Father-in-law fucked me drunk and I could not say anything

Bahu ki Chudai Sasur ne ki : My name is Meera. I am 26 years old, I am very sexy type of woman. But till today I could not get rid of it. It’s been two years of marriage. Husband is in the army, he comes only for one month in a year. But I do not know how to give much time because his sex relationship is with his own real sister. He keeps on beating his face because my sister-in-law’s husband doesn’t know how to fuck, that’s why there is a legitimate illegitimate relationship between brother and sister. Because my sister-in-law wants a child and her husband cannot give. I am left feeling sad, I want to kiss a lot, find someone who can satisfy the hunger of my body. Rub my tits, finger my ass, finger my pussy and then lick the water that comes out of my pussy with your tongue. Play with my body, bite the nipple and I make the sound of ah ah ah. But it was all like a dream for me. Once upon a time Father-in-law came at around 10 in the night. No one else lives in the house. Husband is mother-in-law at the border, no, she has already passed away and she is the only one, so I am at home and father-in-law at home. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep after eating food and reading stories on non-veg story.com and caressing my pussy. Father-in-law came and saw me as if in a semi-naked condition. He could not control them. And he slowly started moving his hands on my pussy. Then unbuttoned my shirt. My boobs came out. Because I often do not wear bra at night. After that what was my father-in-law got pussy and tits, now he would hardly have left me. He was also hungry because it had been almost 10 years since his mother-in-law had gone. He fell on my nipples and started caressing my pussy. I had woken up, but being unaware, stood up and said, “Father, what are you doing?” You should know that you don’t do such dirty things with your daughter-in-law. He went ahead and went to another room and brought a bundle of 100 rupees and gave it and said who is mine, everything is yours. Keep it and don’t stop me. I have been watching you for a long time. You read stories on nonvegstory.com and then squeeze your tits and then caress your pussy. You are also upset because of not getting cock. I understand your feelings. Then don’t stop me too and you also enjoy and live like a queen. I got the point. Then I said, what if they come to know about this? So he said who will tell him that he comes once a year just like that. And he came closer to me and took me in his arms and started licking me like a dog. I was also hungry for sex and I also got ready to take father-in-law’s cock. After that the real game started. I lay down and he unbuttoned my shirt, then took off my ghagra and then panty. After that started playing with my big and round tits. He had gone completely mad and had also made me mad. I was pressing my lips with my teeth because his actions were such that he was rubbing the pimples between my pussy with his tongue, I was getting watery. And they were licking. I took father-in-law’s cock in my hand, I could not believe that such a big dick. The husband has half of this. And thick and taut. Now I have gone mad with the fat cock in my hand. What was it then, my sobs started coming out. Ah ah ah ouch uh uh ouch uh uh and taking the pillow in her fist, pressing her lips between her teeth and hugging her. Friends, is your cock getting erect or not? You come again tomorrow on this website non-veg story dot com, but then I will give you a hot story. Please will come After that I said father, now just stop, fuck quickly. So father said don’t call me father. My name is Ramkhelavan, speak Ramkhelavan. I said ok. That’s why he started slapping my nipples. I said, what are you doing Ramkhelavan, don’t fuck quickly please. He spoke abusing me. Madarchod still has the whole night left. Today I will make your Bhosda into Bhosda. Today I will calm your heat. So that you will not have to caress the pussy that caresses you after reading sex stories. Today I will leave a lot and also kick ass. So I said, who is forbidding you, Ramkhelavan, fuck me. And then that happened. Took my legs on his shoulder, my wide ass hole and pussy hole both in front and father-in-law’s cock stood up and said first where to fuck in the ass or in the pussy. I said kill the ass later, first leave me in the pussy and calm down. And he put the supada of cock on my pussy and forcefully put it in my pussy. Ohhh friends, what can I tell, I have gone to heaven. He kept pushing and I kept on ah ah ah. He used to rub my nipples and I would take a bath. He kept fucking me hard and I kept getting fucked. Fucked me and ass all night long. In the morning I could not walk. Bastard had told me in the morning that he had brought Viagra and whatever happened to me during the whole night was very good. Now I sleep with my father-in-law only. And enjoying the fuck. Do rate how you liked my story. And yes, don’t forget to visit the non-veg story again tomorrow. I’ll wait

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