Gay losing virginity by roommates sex story

“Please Raghu, just let us enjoy. You won’t have to do anything.” Nikhil and Rohit, my roommates begged. I tried to pull myself away from their grip. “No, it will hurt. You are going to hurt me.” I said. “Promise we won’t,” said Nikhil. “You just relax and let us work our magic on you,” said Rohit. They came closer to me. I was once again squeezed between them. From behind, Nikhil’s hot dick was pressing into the small of my back. His hands were gently squeezing my nipples. Rohit was kissing my neck, and gently rubbing his dick against my thighs. “Please, Raghu,” they begged again. Internally, I was just as horny. I was just playing very hard to get. “All right. But promise me you will be gentle.” Hello, readers of ISS. Raghu, an old timer here. This is my first story on ISS, and I hope it gets published. The story is of my first gay sexperience, which happened last night, and which left me tingling for more. I’m a 21 year old, tall guy, with an average body. I shifted to a PG last month and became great friends with my roommates Rohit and Nikhil, who were of similar age. We were quite frank and openly discussed sex and other topics. It all started last evening when we were really bored and Nikhil came up with the idea of ​​the three of us watching some porn together. Now I usually watch porn in private, and this was new. I was somewhat shy, but anyway, agreed. The three of us snuggled together on the bed under a blanket, and Rohit played a porno on his laptop. It was an intensely erotic porno that had us all hard in a matter of seconds. A few minutes into the video, Nikhil removed his t shirt and threw it into a corner. Rohit did the same. Another few minutes later, I could make out they were stroking their cocks inside the blanket. what Nikhil did next took me by surprise. He pulled off his shorts too, and began to jerk off harder. Rohit took off his pants as well. A few seconds later, I was shocked when Nikhil reached over, and began to fondle Rohit’s cock, and then bent over it to suck it. The girl in the porno was doing something similar. I didn’t know what to do or how to react, but I was sure as hell horny. I took off my t shirt as I was already feeling quite warm. Nikhil and Rohit came on either side of me and said “Let’s have some fun.” I somehow freed myself and excused myself to go to the bathroom. I stood under the shower and tried to figure out things. I was nervous. Sure, I could have some fun, no strings attached. But I had heard of how badly it hurt, and there was the possibility of some injury. Anyway, I decided to give it a try. I cleaned myself thoroughly. I used to wax my crotch anyway. So I cleaned out my butthole as best as I could. When I emerged from the bathroom in my towel, Rohit and Nikhil were instantly pressing their naked bodies against mine, begging me. I played hard to get before finally agreeing to be fucked. Nikhil carried me to the bed, and laid me gently on it. “Just relax. This is your special night,” said Rohit. He slowly pulled off my towel. The drops of water on my body glittered in the light, which Nikhil reached and turned off. “He’s got a nice dick and ass” quipped Rohit. Nikhil slowly touched my semi erect dick with his lips, and flicked the head with his tongue. My dick sprang to attention soon. “See, he likes it!” said Nikhil. Rohit then asked me to kneel on the bed. Nikhil bent in front of me, and in one smooth, swift motion, took my entire cock in his mouth. Rohit knelt behind me, and gave a quick, smooth lick on my ass crack that gave me the shivers. He slowly separated my butt cheeks and tickled my asshole with his hot wet tongue. The sensations that passed through my body at that time were like bliss. A mixture of shivers and electricity that was pleasure, as well as hard to bear. It had been barely 5 minutes when I started to feel my cum rising. I asked Nikhil to stop. Rohit’s tongue was still driving me mad, and now I wanted a cock inside it. I asked them to fuck me. Nikhil brought a bottle of lotion, parted my ass cheeks and poured a huge amount of lube into my ass. The cool liquid on my hot skin felt tantalizing, and I was shivering. Rohit slowly pushed his little finger into my ass. As a reflex, I tried to push him out. “Relax, Raghu.” he asked. So I relaxed my ass, and he and Nikhil began to work their fingers into a smooth movement. I began to like it. They used more lube, and put in three fingers. They loosened me for like half an hour before I was ready, according to them. “So, who do you want to take your virginity?” asked Nikhil. “Well, since it’s not fair to the other, I guess I can make you both happy. One of you gets to fuck my ass, the other gets to fuck my mouth!” I said. A coin was flipped and Rohit won. He was going to take my virginity. I knelt on the bed in doggy style, and a pillow was placed under me to take off some of the strain. Rohit gave a quick lick around my ass, and placed his cock against my twitching, tingling butt-hole. Nikhil knelt in front of me. I slowly licked his cock. I found the taste a bit weird, but slowly took it all in my mouth. Rohit began to slowly push inside my ass. He got the head past, and stopped. I was in some pan, but the lube was helpful. Rohit stopped and let me adjust, while I struggled to relax my ass. He was caressing my back, and I was finally able to relax it after a few minutes. I was also beginning to enjoy sucking off Nikhil. Rohit slowly began to push all the way in, and finally buried himself to the hilt in my ass. The feeling is hard to describe in words. My ass was clenching like crazy around his cock. My ass had this strange feeling of fullness to it, with warmth and coolness. It was as if the nerve endings were being introduced to hidden, forbidden pleasures. Rohit then pulled out a little, and pushed back in. He was thrusting very slowly inside me. I pulled out Nikhil’s cock from my mouth, buried my head in a pillow and began to moan. The pleasure was intense. I was counting strokes. I was so tight, that Rohit suddenly let out a loud grunt, and began to cum. He had done about 20 strokes inside me. I could feel every twitch of his cock inside me, and then the hot boiling cum coating my inner walls, leaving their mark. He collapsed on top of me, panting. , and hugged me. His cock shriveled slowly, and slipped out. Boy, it was fun! After a short break, it was Nikhil’s turn. He wanted to fuck me missionary style, something I had a secret fantasy about. He placed a pillow under my ass, lifted my legs high in the air and rested them on his shoulders. He slowly entered me and I began to moan again. Rohit came over my chest, and I tried to suck him off too, but couldn’t do it properly, so I gave up. Meanwhile, Nikhil too suddenly groaned and began to cum inside me. I had finally been fucked by two guys and lost my virginity. They were gentle as promised, and I had enjoyed myself thoroughly. There was one position I wanted to try, and I asked if it were possible. when I described it to them, the guys were excited. I moved near the window, and turned my back to it. I held the window grille, and raised myself slightly. Rohit hooked his hands under my thighs and lifted me up. Nikhil helped insert his dick in my ass, standing. Rohit began to fuck me with gentle upward thrusts. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Probably it was one of those prostrate hitting orgasms. I was being filled with pleasure. The pleasure mounted inside me. My cock was begging for attention. Nikhil came over and stroked my cock a few times. I couldn’t take it any more, and I began to shout and cum. I came harder than I ever have before, shooting my load onto my chest and onto Rohit. I was crying from all that pleasure. Rohit then carried over me to the bed, where Nikhil joined me. The two of them snuggled against me and ran their hands gently all over my body, caressing me, and relaxing me. Every nerve in my loans was tingling. I was sweating, tired, and filthy. My throat was parched and I was panting. I had no energy let, and fell off to sleep, snuggled between the two of them. An hour later, I woke up, and went into the shower to wash off the sweat and cum. I smiled to myself. I was no longer a virgin, and I had just had the most awesome sexperience of my life, a thousand times better than masturbation. Later that night, I was feeling horny again. That is when I fucked both Rohit and Nikhil. It was truly an experience to remember. The gentleness with which I was fucked, it was like being made love to, and it was just mind blowing. Hope you readers liked my story. I would be very grateful if this were published and even more grateful if you left your comments. I am going to have many more hot gay sexperiences for sure, and I hope to be able to share them on this awesome site. See you guys!

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