Fucked my Aunty in Theater

Hello I am Gore. I love reading Indian sex stories and Aunty sex stories here. I decided to share my experience with an aunty in the theater. I am not such a good looking guy but still have a good sex drive. I stay at Andheri and in our apartment there was a couple and I used to call them uncle and aunty and they were very close with me, uncle was teacher in some school. one day I got a call from uncle saying that there computer was not working so asked me to check so one afternoon I went to their home and ringed the bell aunty opened the door she was wearing a white nightie and I can easily see her Black Bra and as she opened I went in had coffee while speaking I always stare at the boobs of auntie and auntie knew it but she never told me anything,

I asked auntie to show the computer I repaired it and started the computer and to check internet when I opened the browser I saw so many porn sites in the history so I directly asked aunty who visits these sites aunty just naughtily and went to kitchen as I asked for water when she came back and offered me water I just touched her hand and she stared at me and smiled I got a green signal so we kept on talking and slowly I started cracking non veg jokes and aunty used to laugh a lot, so we started talking more freely and aunty asked for a coffee again and I said yes aunty told me to come to kitchen and we can talk there and I went there and she prepared coffee and this time I pressed her hand and saw in her eyes she was smiling,

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I had coffee and was about to leave aunty asked me to come to a movie the next day so I accepted the same winked and she smiled and asked me to come directly to Fame at andheri and I reached there at time I was wearing black 3/4th short and a T-shirt and after waiting for sometime aunty came I a rickshaw she was looking goddess in black sari and I complimented her beauty and told her she was looking sexy she smiled naughtily, as it was 12.30 show there were only couples so we went ahead got the corner tickets for the movie as the movie was release 2 weeks back there was not much crowd we went inside the theater and sat on our seats it was last row corner seats I saw in auntie’s eyes directly and told that I like her very much and aunty was shocked hearing that but smiled and kept quiet I again asked her whether she likes me she said yes but as a good friend,

I saw in her eyes and winked and as still there was time for movie to start I asked aunty for a coffee and she agreed I went outside and got the coffee and while giving again I pressed her hands she saw in my eyes and smiled this time I winked her and sat beside her and asked her for the permission to hold her hand first she said that people are there but after so many requests she said yea and I was in a heaven and I had a bulge, lights got dim and still there were adds I took her hand near my lips and kissed it aunty was shocked and asked me what are u doing this is not good , I said ok and left her hand and kept quiet and after sometime I said sorry to aunty for my behavior she smiled and said that she was testing me how much I obey her I also smiled and again I took her hand and kissed this time she just smiled,

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while talking I casually asked aunty how many times they have sex she laughed naughtily and said to keep quiet as it is very personal I said that we are friends and we can share these things ok finally she blushed and once or maximum twice and smiled, I again kissed her hand and this time I kept her hand near my lips only I kept on kissing and she just closed the eyes I knew that she was getting hot after some time national anthem started and we stood and while standing I rubbed my hand to her ASS she saw in my eyes and I winked and she smiled in return we sat and I lights were turned Off and it was very dark at the last row I again took hold of her hand and started kissing and leaned on her shoulder

and after sometime I started to lick her fingers and she suddenly asked me what I was doing I winked and she said somebody will see I told her there was nobody till the corner of our last row she smiled and again I started licking her fingers and I told aunty that her lips are very sexy she smiled for the compliment I asked her permission to kiss her lips she said no but I begged like anything and said that I love her she saw in my eyes for a moment and got confused and what to say and asked what If uncle came to know about it I said don’t worry aunty I will not tell anybody and she smiled. i went near her lips and kept my lips on her lips and kissed I moved my tongue on her lips and asked her to open her lips she opened and we were in French kiss we exchange saliva and I was kissing her for nearly for 5 min and then we broke and aunty saw in my eyes and smiled. I kept my one hand on her shoulders and again started to kiss her lips and this time

She also responded very well and we kept kissing for a long time and finally she broke and leaned on my chest I started to move my hand on her ears and back and she was slowly moaning as she was leaning on my chest I kissed and licked her ears and back and she moaned slowly I kept my hand which was on shoulder and moved it to her waist and pressed she still came near me and whispered no to do it and looked in my eyes I again kissed her and slowly I kept my hand on her boob and I was in heaven and she suddenly jumped on her seat I asked what happened she blushed and said nothing and this time I pressed her left boob from the hand on the shoulder and she closed her eyes and moaned aaaa Gore pls don’t do it but I kept pressing her boobs and kept my another hand on the right boob and started to press her boobs and she was moaning and she still came near to me and started kissing me and we were madly kissing each other…

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I was pressing her boobs I told aunty that I want to lick the nipples and kissed her and asked her to open her blouse she said not here I requested and begged for it and finally she said ok and just lifted one side of her blouse and I went down and first kissed her nipples and she shivered and slowly started licking her nipples and she started pressing my head on her boobs and was moaning I still went down pulled her sari a bit down and kissed down and started licking her navel part and she was pressing me and I again went up and started licking her nipples I asked her to lift her blouse completely and she did

I started to lick both the nipples simultaneously and she was enjoying it then I went back to my seat and kissed her lips and was pressing her naked boobs and squeezing nipples after some time we broke and I asked auntie to lift my t shirt and lick my nipples she said no for that and after requesting she agreed so I lifted my tshirt and she bent down and first kissed my nipple and I shivered and she started licking and she was doing it in a great way I didn’t stop her after some time she got up we both hugged each other and were kissing each other and I was pressing her boobs and it was a time for interval, we sat as if nothing was happened and as the lights were On,

I saw in her eyes and winked she blushed and smiled I went out to washroom and removed my underwear and just wore my ¾ shorts and came inside in sat beside her I asked her how she was feeling she said it was good as she had never experience this type of sex and was very happy and again the movie started we started kissing again and this she was too good in kissing and I was pressing her boobs and after sometime I asked her to lift the blouse again she did and again I went and started licking her nipples and this time she was pressing me hard while kissing and licking her boobs slowly from one hand I pressed her pussy she was in heaven and pressed me tightly and stopped me from doing that and I went up again and started kissing her and slowly started pressing pussy and this time she allowed and she was moaning like and anything and she was breathing heavily and kissing vigorously

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I told auntie to lift the sari a bit so that I can put my hand inside her sari she did that I put my hand inside her sari and touched her panties it was completely wet I saw in her eyes and she was blushing I put my hand inside her panty and put my middle finger in her pussy it was very hot and she hugged me tightly and told me to do it fast and after some time she got juices out and my hand and her panty was completely we both were kissing each other I removed my hand and look in her eyes and she was very happy and kissed me, slowly I took her hand and kept it on my dick and she was shocked as it was very hard I winked and she smiled and started shaking it I asked her to take it in her mouth and she went down and gave the best oral sex and I cummed on her face and we both were tired after some time we again kissed each other and left for the home.

Next day in the morning as uncle left for work I went to her house and she opened the door and smiled I went inside and closed the door and she was in nightie I was able to see her bra and panty she asked me to sit and went to bring coffee I followed her to kitchen and hugged her from behind and started pressing her boobs and she also responded well we kissed each other we went to bathroom had bath I fucked her and licked her cunt 2 times in bathroom and we had sex till the time thay were in that apartment, later uncle got transferred and now they are in Kolkata.