Facebook’s friend called hotel, turned out to be his real brother for sex

Facebook Par Bahan Pati Bhai Se: Today I am writing you such a sex story on non-veg story.com which will surprise you a lot. This story is from making friends on Facebook to calling the hotel to celebrating in the hotel. Earlier neither I knew nor my brother knew that we both had met on Facebook and then we both made a plan through chat that we would go to the hotel and have sex. But when I reached the hotel, I was surprised, in the room in which I went, my brother was sitting inside waiting for me as soon as I opened the door of the room whose number was given to me. I am going to tell you the whole story step by step. My name is Priya, my brother’s name is Shantanu. My brother is 22 years old and I am 19 years old girl. I am a resident of Gonda district, Gonda falls in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Nowadays Facebook is running a lot in the village. The one who does not run Facebook has no existence, nowadays it has become like this. I do not know whether you are from the city or from the village, my story is crazy, but I want to tell you that nowadays it is the era of social media, whether it is a boy or a girl, all people are eager to be friends with each other. The friendship of the boy is always to impress the girls so that they call the hotel and fuck her pussy. And girls looking at their friends to please their friends so that I am more beautiful than you, because I have many boyfriends, in this affair they impress new boys and the boy is already in love, how can I I can call hotel and insert cock in her pussy. Coming straight to the story, don’t want to waste your time because I know all the readers of this website are very hot and sexy. Where do we bring here everyday because this is the only site where funny sexy and new sex stories are available to read. My parents got mobile phones for both of us. First of all we both installed Facebook and installed WhatsApp on mobile phone, after that called my friends and told him that he had done the same thing, I was also doing the same thing. Gradually, both of us used to get very busy at night, Bola used to sleep in the room, I used to sleep in a separate room. Both of us were addicted to mobile, friends, I had also started watching many adult movies, after that at night, I used to rub my nipples by myself, I used to put my finger in my pussy. My behavior had changed a lot since the mobile phone came in my house, both my brother and my mother and father work in government jobs, so both of them used to leave in the morning, we both brothers and sisters also came from college to study. Coming from India, he always indulged in mobile. Instantly, 256 friends were made on my Facebook. It was a matter of 1 day. A friend request came from a boy whose name was Kabir. He was looking very hot. I had written that he neither drinks alcohol nor smokes cigarettes, he was looking tall and fair, his hair was also kept in a long style, seeing all this, I fell in love with Kabir. We both started chatting everyday now, started talking daily through chat only. We had become good Facebook friends but till now both of us had not shared our number. We both had promised each other that we will not save the number first, we will meet first because we both came to know that he is from my neighborhood, he belongs to the district, so when I told him to come to Gonda, Come and meet us both. He agreed and we both made a plan to meet on 1st March in a hotel in Gonda. The hotel in Gonda used to be visited only by girlfriends and boyfriends because there rooms were available on rent for 2 hours instead of 4 hours. Used to get it also. Earlier both of us had talked that we will make sex relationship with each other because earlier there used to always be sexual conversation between us, due to this the hesitation also ended, everyday I used to ask about his cock. He also used to ask about the pussy, he always used to ask how big are your boobs, what size bra do you wear, do you have hair on your pussy or not, he used to ask me such questions. I had left home on time, my brother had also left in the morning on the pretext of going to college. The address given to us was room number 301. I went to that hotel and asked for room number 301 at the reception there and I directly reached room number 301. In the meanwhile chatting was happening on the mobile that you come soon I was speaking I have reached as soon as I reached the reception I texted him again that I have come to the hotel now I am driving up 301 number room was on the third floor so he was telling me that I am sitting in the room the latch is open you come. As soon as I opened the latch number 301 room my brother Shantanu was sitting I was wearing big sexy clothes That day my boobs were clearly visible from above Shantanu as soon as he saw me he stood up and as soon as I went inside asked what are you doing here I thought he is doing my reiki that’s why here Has come so he again said what are you doing here. Then we both came to know that the boy with whom I started loving on Facebook is the same person and he also came to know that I am the girl with whom I started loving. We both brothers and sisters in front of each other. Girlfriends were standing as boyfriends. But friends, when we were talking for so many days, both of us wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and did not want to lose this opportunity, because of this we both decided that today we are not brothers and sisters, today we are girlfriends and boyfriends. Both of us have come for work, we will complete that work and we both started hugging each other and kissing on the lips. My brother slowly started taking off my clothes. He started pressing my boobs forcefully, started pressing my ass and caressing my butt, I was falling madly in love with my brother. Without delaying too much, I immediately unbuckled his belt, took his jeans down and took his cock in my mouth. I started sucking his cock. He was taking his cock in and out of my mouth. After that he put me on the bed, I had gone after cleaning my pussy hair that day because I knew my Facebook friend would fuck me, so I had gone after cleaning my pussy. My brother started acting like crazy on seeing my pussy, he immediately inserted his little finger in my pussy, then he inserted finger or after that he inserted three finger or after that he inserted 4 finger but I was in severe pain. I By that time it had become very sensual, my pussy had become very wet. I was hot, I wanted cock quickly inside my pussy, I told my brother that you fuck me quickly. My brother also without delay put his cock on my pussy hole and inserted it forcefully. The whole cock went inside at once but I started shivering with pain. I had already given and inserted my fat cock inside my pussy. My ass is very wide, friends, I already knew that my boyfriend would definitely kill my ass because on Facebook chat he had told me all these things that the day I I will have sex in your pussy that day, I will fuck you ass as well. I was so hot I couldn’t say no to anything I immediately turned my ass in front of him he put his spit on my ass hole then inserted finger then started inserting his big cock but I felt so much pain It was happening. I asked her to slowly insert cock in her ass, she slowly inserted her entire cock in my ass, now he started pushing hard, he had inserted a thick pole in the middle of the ass like this I think. Then he made me a mare, putting his cock on my pussy hole from behind, he started fucking me while rubbing both my tits from below, I was enjoying it guys, then I stood up and put one leg on the bed. After that he came in the middle and inserted his cock. He immediately went inside my pussy, while taking hissing, taking her ass, taking her thick cock in her pussy, while taking her fingers, she started to fuck him. In about 2 hours of sex, we both calmed down. Then we both bathed naked together because it was already planned that whenever we would meet we would bathe naked together. Then we both left for home but we left separately so that people would not know that we were Where are both coming from? From that day we both have sex every night when mom and dad are asleep but yes he never forgets the precaution he always fucks me wearing a condom so that nothing goes wrong and he is not fit to show his face in society Because of this, pre-action is very important, nowadays both of us are making each other happy by taking pre-action. I am going to write my second story soon on non-veg story.com, till then many thanks to all of you.

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