily ate with them first and then took the plate and went to my room and after having food I started watching a hot series on Netflix and caressing my boobs. It was interesting that’s why I didn’t pay any attention to what was happening outside, I had closed the door of my room. When I woke up outside at around o’clock, opened the door lightly, the light was off, the plate of food and the bottle of wine were still on the table. When I peeped into my mother’s room. She was stunned. Uncle was untying my mother’s clutches one by one. I sat there in the dark, now I could see everything clearly from there. First of all, both of them kissed each other fiercely, then they took off all their clothes one by one. Uncle was holding Mummy’s big and round solid teats, drinking them, biting the nipples with his teeth. Sometimes licking pussy, sometimes licking ass, sometimes kissing lips, sometimes kissing on the neck, my mother used to show tantrums while shaking her hair and then cooperated. Uncle started sucking mother’s tongue. Then uncle would put his tongue, then mom would press her nipples, then drink, then finger in her ass. After that mummy lay down on the bed. Uncle separated mummy’s legs and started licking mummy’s pussy. Mummy started licking uncle’s hair holding uncle’s hair. Mummy started saying ah ah ah ohh ohh ohh. My pussy started getting hot after hearing mother’s voice. Then uncle put his fat dick between both the nipples of the mother and started moving up and down, at that time the mother was able to touch both the nipples. Then mummy started sucking uncle’s cock. Both had become sensual. Now uncle put his dick on mommy’s pussy and pushed it hard, mom herself was pressing her boobs and uncle was pushing hard. Both were making sounds of aah aah aha ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh oof. Sometimes mummy would become more sensuous and sometimes papa. Both were making each other happy. For about an hour both of them had sex for an hour and then fell asleep naked. I immediately went to my room and took off all my clothes and immediately put my finger in my pussy and became watery. And then fell asleep and slept in the memory of uncle all night. When I woke up in the morning, my mother was very happy. I knew the reason for the happiness. When you see me, she said daughter, it seems that you did not sleep at night. I remained silent. In the evening, mother had to go to her father’s place for urgent work. She said she would come in the morning. I said ok. Then what was friends, at around 11 o’clock in the night uncle is afraid of calling. He came immediately. And then slowly went closer to him and offered his first kiss. Uncle also turned out to be daughter-in-law. Immediately slammed me and then started rubbing my small tits. Then started licking pussy. I also caught his cock and then started licking it. Slowly he took me in his lap and then what was there, he pushed a thick dick in the little pussy. There was a lot of pain, but what did I want to fuck, so I tolerated the pain. He fucked me the whole night, I could not even walk properly in the morning. There was pain in the legs, in the pussy, in the boobs, the lips were also bitten. He was also in pain when I put my finger in his ass. But friends, by evening everything was fine. By then mummy had also come. Take mummy to fuck again in the night. Abb, mother used to fuck everyday. But I also started fucking with uncle everyday, she would go out of the house on the pretext of visiting the park and go to uncle’s house to get fucked within 10 minutes because aunt used to leave at 5 o’clock. Slowly my mother came to know about this. So she started scolding me a lot. And then we both had a fight. I said that I will tell my father everything, so I got scared. From that day onwards she did not stop me from kissing. Then one day it happened that uncle brought a gold chain for mom and then on the same day he started fucking me along with mom. Now I fuck mother and daughter together. This is even more cool!

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