Fucked the chubby sister on her birthday

Sister ko Choda Birthday par : Hi Friends, Welcome to www.nonvegstory.com. I read its chudai ki kahani everyday and enjoy. I will also ask you people to read the sexy and juicy stories here. My name is Govind. Today, for the first time, I am telling you my Chudai ki Story. For many days I was thinking of writing. Forgive me if there is any mistake on my part. I just turned 21. I look very beautiful. All the girls of my locality die on me. But I also don’t give lift to anyone. Seeing my attitude, even the girls of a good family get fascinated. But the truth was that we were afraid to speak to any girl. That’s why I could never make anyone my girlfriend. While reaching the Intermediate with a girl, he also made eye contact. So his father took him and went somewhere else. I have not forgotten his chutchi till date. It seemed in my luck that not even a single glimpse of the pussy has been written. But did I know that I can get a pussy in my house only. That too of a beautiful girl like Didi. Friends thing happened just a few days ago. When I learned to fuck my sister. His name is Charu. She looks very hot and sexy. It is a great pleasure to see his slim body. I used to tease him a lot too. But I had not yet seen him with a fucking eye. Me and didi all the people came together recently. Some guests also came. Didi was wearing a very beautiful dress. Today was his birthday. The straps of his bra were clearly visible in pink color. But little did I know that today I will also get an opportunity to touch them. Even though I had not kissed anyone yet, but the yearning to fuck was full of code in me. My shriveled penis started getting bigger. I couldn’t stop now. My cock started tearing the pants to come out. My sister was probably watching all this. I somehow ran from there and came to the bathroom. After working with my hands for 10 minutes, my goods came out. After taking out all the goods, I felt a little relaxed. After that I put on the pants and went with everyone again. Now my penis had shrunk. Sister cut the cake. Everyone applaud and Happy Birthday to you……. Started saying After that everyone was talking happily after having food. It was enough night. The neighbors and all the guests went to their respective homes. Mother and father were the only ones at home. Those people also got tired and fell asleep in no time. Me and Didi could not sleep at all. Even today both of us used to sleep in the same room. My sister was a very fair and sexy girl. He had a full body and a sexy body. Anyone would have become senile on seeing my didi, she was so beautiful. Didi- “Gobind are you sleeping??” Me- “No sister, I am not able to. You??” Didi- “I am not even coming man” Me- “Didi let us all talk” Didi’s bed was away from my bed. Didi- “If you speak fast, there will be a voice. You come to my bed only” Me- “Ok didi” Didi- “And tell me did you enjoy the party today??” Me- “It was a lot of fun. She was very nice to your friends.” Didi- “Why don’t I like it” I- “Don’t talk about yourself. Can anyone be better than you??? You are one in crores” I said looking at her pink bra. Didi- “Where are you looking??” Me- “Nowhere. I was looking at the wall” I started getting scared. Didi- “Gobind my back is itching” Me- “Didi I itches” Didi lay down with her back on my side. I started itching. His bra straps were touching my hands. My cock started standing like a rocket. I started getting very restless. With the hook, I began to wiggle the entire bra straps. She started laughing looking at me. I “What’s the matter didi” Didi- “Look, there is nothing red on my back. I’m still itchy” I- “No sister, you go and look in the mirror” Didi- “Look man, don’t deny me today is my birthday” He picked up his net t-shirt and put it on his neck. I could see everything clearly. His face was covered with a T-shirt. I started looking at his fair and fair nails. Looking at the front cheeks, I started talking about the itching behind. Seeing her fair cheekbones, I said- “Didi is all normal. I don’t see a single stain anywhere.” My heart was trying to cut these melons and eat them. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Didi removed her T-shirt from her mouth and saw me scolding Chucho. I said- “Sister, I just saw a worm going here. Don’t know where it disappeared” Didi said- “I am itching in this T-shirt. I’ll take it out.” Saying this, he took out the sheet and covered it. I too started feeling cold. I said- “Sister, I am going to my bed, I am feeling cold.” Taking the sheet, he covered me and started sticking it. He was feeling 34″ in my chest. I was unable to control. He started trying to suppress his cheeks. Didi- “You didn’t invite any of your girlfriends to my birthday party.” When there is no one, whom should I call” Didi- “Are you lying to us??” Me- “No sister, I am not lying. You swear!!” Sister- “You have grown so much. And you don’t know all this love of love, ABC, D.” Me- “No, I don’t know” Didi started taking care of me. I don’t know what started joking by saying what. I kept listening to everything silently. When he stopped laughing after some time, I said- “It is not that much that I do not know anything. I haven’t done anything yet. But I know everything” Didi – “You also watch the blue film” Me – “Yes, I see your phone se” Didi was shocked. True friends, I had no idea that they also watch. I also told my whole thing like this. Sister started saying Today, on the occasion of Birthday, we watch a show of Sunny Leone. I also added yes to yes. Didi picked up her laptop and started watching with an earphone. I too was listening to the sound with an earphone. Seeing Didi started getting hot. He started pressing me with his hands on his shoulder. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity either. Today I wanted to release my anger. I also dared to put my hand on his thigh. Now my mind started to choke. So Sunny’s sex ended. Didi said- “Ek aur dekhte hai” By doing this we saw two or three blue films. I put my hand in the pants and touched the cap of the cock. I felt a bit sticky. My cock had taken out a little of its cargo. I smiled looking at Didi. She made her cheeky mouth and started telling me – “Let us do the same thing” I was stunned to hear Didi’s words. He spoke my heart. I even pretended to be straight. Me- “How can I kiss you? You are my elder sister” Didi- “I know you are my real brother. But nothing will happen by chugging.” Me- “If mommy knows then both of us will be thrown out of the house” Didi went and closed the door. She came back and said- “Now no one will know. Today, give me your cock as a birthday gift.” I was not doing it that like Sunny Leone, she put her hand on my cock by becoming a priest of lust. She started saying- “Brother, today you become my Saiyan ji. Don’t do me for anything today” I said – “Okay my dear sister, see how your brother is fulfilling all your wishes” I removed my pants by saying this. Now spreading my Dixie Scott’s underbear, my cock was ready to fly like a rocket. She started measuring the size by holding my cock in my thong. Didi- Wow… how big and fat is it” I- “Didi, now it will be bigger” Didi started feeling very restless to see my cock. He separated my brief from my cock in a jiffy. Seeing my cock, his eyes were torn apart. She took a deep breath with her hand on her mouth. Then with his hand started caressing my cock. The skin of Lund’s cap slid down and came down. She started sucking my pink hat with pink lips. I lie down and lift my waist and start sucking. She was sucking the whole cap in her mouth. I grabbed his hair and put the whole cock in his mouth. My cock got stuck in his throat. In no time, Didi’s breath started breathing. She was looking at me with pleading eyes. I was sticking my nails in my ass. I chuckled and took my cock out of his mouth. Didi breathed a sigh of relief. She started saying bad things by hitting my ass. I put my cock on his lips and closed his mouth. Like Emraan Hashmi, I started kissing loudly. Didi was also made proud of her brother today. Continuously I kissed his lips for 10 minutes and turned them red. I could not stop seeing both the Chuchus. I held both the milk in one hand and started pressing it. She started getting hot. He was “……i…i….i……i….this sssss…….uhhhh…..ohhhhh….” The hissing started filling up. I took out the bra and started sucking both the hanging lemons. Black colored nipples looked very exciting on fair blonde nipples. She was also very happy. She was making me drink her juice with great pleasure by pressing me in her funny chutchio. I was getting their screams removed by cutting off the nipples. He loudly said “U U U U U U … … That adorable voice was driving me crazy. I said – “Didi, now give me a vision of your well” Didi – “Come, the master of my well, I will give you water along with darshan.” Saying this, she took off her jeans and got into the panties. I could see his white white ass coming out in clean panties. Didi took off her panties and got naked. I laid them down. Opening both the legs, I saw his pussy. For the first time in my life, today I was seeing a pussy face-to-face. I started drinking with my tongue on my pussy like the porn stars of blue movies. Sister got very hot. In no time, she started saying- “Gobind babu now don’t torture me, fill your cock in my pussy” I had read in the sex story that it is a lot of fun to be tortured. I was doing the same thing. I accepted his word. He started rubbing his cock on his pussy. As soon as she rubbed on the pussy, she started to suffer more. Holding my cock, she started inserting it in her pussy. I pushed too. My hat entered. He loudly said “…… Mummy… Mummy….. C C C C.. Ha ha ha…..ooooo….oooo. .Om…Om…Unhoo Unhoo..” started screaming. I pressed his mouth and suppressed his voice. After that, I pushed the whole cock into it. She started groaning in pain. I started fucking. After a while his voice started to slow down. I took my hand out of his mouth. She also lifted her pussy. Like Didi Sunny Leone Ohhh…Fuck..Fuck Me…. Oh my god, she was chugging out the sounds of the fuck…. I also intensified the fuck. Didi started saying- “Your cock is giving a lot of fun. And fuck it hard. I was having a lot of fun.” I said- “I’m tired. Now fuck you only” I lay down saying this. She sat down with a pussy on my cock. Inserting the whole cock into the pussy, she jumped loudly and started kissing. I was also lifting my cock and pelting it. She was good at chugging with the sound of ghach pach ghach pachch. She was jumping up and down to hear the voices. My cock was very stiff. I now focused and bowed to them to fuck. I inserted my cock in his pussy and grabbed his waist. With the help of that, the whole cock started to grow till the root. She was chuckling with screams of “Aaw…..aau….hmmmm ahhhhhh…cc cc cc..ha ha ha….” Water came from Didi’s well. As soon as the cock was removed, white milky goods started coming out like a waterfall. I licked and drank all the goods of Sara. I really liked the smell of the goods. I put my cock on the hole to kill Didi’s ass. His ass exploded as soon as he put the cock. She started screaming again. His ass was very tight. My cock was rubbing a lot in fucking. I was tearing his ass and kissing him fast. With the sound of “…. uh uh uh .. .. .. .. hmmmm ahhhhhh .. ai… ai… ai…..” she started to shake her ass and start kissing. My cock started getting tighter now. Both the bullets of my cock were fighting very fast on Didi’s pussy. I told Didi- “Sister, I am going to fall. Where should I drop my goods” Didi – “Fill all the goods in my ass only” I also filled my sugar syrup in his ass. Didi’s ass was filled with the hot stuff of my cock. As soon as the cock came out, the semen started dripping from the ass. By wiping his ass with a clean cloth, he cleaned it. One night, he made a slave to his cock by having sex. Now she is eager to eat my cock every day. We have a lot of fun. Tell me how did you like the story and all friends keep reading non veg story.com for new stories. You also share the story.

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