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Fuferi sister sex story: My Landvat Namaskar to all the Lund Dharis and Namaskar while fingering in the pussy of the Mallikas. I am telling my story to all of you through nonvegstory.com. I am sure that after reading my sexy and erotic story, all the boys’ cocks will stand erect and the pink pussy of all the pussy will definitely leave its juice. Fuferi Bahan Sex Story, my name is Dilraj. I am a resident of Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. I go to my relatives and make girls and sisters-in-law happy by talking dirty and also fuck them. I have a lot of talent in talking. My cousin was about to get married. As soon as I saw the wedding card, I remembered Sulochana. She was the first girl whom I had fucked with my thick cock. This thing happened 3 years ago. She came to my house. Then both of us fell in love and the act of sex was done. I thought that I would go to my cousin Brajesh’s wedding. I will fuck Sulochana once again. I got the tickets booked with my mother. The marriage was taking place in Delhi. My aunt and uncle live in Delhi only, in Paharganj. I reached with mom. Sulochana was looking sexier than before. She was looking very bright in blue jeans and printed readymade shirt. “How are you Sulochana???” I said “Just fine brother!! Was missing your cock?? She said, “So see you this evening.” I will quench your thirst” I said. The preparations for the wedding had begun. All the ladies in the house were applying henna. Sulochana had also planted it. After that the music ceremony took place. The wedding was the next day. My aunt’s son was getting married, so we were from the boy’s side. I went to the wedding procession along with Sulochana. The whole family was together. Sulochana danced a lot. Our groom i.e. Brajesh went inside the guest house and everyone else left. First there was the program of Jaimal. Then there were rounds of marriage. The whole time I was thinking that when would I get to fuck Sulochana’s juicy pussy. The wedding rituals started and Brajesh was sitting in front of the Pandit with his future wife. By now most of the guests had either left or had gone to sleep in the guest house rooms. Sulochana was sitting next to Brajesh. It was 1 a.m. I gestured to him with my eyes and called him out to the lawn. She came. “Will you get your brother married or will you do something with me too???” I said, “But at least get married.” She said, “The marriage has already been understood.” The pundit has got good money. He is reciting the mantra. Now you have no work there. Let’s go to the room and give pussy. My cock is getting erect” I said Sulochana didn’t have much desire to come but I forcefully took her to the upstairs room. Had spent better money than the girls. Big AC rooms were booked for the boys. I opened a room and took Sulochana’s hand and took her inside. Forgot to tell you that Sulochana wore a black zari silk saree on her brother’s wedding today. She was so well dressed that she herself was looking like a new bride. She had put on makeup well. We both sat on the bed. Then started talking. I started rubbing my hands on her back. Then holding her started kissing her on the lips. Sulochana had applied magenta color lipstick, in which her lips were looking very juicy and natural. Our kiss started. They also started doing it. He sucked a lot too. I sucked a lot too. Then I started kissing her by putting my tongue on her throat. Started licking By doing this, aunt’s girl was feeling very hot. I started chewing her throat with little teeth and started doing foreplay. Sulochana started saying “..ahhhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aaha…ha ha s s s s.” Then I started biting the lower part of her ear. She turned into a completely cheeky girl. He himself caught my hands and put them on his sweet breasts. Sulochana’s figure was 36 32 38. Her mom looked like a football which attracted all the boys towards her. I started rubbing his huge soccer balls with my hands. She started making more intoxicating exclamations. “Dilraj!! I am opening my blouse. You drink my breasts well today” Sulochana started saying “sure baby” I replied. My luck shone when she opened her blouse. Then took off the bra too. He had kept his underarms clean. In the light of the tubelight of the room, her breasts were looking a bit more bright. I also became cocky and started pressing tightly with my hand. Started kneading like dough. My aunt’s girl started saying “……ai…ai….ai…..isssss…….uhhhhh…..ohhhhh….” Friends, when I fucked her 3 years ago, her milk size was only 32”. It was 36″ in just a few years. How can I praise his oranges, they were so big and soft. As much as Sulochana was fair, her juicy nipples were more white than that. I took a bite in my mouth and started sucking it. Started doing foreplay. Aunt’s girl’s pussy started getting wet from Kamras. “My soft oranges are yours, Dilraj!! Suck them by pressing them well….aaaaa…..!!” Sulochana started saying that I also came in my speed. Taking the bite in my mouth, I also sucked it after making a wound. “Dear!! Enjoy me by fucking both my sisters with your cocks!! It’s been a long time since no one has fucked my mother————————————————————————————————————————————————————— By taking off the vest and underwear, he got naked and took the cock in his hand and started beating it. My Nagraj was 6″ long and 2″ thick. My Nagraj could break the wall of any strong pussy. With this cock I had broken the seal of Sulochana’s pussy 3 years back. I took it in my hand and started beating it. Slowly the cock started getting hard and blood started coming in the cock. I kept fisting. At last my Nagraj stood up well. Now it was looking hard like iron. I set my cock between the two nipples of Bua’s girl. Pressed both the nipples and started fucking quickly. Sulochana started having fun. I was enjoying sitting on her. “Ai….Ai….Ai… ahhhhhh…..cc c c….ha ha ha…” she began. He was also feeling very sexy. Soft skinned milk was giving pleasure like pussy. I fuck her pussy a lot. Then started beating with cocks. A lot of my stuff got on his ball. I again took her milk in my mouth and sucked it clean. After that she herself opened her black saree and took off her shadow. Sulochana wore a pink net panty inside. She came and started licking my cock. Quickly quickly loudly. “Dilraj!! Now you lie down!! Enjoy the cock sucking show” Sulochana started saying “Ok baby!!” I shrugged and lay down. The guest house bed was very plush and soft. It was going to be a good fucking pleasure. Bua’s girl i.e. Sulochana caught hold of my 6” cock and started tearing it. I started saying “Aau….Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc cc c..ha ha ha….” Then she started bursting with more effort. She started enjoying my pills by caressing them. After that the sucker started working. I was just lying down watching the spectacle. Sulochana was doing everything. She was looking knowledgeable like a prostitute. Her hands were doing very sexy massage on my cock. She used to wet it with spit and make it smooth. After that she quickly shook her head up and down and sucked it. Stuff started coming out of my cock hole which she licked. Now it was the number of my bullets. She started pressing him with the first hand. Kept caressing, then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Was sucking well. “Come….Come….It seems today you will take my life!!” I said and started sucking the pills very well and it gave me a lot of pleasure. Then Sulochana took off her pink panty and started showing me her pussy. Her pussy was very smooth. There was no hair on it. Looked very sexy and cool. “Will you suck my pussy??” She started saying “What do you want??” I asked “yes! Dilraj! I want you to enjoy my smooth jasmine by sucking it” said my aunt’s daughter Sulochana. I started licking my tongue. Today after 3 years was drinking her pussy. The smooth lips of the pussy puffed like a pav were looking juicy like raisins. I started enjoying his youthful juice by applying it. Started licking and sucking. Sulochana started saying “….um um um um…. The shape of his burrow was perfectly sculpted. I was teasing her cunt with my tongue. Was drinking the grains of her pussy in agony. The taste of his burrow was like sour sour sourdough. I was too busy sucking. She was sucking by lifting her waist and ass by taking angrai. His body was twitching, stiff. Now the clouds of fuck were hovering over Sulochana. “….. c c c c… your tongue is driving me crazy….and lick my ass….ugh. Oom…Oom” Sulochana started saying, she started pressing my mouth in her pussy. He was enjoying it very much. His machine was like smooth jelly. I used to open its fuddi again and again with my finger and drink the contents inside. Now my aunt’s girl’s pussy had started releasing its butter. I felt very fond of licking her.”……Ai…Ai….Dilraj, put your finger in my pussy and enjoy!!” Then Sulochana started saying that I started enjoying by putting my finger in her smooth jasmine hole. She started pressing her 36” boobs. She started rubbing her nipples tightly. I fingered her pussy for a long time and gave her wet finger in her mouth and sucked it. She licked it. “Dilraj fuck me sitting on the cock!! Extinguish the fire of my lust!” His next order was I put my hand on the ass of my aunt’s young Chudasi girl and made her sit on my cock. My 6” cock was also fully prepared. Was ready to make kachumar of her pussy. Lund entered. She sat properly. After that the pushing started. Sulochana started kissing with her waist high. I was having a lot of fun too. My cock was going to tear apart the wall of her pussy and enter inside. It was well set in a while. Sulochana knew the art of sucking while sitting on the cock. She started having sex by shaking her waist quickly. “….uh uh uh hmm… hmm… hmm… hmmmm ahhhhhh… ai… ai… ai…..” she was saying. She was having fun. His intoxicated whistles started bursting. My strong cock was playing her game with fun. Due to jumping quickly, the milk of aunt’s girl was bouncing up and down. In this she was looking even more intoxicating. “You too fuck me from below!! Ahhhhhh-Ai yes can do” she said and raised my hands and put them on her big ass, after that I also started pushing from my side. He started pushing and rolling from below. Sulochana enjoyed a lot. Had a lot of fun After that, my cock started working quickly from below with the speed of lightning. She screamed and started taking deep breaths. Then got down. “Sister Chinal!! Did you enjoy it or not?? I said and made her lie down. After some time her pussy started drinking again. Then by inserting his 6″ long and 2″ thick cock, he started working as aunt’s girl again. She started rejoicing again. Now her pussy hole was well loosened. My cock was running in and out comfortably. Because of his greasy semen, the cock was sliding inside and out. “ohh!! yes yes yes!! fuck me hard dilraj!! ….um-um…um si si …” She started saying that now the story of our sex had started. By now the aunt’s girl had warmed up well. Now it was my duty to satisfy her completely by fucking her and fulfill the responsibility of a man. I also started doing my duty. Started fucking quickly. Then whatever happened, what should I tell you. We both ran away till the land ended. Sulochana’s pussy started melting like a furnace. I just went on pelting. My cock was also badly stuck in his oven. I also could not back down. Today I had to satisfy her so much that she would come to me and fuck me again and again. I went on fucking Sulochana. Its bur was running in the same way as Pulsar bike. Very clearly and without any noise. I started running like a hubby. In the end, loud banging noises started coming from his mouth. I had no control over myself. Everything was happening on its own. My cock itself had come into auto control mode. He was just doing all the work of Sulochana’s fuddi fast. Then came the sad time of falling. Sulochana also knew that she would also fall. I grabbed her by the shoulders and hugged her. I started sucking her pink lips. She also started sucking. Then while kissing we both fell together. Witnessing the love, my cock left melodious squirts in her pussy. He did so too. Then after some time I fucked her ass. He happily kissed. Then she got dressed and went to her brother Brajesh. I was tired and fell asleep. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. You also share the story. This is even more cool!

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