Fuck me and my two daughters a lot

My name is Asha, I live in Delhi, I am 40 years old, and my daughter Ek Payal is 20 years old and Tanvi is 19, today I am going to tell you the most romantic incident of my life. I hope you enjoy it, I am a regular reader of this website. So today I also felt that I should also present my true story, I am a housewife, and both my daughters study in college, my husband lives in Shimla, he is a manager in a hotel there, that’s why I have to stay in Delhi This is the college of both the daughters. This story is from 3 years ago today, I used to live on rent, leaving two houses from my house, a boy lives on the top floor, he used to be seen more on Sundays or in the evening, both my daughters used to do a lot of lines on him. I have seen this many times, I even told you that if you are not ashamed of teasing such a boy, then those people would laugh and joke and say, mother, look what is solid material, you do not think that if he becomes my husband Go, then Tanvi says that no Payal didi would be nice if she becomes my husband, and I used to think in my mind that if that boy gets married, then it is good to get married, because of this I also did not restrict much, the truth is this I also used to like that boy (his name was Pankaj) very much, I also used to think that if I get a chance, I will also kiss. In this way the day passed, but he was a very shy boy, he did not pay much attention, both my daughters used to be engaged but to no avail, but so much so that hello high started, when Pankaj would come down or Whenever he met in the street, he started talking to Payal and Tanvi, and whenever he met me, he used to say hello with a nod, it was a Sunday, it was winter, Pankaj There was a woman with her on the terrace, like a new bride, my daughter told this thing, look who is this woman with Pankaj, found out that she is his wife, Pankaj was married six months ago and His wife was in the village, what should I say, both my daughters became so sad that they could not tell, I consoled them that daughter, man does not get everything that he wants, everything is not his own here, which is yours. Yes, you will definitely get it, no power in the world can stop it, but Payal said, you know, mother, if you want to get something, then no one can stop you from getting it, I understood that this Can go to any extent, only then Tanvi said the same thing, yes mother Payal didi is telling the truth, just the intentions should be high, I said ok keep trying, Pankaj would have gone on duty during the day, his wife would have been alone, in the evening When she came down to get vegetables, slowly Payal and Tanvi started calling her Didi, and made friends, now Pankaj’s wife started calling me Auntie, but Payal and Tanvi said, Look Didi, you are not an aunt, tell mother please, now mother should not be two or three. I have daughters, I also met yes in yes and said yes yes, tell me mother only, I would like it. I understood that both my daughters are doing all this just to kiss, gradually they both came closer, now both my daughters also started going to her and now Pankaj also started coming to my place, we are sister-in-law and brother-in-law. There is a lot of fun in me, because of this Payal and Tanvi were always joking. Slowly, both of them became like members of my house, all this continued, it was only five to six months after friendship, Pankaj’s wife had become pregnant and had come to take her maternal uncle, the child would have been in the maternal home. , So she told me mother, take care of Pankaj, then Payal said Didi, don’t worry, unless you are there, she will eat the same food, and she left again, my husband came to know that there is such a deep friendship If she has gone, then she said, let’s get a daughter and son-in-law, that is, no one in my house had any objection. Pankaj started eating food at my place, would go to office in the morning, in the evening he would do some internet work in his room and would come at eight o’clock. Then watch this TV. It was only last month, it was quite cold, we all ate food, and started watching movies on TV, it was a long night, Payal slept in one room and both of us were in one room, TV was on in Payal’s room. Yes, Tanvi and I started falling asleep, then both of us went to sleep, Pankaj and Payal both started watching TV, I woke up at night, I started coming for the bathroom, then there was a voice coming from Payal’s room Aah aaah aaah jiju mere saiyan Aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaah uffffff louder and louder aaah chit maslo na, ohhhhhh uhfffff and louder and louder, aaah aaah, I ran to her room and saw Payal’s naked downstairs and Pankaj Payal’s big, to her The big teat was shaking, the hair was scattered, both of them were caressing each other while kissing, Pankaj would put a finger on Payal’s nipple in the ass and then Payal would scream and say that Jiju is not in the ass. I don’t like to put a finger in my ass, Jiju, your cock is very fat, I enjoy it , what will you also remember, that someone has fucked you with a thick black cock. Water started coming out of my burrow and started pressing my nipples, even what I did, came back and slept after drinking water, now all night I was only in my dream, I slept in his dream, early in the morning I could not sleep Opened, Payal was ready to go to college, she looked very happy, she had a glow on her face, I knew everything, Payal said mother I am going to college, Tanvi will not go today because tomorrow to submit her notes Today she will make notes. I had work in some bank, my bank was far away, due to this I had to transfer the account to the nearest branch, I also left with Payal, got ready very soon, I returned at around 2 o’clock after getting all the work done. As soon as I came, I saw that Tanvi was chugging, Pankaj was making Tanvi a mare, Tanvi’s nipples were hanging down and Pankaj was getting loud from behind, what should I tell friends, I got very angry, I thought that I I was thinking since night that how should I kiss today, but both of these scoundrels are having fun and I am running here and there, I started looking hard behind the screen, Tanvi was kissing, and Pankaj’s fat cock, Tanvi’s Was tearing the burr, Tanvi was saying that jiju please don’t kill the ass please enjoy it a lot, I thought, look, both the randi do not like to put a finger in the ass and there is one who will die to get the ass killed. Pankaj took out his cock from Tanvi’s burrow and put a little spit on the ass and pelted it inside, Tanvi got upset, it started hurting a lot, she started screaming, Hey tore my ass, I died, and then slowly Slowly she started getting the ass killed and started saying, yes very good kill the ass, tear my ass, I kept watching this matter for about 30 minutes, then both of them fell, Pankaj put all his goods on Tanvi’s ass, and both fell down. Well done, I went to the bathroom, my burr was too wet, those people also came to know that mother has come, they got up early and got dressed, in the evening around eight o’clock in the neighborhood It was birthday, those people came to call, but I did not go, made an excuse that my health was not well, then sent Payal and Tanvi, after that I said to Pankaj, what are you feeding Pankaj, let your wife be all I will tell that you are fucking Payal and Tanvi nowadays, see how she is doing to you, then she got scared, said no mother, don’t tell please, I will not fuck now, I will not come to you now please forgive me, then I I will forgive you only when you fuck me too, he started laughing, said you are also a big scoundrel, mother-in-law. You are reading this story on nonveg story.com. But Pankaj said mother, I will not be able to take Viagra now, I come from the market with Viagra, tonight I will first kiss the anklets, then Tanvi, after that I will fuck you, the same thing happened, Pankaj ate Viagra that night, we all fuck the mother and daughter. , I was also blessed, enjoying the young cock, he was very hot, that night, at two o’clock in the night, my number came, and till the morning he dressed in different poses, on the second day both Payal and Tanvi went to college, I kissed all day, now whenever I feel like, he also fucks both my daughters. How do you like this story of mine please rate

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