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This is an incident which started as a fantasy and ended up in a live-in and more. This involves my aunty and me. My aunty’s name is Sarah, and when she was in her 20’s had an accident because of which she had to have an hysterectomy meaning she could never have kids, resulting in she never wanting to get married. She was a school teacher and then worked abroad for some years and came back wealthy, brought her own flat in india and now lives a luxurious life.
The story or the fantasy begins with me coming of age and as a curiosity every time I saw her pics in old albums later on on whatsapp I became more and more facinated with her and obviously had sex with her multiple times in my mind, thanks to all the porn I watched covered all my fantasies.

Describing my aunty Sarah, she had a beautiful face, like that of Alisha Chinai, curves that were absolutely visible in any clothes she wore. She was an marathon runner and a bharatnatyam dance and an avid Yoga practitioner. Working abroad, the grooming and the confidence she had in her was phenomenal. Describing her stats she had boobs of 36C, height about 5-5, and a well shaped ass. Her legs were waxed, smelt amazing always, even when she is at home doing nothing she would be well dressed, wore lipstick and had her hair done. She was a perfect MILF, I would say.  When I first moved in with her, she was of 47 years of age and she didn’t look a day older than 35 and I was 38.
I underwent a divorce and was kinda feeling very low in life and had resigned my job, was thinking what should be done, when my aunty suggested that I move in to her city and live with her and work for a company where she has good contacts, that way there will be a change of environment and will have a new lease of life for me. This proposal was accepted by my parents and me, had always wanted this; and I left to my aunt’s city, one of the metro cities in India, Pune.
As planned I cracked the interview and started working with an MNC at Pune. The relationship with me and aunt sarah was friendly. She got company for her stories and I had my fantasy right under my nose. Two months passed on one of my week offs we had cooked some delicious chicken and as a passing comment, I blurted out, some beer would have been good. That is when I found out that my aunt drinks occasionally. My thought was some 2 beers, she sponsored a whole crate of beer, we both got sloshed, and headed to the bedroom to sleep tipsy, and ended up in aunt’s queen size bed both of us collapsed onto the bed at both the corners, and making jokes with each other and then the talks slowly got to girls, ladies, and mature woman. I missed no chance saying that I always had a fascination towards her and have always liked her body, it was a big gamble I took, she smiled laughed and then came close to me, and asked me if that was true and within seconds I just kissed her lips, it was a peck, then she kissed me and it was a marathon kissing session, obviously I fondled her and slowly put my hands inside her T-shirt and cupped her boobs, and my dick was growing in size and my fabric was in great danger.
Quickly her T-shirt came off and so did the red track pant and also my shorts and T-shirt. We were all over each other and kissed and licked and sucked each other in all the parts. I went down and gave her a long suck until she came and I was so hard by then, I couldn’t wait, I just kept my dick to her pussy area rubbed it twice or thrice and rammed it inside, her insides were amazingly tight with years of yoga and exercise, I pulled out and went in with a bit more force  She moaned and scratched my back, we kissed and I pumped in and out and she wiggled under my body, I kept kissing her. In the missionary position at one stage I told her not to touch me and I went in and out of her pussy with speed and she wanted to touch me and hug me but I said no, she pleaded and I refused, she blurted out that she wants to hold me please and she will do anything for that. In that drunken stupor I told her that she will remain naked with me until I allow her clothes, she agreed and then we made wild love, and collapsed into each other and slept under the huge fleece blanket.
I woke up at daybreak and I could see my aunt naked as the day she was born beside me wide awake. She had worn her T-shirt and her track pant and sat beside me, I was stark nude under the blanket, and then we had a talk, it started with what we did, was it right and blah blah blah, I listened to it for some time and took the biggest gamble of my life, pulled her to me and kissed her lips again, the gamble was if that was the last time I touched her lips or it was the new beginning. With that kiss, initially she didn’t move then slowly she held my head, moved her legs, and then we went on a marathon kissing. Without delay her T-shirt and her track pant was on the ground and this time, I saw her nude in broad day light, we had just moved the blinds of the window. I saw her beautiful body, well toned arms, the perfect suckable boobs, the almost flat stomach, the curves, and a runway-type pussy hair, which I had not paid attention, her shapely, toned, legs, her body was nicely waxed and smooth, the only hair that was on her body was on the pussy as a runway.
I sucked her lips, her earlobes, her boobs, licked her navel, sucked her pussy lips for some time, then turned her around, went on her back licked her back, bit her bum, gave her a rim job, licked her back, then pushed my hand under her stomach while on the back, gave her a nice hickey on the back and fingered her, she squealed, Ummmmh.. Oaaahaa…!! whispered You are driving me crazy” and then she said she is going to cum, the she came with twitching movemnts of her stomach and her ass pushing up my dick, then I rolled onto the side and she was quick enough to swallow my ramrod-hard dick, liked my balls, then climbed onto my dick and rested on it for some seconds and bend down to get me to suck her boobs, then she slowly started riding me while still feeding me her boobs, then the tempo slowly got fastr and faster, I then told her to squat a bit and I pumped her from below using all my force, as if I wanted to fuck her intestines, after some time I heard her saying she was building up and she is going to cum and so was I, after some more final strokes, I came in gallons inside her twat and she cummed and cummed and cummed. She was lying on my chest and then we laughed and kissed again, after my dick plopped out of her pussy we both snuggled into each other.
She then called up the house help and told her not to come which was very welcomed by the house help. We talked again, kissed again, fingered her, got my dick sucked, sucked her boobs, it was like our honeymoon, we just did not have enough of each other.

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