Father-in-law broke my back

Sasur Bahu Sex Story: Today I am going to tell you this letter is not a sex story. This story is the story of an illicit relationship between me and my father-in-law. Now only you will tell whether this is a legitimate or illegitimate relationship, but yes, today I want to tell you that I am kissing my father-in-law. They kissed me so much that it became difficult for me to walk, I am unable to walk, I always have pain in my back, I have pain in my thigh, I have pain in my lower abdomen. How did all this happen, how did a relationship happen, he is going to tell you in this story which is being published on nonveg story.com. This is my true story and this is my first story. I am a big fan of this website, come to this website every day and read stories, I am not reading stories because I do not get time at night, I am busy with father-in-law but taking time in hand, writing stories for you So that you guys can also know how all this happened about me. My name is Rani I am a beautiful girl of 22 years but now I would like to call myself a woman because the girl has not been there even though I have not had any child but yes she has definitely become a woman. Even after 6 months of my marriage, I came to Delhi from the village with my husband. I was very fond of traveling out of Delhi and having a love relationship with my husband and friends, many times it happens when you think too much, it does not happen in reality and it turns into a dream. Same with me The only dream remained was to have a love relationship with her husband. But I am not even telling you right now that I am not sad, I am not sad, I am happier than before because I am quenching my hunger for sex just like I imagined in my youth. Even though she is not with my husband but yes with my father-in-law. I have come to Delhi, friends, after marriage, everything is not right with my husband, he has a disease whenever he thinks of having sex, but I try to satisfy my lust hunger and as soon as I open my clothes And as soon as they see me, there is something in me, in the same way all their juice falls down. Now you also know that whose semen falls, how he will be able to please a woman. And this thing is such that no woman will even be able to speak to anyone or say that my husband is not able to fuck me. I was suffocating my life, I could not even speak to anyone, it seemed that my life was over. Gradually, there was a lot of quarrel between me and my husband, but I started getting angry on the matter, there used to be a lot of fighting, we did not start talking to each other for two or three days. My father-in-law took advantage of this. Maybe they realized or they saw both of us that we are not able to please each other. He came to know that his son is Naamard. There is no one else in the house, the breath has already passed and this is the only son, there is a lot of business in Delhi. There is no dearth of anything, but for a father it was a great deficiency that his son is a name. Slowly my father-in-law started trying to please me, started taking me here and there, started feeding me in the hotel, started roaming around, I also wanted to visit Delhi, wanted to see Delhi wanted to eat wanted to drink wanted to have fun. Was. What the husband could not do, now he was doing father-in-law, then you also know that friends, a woman is such a thing, if she allows more time to be with someone or moves more, then the heart comes. I also started getting attracted towards you because he was fulfilling my hobby, he was not refusing to do anything, he himself used to tell me to go to the beauty parlor, he used to tell me to wear jeans, he used to tell me himself, let me go for you. Buy Shoes Buy Clothes Buy Sandals. It all seemed good. Between that my husband had to go to Dubai for his business only for 2 months. Now both of us i.e. me and father-in-law were at home. One day he offered me alcohol, so I could not refuse and both of us started drinking together. When a man becomes intoxicated, the consideration of age also ends. This is what happened with both of us but they came close to each other, he held my hand and said that I know what you are missing. Why don’t I fill your lack, I have a lot of strength, I am not less than any boy and what has happened to my age is only 48 years. I said that whoever thought of being happy with the relationship for the rest of my life, if my relationship gets spoiled, then what is good and bad to think, I also want to have a boy, I should have a child in my milk, even if that child is not yours. Ho. On hearing this, my father-in-law took me in his arms and started sucking on my own. I also took him in my arms without delay and started caressing his body. He took off my clothes. and took me to the bedroom and made me lie down and climbed on top of me. He started caressing my nipples, started putting finger in my ass, started kissing my body, started biting with teeth. I went crazy over this act of his because I wanted the same way. He shook my body. Start Me Started rubbing my nipple with fingers. I started going crazy, this is what I wanted. He separated my two legs and started licking my pussy. I also started enjoying, I should also spread more legs so that my pussy can be charted. He caressed my pussy so much and licked my pussy started getting wet, hot water started coming out. Now he started putting his fingers. I started going crazy, current started running in my whole body. I started taking his cicadas and started taking rings. I handed everything over to them. He said that I will keep you as happy as you would have never imagined. I said whatever happens now, I don’t have any complaints, just keep loving me like this. He separated both my legs and sat in the middle. He took out his cock and placed it on the hole of my pussy. And put the whole cock in my pussy. As soon as such a thick cock went into my pussy, my whole body started trembling. Today I was blessed for the first time. Before marriage, there was one my uncle who used to fuck me. After marriage, you know that my husband could not do anything for me. After that father-in-law was taking away the heat of my body. He started pushing hard and started mashing my nipples. I started making sexy voices, and he started banging me hard. I was also helping them by lifting the ass and twisting it. And was taking his cock in the pussy. He put both the feet on his shoulders and started pushing hard. His entire cock started touching my pussy. I was feeling great. Then he lay down, now I climbed up on him, took his cock in my hand and sat in the middle of my pussy. Take the whole cock in your pussy. Now I jumped and started kissing them. He grabbed my nipples and started banging loudly. Where was I too? I also started pushing hard while caressing him. Now I was excited. Pushing louder and hooeyyyyyyah ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhff. Now both of us got very hot and were making each other happy. There was no prohibition who could touch where the finger could. He put his finger in the ass. I said not in this now, later a few days later, first you calm my pussy in the house, after that think about the ass. He said, my queen, you will do as you say, I am also in no hurry. And he started banging loudly again. Sometimes by lifting, sometimes sitting, sometimes lying down, sometimes making a mare, sometimes from below and sometimes from above. Whatever he liked, he tried the same pose as Kamasutra. And fuck a lot. The whole night made me a woman. My nipples got bigger by pressing on them. My pussy got wider. After that he would fuck me every day for 2 to 3 hours. Even after taking medicine, even after eating Shilajit, she chuckled with so much energy every day that I could not bear it. Now there is a lot of pain in my back, there is a lot of pain in my thigh. I have pain in my stomach. My tits got bigger. But despite all this, I am still having fun. I am enjoying a lot.

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