Father-in-law celebrated sexy honeymoon with me

Sashur Bahu Sex : Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to non-veg story.com. I have been a regular reader of it for many years now and there goes not a night when I don’t read its sexy stories. Today I was going to tell you my story. Hope you like it very much. My name is Deepa. I am 27 years old now. I am of very fair skinny body. My body is very soft like butter. My eyes look very intoxicating. From face, I look like Alia Bhatt. Like him, my body is also slim fit. I am more interested in sex. I enjoy kissing. My mum is like a big mango. My pussy is very juicy. I have made many people drink this juice. My navel looks very attractive. When I wear a sari, everyone’s eyes get stuck on my stomach. Friends, I will tell you in this story how my father-in-law handed over his Lauda to me. I got married when I was 24 years old. At that time I was looking very nice little bud. In the wedding, all the people were staring at me staring at me. After marriage, when I came to the in-laws’ house. So father-in-law’s eyes were on us only. Always used to stare at me. My mother-in-law passed away long back. So I had to do all the household work. The responsibility of taking care of everything was on me. Earlier, my husband Dev, whose name is Akash, used to keep this same house with him. He used to go to his office in a nearby bank. I was tormented all day. He would have come from behind and grabbed my chutchio. Sometimes my ass starts licking. Till he did not go to the office, he used to torment me like this. Every day he used to celebrate honeymoon with me. I had a lot of fun too. He used to fuck me every day with a new style. I never felt like getting kissed before marriage. But ever since the lock of the pussy was opened in the honeymoon, then the bus always felt like kissing. What is the fuck, I went to my honeymoon. We used to have lots of fun. But this fun did not last long. My husband got transferred somewhere different. From where it was difficult to come everyday. Father-in-law started saying you too go along. But my husband refused to take me with him because he wanted me to stay at home. Take care of his father. No one was even at home. I stopped I felt very bad to be away from them. But what was the compulsion to do? Within a day or two, my pussy started stirring. I started yearning to kiss. The sky had gone away. Who can pacify the movement of my pussy? Weeks passed but the thirst of the pussy was increasing. I used to think about sex day and night. I woke up one morning and saw a very good thing. When I went to the father-in-law’s room to clean his room. So I was stunned to see what I saw. Father-in-law was still sleeping. But his cock was awake. Father, the cock is such a big one. When I saw that day, I knew. Father-in-law’s cock was standing on the bed, about 12 inches long. Father-in-law was sleeping. His Lauda was standing and saying good morning to me. The heart was doing it. Sometime now, cut it and put it in my pussy and remove the itching. But how could it be done, it was not so easy. I went near and touched his cock. But father-in-law immediately changed direction. So I left from there. Father-in-law came to know about this. I have touched his cock. But I didn’t know that they came to know about this. He was looking at me with very dirty eyes. When I walked, I used to see my ass. When he came in front, he used to tease my cheeks. I also used to keep an eye on his cock. After all this, I was waiting for the morning to happen. Like every day, I went to his room that day too. Even today his cock was standing. I went and touched him. Suddenly father-in-law opened his eyes. He saw me. I ran away blushing. After sometime the father-in-law got up and came. He was smiling looking at me. My ass was getting torn. After sometime, after getting fresh and drinking tea, he came to me and said. Father-in-law- “Son, what is the point of being ashamed of this. I understand your problem.” I was sitting quietly. He came and held me and started saying. Deepa you go to the sky. There you will get all kinds of happiness. You will also get happiness.” He too seemed thirsty for a long time. I went out in the evening wearing very sexy clothes. His cock stood up. His dhoti became a circus tent. After dinner he invited me to his room. I reached in front of him wearing a net blouse. My bra was clearly visible in it. Seeing me, he started running out of himself. When she reached near, made me sit on her bed and said. Father-in-law- “You serve me so much. If you want, I can fulfill your needs too.” I- “Yes,” he said sticking to me. Today I fulfill this need of yours. I started feeling happy. I was going to get a chance to eat Lauda today. I lay with him on the bed. While lying down, he climbed on top of me. His body was very heavy. My heat was doubling. I started getting hot like a heater. He grabbed both my hands with his hands and put his lips on my lips. Both the soft petals made my lips red like sucking. My breath increased. I was having a lot of fun. When he was spending so much time kissing lips. So, how much time will you spend in kissing? I was anticipating it. His mustache was piercing my cheeks. It was as if someone was pricking a pin. I was also supporting him. I was having fun He was caressing my hair while kissing me with cheeks. I was being turned into a heat machine. I was drenched with sweat. After some time he separated his lips from my lips and started kissing my whole body. Lightning started running inside me. For a long time he kissed with me. When he was giving so much fun in old age, how much fun he must have given to my mother-in-law. I thought. I let them down on me. He was kissing on my chest on top of my cheeks. In a few moments, I started pressing my cheeks with my hands. I was wearing a net saree and blouse that day. In which everything was clearly visible. I too was caressing my father-in-law’s dhoti very well by placing my hand on it. He untied the hook of my blouse one by one. I was lying in front of him in bra. He was staring at my chicks. He freed both my birds by laying me upside down and opening the bra as well. Fair blonde my momma was looking very awesome. The father-in-law started saying pressing down. You have a very awesome chikki. I had never pressed so soft before. Today, for almost 10 years, I have had the opportunity to drink someone’s teat. Saying this, he started drinking by pressing my nipples more vigorously. I was holding them and holding them down. As soon as I bite the nipple with my teeth, I say “Ai…aye…..issssssssss….uhhhh….ohhhhh….” was filling up. While drinking it started moving towards my stomach. All of a sudden he put his tongue in my thong. I was shocked. He took off my sari and put me in a petticoat and lifted me up. The petticoat was opened and removed. I was ashamed of my panties in front of them. He started saying- “What are you ashamed of me? I am your husband from now on. The happiness that your husband gives. I will give it from today.” Saying this much, he put his hand on my pussy. Started putting his cock in my ass. I grabbed his cock tightly. He said, “My dear, today I will show you my cock. Till now you were looking behind the screen.” Saying this, she took out her dhoti and threw it. He wasn’t even wearing briefs underneath. His thick black snake-like cock looked very scary. I grabbed his cock and kept it in my mind. I was sucking his supara like a lollipop. I’ve never had so much fun before. My husband’s cock was small like a small child. But I enjoyed playing with him too. He picked me up on the bed and threw me. After that he took off his kurta and started taking off my panties. In one stroke, my panties were separated from my pussy. I saw him by spreading both my legs. After that put his mouth on my pussy and started drinking. My screams started coming out as soon as I drank my pussy. I screamed “…ahhhhhhhhh scheeee….aaaaaa…aha…ha ha ha” and stuck his forehead in my pussy. They also understood how much enthusiasm was in Deepa. I picked up my pussy and started licking it. He was enjoying it by biting the grain of my pussy. But I was losing my life. I was mashing my pussy. I was tormenting me by rubbing my pussy while fisting my cock. Started rubbing Like flames started coming out of my pussy. After all, he put his cock on the door of the pussy. He hit hard. Half cock my pussy penetrated. For the first time, such a thick cock had entered my pussy. I groaned. Loudly “Aaaaaahhhhh…..EEEee ee……ohhh…..ai….ai…i….ai-mummy…” sounded out loud. He was choking his cock inside and out in half a pussy. My pussy completely broke. I thought I would faint. She was drenched in sweat from pain. But today he was in his mood. Don’t know what was going on in his mind. I could not understand my pain. After that he was constantly choking me. After a while my pain started to subside. I too have started enjoying the fuck. I also lifted my waist and started kissing. As soon as he raised his waist, he started licking the lips. He would lift my leg and lie down himself. His lauda was getting inside and out. I am also “…uh uh uh…am…. Am…hmmmmm ahhhhhh…..ai… ai….ai…” I was enjoying a lot. It was the first time I was getting fucked like this. My husband used to fall out within 5 minutes. Father-in-law made me stand up. I stood silently. Bending me from behind, inserting his cock into my pussy, started thrashing very loudly. My life was taken away. I too was thirsty for sex for a long time. Enjoying every single moment. He kept on stirring, I kept on mashing my cheeks. He got tired in no time. He took out his cock from my pussy. After that he lay down. I put his cock in my pussy and lay on his own. Raising her ass behind, she was getting her kissing done. He was also tearing my pussy by lifting his waist. Both men were drenched in sweat. They got very hot too. Removed his cock from my pussy and made me a bitch. The bitch was sitting in style. He bent his knees and put his cock in my pussy. Baap Re, fucks happen so loudly. I was getting to know that day. When he was holding my waist and thrusting his cock hard to the root, he was putting it inside out. I was getting to know. I am fucking a man or a robot. I fell down in no time. Now my pussy started hurting. As soon as the pussy was filled, he started inserting his lauda in my ass. Little did I know that today my ass will burst. As soon as he could barely put on the cap of his horse. I started shouting loudly “…..Mummy….Mummy….CC CCC….ha ha ha….oooo….oooo… He continued to fuck my ass. After sometime when the pain subsided, I also started enjoying it. I also got my ass matched and started churning. But all this did not last long. He too reached the verge of collapse in a few moments. The speed of their rescue increased. I understood Prasad is about to be received. After fucking for some time, he took his looda out of my ass in a hurry. I got very excited as soon as I took the lauda from my ass for the prasad. He ejaculated by keeping his cock in my mouth. I drank their thick malt like rasmalai. After that licked his cock and cleaned it. Both the men went to the bath room. Even there, as soon as the cock stood, I got fucked once. Now we all fuck every night. How did you like the story, do give your comments on nonveg story.com.

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