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First i introduce the characters in this indian sex kahani. My self is Mangesh, age 40. My wife Umeeta is 38 years old. My wife’s younger sister Simmi, aged 35 and her husband Jagdeep, age 37. It was very well planned by my wife’s sister and her husband which we came to know only later. Jagdeep and Simmi lives in Muzzafarnagar and we lives in Delhi.They usually come to Delhi for weekend and stays with us. Umeeta is very attractive lady and so is her sis Simmi.But Umeeta is taller,5’7″and Simmi , 5’3″.Me and Jagdeep both are strongly built but again Jagdeep is of short height 5’6″and my height is 5’11″. I was attracted to Simmi and i know Simmi was also attracted to me but I couldn’t express my feeling to her for the last 15 years of my marriage.But all changes in one night.I can’t forget that lovely day.It was valentine day and Jagdeep and Simmi has come to our home for usual weekend trip.Indian sex kahani – Fucked Husband’s boss for promotionThey didn’t bring their childern with them as they were in mood of valentine day and luckily our children had gone to my sis home. Umeeta was looking very sexy that day wearing black tight churidar with black kameez and Simmi was also looking very sexy wearing off white tight and tight red T shirt.As night approached we had our drink and dinner. Jagdeep had taken little bit extra drink so he was talking too much and suddenly chatting turns on sex issue of married couple.I said Umeeta is very satisfied with me and so i am very satisfied with her. But Jagdeep said no couple knows whether they are satisfied or not until they had experience outside their marriage.Ther was total silent.I asked Jagdeep both of you are not satisfied, he said we are satisfied but as i said until we have sex outside marriage we don’t know what is the ultimate. Simmi said he want to sex with taller woman then Umeeta said He too sometime want shorter woman..Jagdeep said why not try today and both sister give us our Valentine gifts. All of us stunned. Then Simmi broke the silence and asked Umeeta why not allow them to experiment with ladies of their choice.You are taller and i m shorter. Umeeta didn’t agree. But devil in me was curious to fuck Simmi. I convinced Umeeta and she agreed to do it once only for me. I was very happy.Indian sex kahani – Finding my Hot PartnerMe and Jagdeep went to separate bed room and start waiting for our dreamed ladies. I know Jagdeep has same feeling for Umeeta but as Umeeta is conventional housewife type lady so he can’t express his feeling but i had express my feelings to Simmi many times as she was more open to me. At 12, Simmi entered my room. She come closer to me, i put my hand to her face and kiss her on the lips.She also responded but sad u were so keen to fuck me and now i m here and u r not responding very excitedly?why i told her that it is true hat is my lifetime dream to fuck you but i m little concerned for Umeeta as i have pushed her into this act against her will just to fulfill my dream.Simmi said don’t worry she will be more happy than you as Jagdeep has eye on her for a long time and he will give her fuck of lifetime and that’s why we had planned this weekend.I was shocked but said Umeeta will disappoint him as she only love me and for me she has gone to that room.She said lets bet whether Umeeta enjoys it or not.I said O.K.Simmi said but how will we know.I said i know how.Then we both went to their bedroom and i said that near the AC there is small duck for fresh air and we can watch the action inside. Simmi said so smart. I said i have watched you and Jagdeep many times.We both started watching inside.Umeeta was drinking milk as she is used to it. Jagdeep said jaldi karo.Umeeta said why”?Jagdeep said because i want to drink my milk.Umeeta asked naughtily, take from my milk.Indian sex kahani – Sleeping pills and Sexy AuntyJagdeep said,no i drink only fresh milk direct from the boobs..Umeeta said,but it is hot milk.Jagdeep said ”i will myself hot my milk.Umeeta laughed and said naughty.I was shocked. Simmi said don’t be shocked there will more surprises for you.Jagdeep said, i was eying on you for a long time.She said ”i was also want to be fucked by you but afraid of Mangesh but today you fooled him and got me.Jagdeep said :ï know he want to fuck Simmi and Simmi want him so we both traded for our desire.But don’t worry Simmi will give him a good blowjob and he will cum and he won’t be able to fuck Simmi and you will get back you hubby as it is.Both started laughing.I was shocked but Simmi said don’t worry i will cooprate with you. Inside Jagdeep slowly came towards Umeeta and put his hand on Umeeta face and moving his finger on her lips. Umeeta started getting excited. She was looking very sexy in black churidar.Indian sex kahani – Seducing friend’s wifeJagdeep put his lips on her lips and started sucking her lower lips. Umeeta was responding and sooner they are in french kissing mode. Both sucking each other tongue. Jagdeep put his hand on ass cheeks of Umeeta and started pressing cheeks. Umeeta getting excited and she put her legs on the legs of Jagdeep and both are cross legs and kissing each other madly.Jagdeep tried to take Umeeta’s shirt off but Umeeta naughtily denied and took sheet on herself. Jagdeep also slipped into the sheet. Now i only can see the hand movements of Jagdeep under the black sheet, i know where they are moving. I got jealous but now i m also enjoying this. Suddenly Umeeta’s shirt come out of sheet,i know what happened.Then the black bra came out of sheet and deep moaning of Umeeta.I know that Umeeta boobs are know in Jagdeep’s mouth. Then Umeeta’s face appears from the sheet, her eyes were closed and she was moaning deeply. Her moaning geting louder…ooh…aah…ooh…aah…ooh…aah..more..more….and i could see Jagdeep’s movements only under the sheet…But i knew he was sucking my wife‘s melons like any thing…and Umeeta was maoning…ooh…aah…ooh…aah…more.And so Jagdeep increased the speed of sucking and meantime sheet slips little further and white big boobs of Umeeta come out. Jagdeep was sucking her black nipple like anything…and by his hand he was screwing her second nipple.Then he slowly moved towards the naval of Umeeta and started sucking the belly point and then tried to move little down but Umeeta held him and said not so early darling ..first show your stuff…i wanna see the big lund which is fucking my little sister for the last 10 years..Jagdeep got up and stood up on the bed..