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I do business on Laila Ji B Road. I have been reading Mast Mast Stories of for the last many years. Today I am telling you my story. I am doing business since last 7 years. My mother was also a scot. My mother was not a professional scrubber. My father was an alcoholic, loved my mother, had brought her away, had sold my mother at this infamous place in Delhi and the brother-in-law himself took the money and became nine or two eleven. My mother was in stomach at that time. I was born after 3 months. Being the child of a scoundrel, I also had to become a randi. Because no good man would marry me. When I turned 16, I started my first affair. Go daughter Laila! Sit down with this customer!! My mother said. That customer was probably a butcher. He had given 30 thousand to remove my nose. The customer has to pay more money to enter the market of randibaazi. Because a girl is a virgin. I too was an innocent bud at that tender age of 16. I didn’t know what it was like to kiss. I did not know what work my mother used to do in closed rooms. Mother used to say that I am going to sit with such a customer. The butcher, who was my very first customer, was staring at me greedily. I couldn’t understand what he was staring at. Mother sent me to the under room. In this building which my mother used to call home, it was a 3-storey building. From 3 o’clock in the evening my mother and all the other girls and women used to start decorating. She used to wear bright salwar suits. Women used to wear flamboyant saris and applied lipstick full of lips. My mother used to do the same thing. Today I was also going to start my first business. Oh Abdul!! Take it easy. The girl doesn’t know anything yet, don’t be in too much pain! My mother told that first customer of mine. I went inside to the room. My customer has come in. He closed the door and put the latch. I was a little suspicious of his latch. He came and sat on the bed beside me. Started staring at me. My face was very innocent. I had a long skinny face. I was wearing a salwar suit. My mum had come out very big. My mother used to bring me bra and panties. My customer came and sat beside me. I didn’t know at all what would happen next. O Laila! You are so beautiful!! He said. You know what you have come to this room to do! The butcher asked. Yes! I have come to sit with you, I said. He was tempted. My sealed pussy and my bachelor mom were swimming in his eyes. He was about to fuck me badly. But I don’t know anything. He took off his clothes. Came to me in raw only after taking off bet and pants. He put both his hands on my shoulders. What is this doing? If you have come to sit with me, then sit. why are you touching me?? I said and started removing his hand from my shoulders. My first customer knew that I don’t know anything. My mother had told her that the girl was new to the business. Doesn’t know anything. He smiled. Suddenly he took a handkerchief and forcibly tied it on my face. ‘Leave it!! What are you doing?? Leave me! I started screaming. But that fat belly butcher of 40 years turned out to be a big friend. The way he used to tie his goat with a rope, in the same way he tied both my hands up. He tied the handkerchief on my face with such force that my mouth started hurting. I started crying. Big hot tears are coming out of my eyes. That customer threw me on the bed. When I started getting up again, he slapped me so hard that my head was tingling. Blood also started pouring out of my head. I was very scared. I was sobbing, crying, I was cursing and abusing my mother in which I had made a deal of my body for 30 thousand rupees. I was now cursing not only that customer and only my mother. I kept crying for half an hour sobbing, sobbing, sobbing. Then she fell silent. The customer gave a jolt and my suit got torn. Then he tore my bra too. My 2 Mast Mast Gol Gol Mamma came to the fore. I didn’t protest or else he would beat me again. He tore my salwar again. Tore my mesh panties too. I got naked. My pussy was clearly visible to him. Now I was completely naked in front of him. I tried unsuccessfully to cover my pussy by joining both my thighs, but I could not succeed. Opened both my legs from that ruthless man. That whole whole thing had come and lied on me. I was still crying. He came very close to me. He stared at me from head to toe. Then he opened his mouth, came near my milk and started drinking. I was crying, but my first customer didn’t care. My long beautiful hair had been shattered by my crying and many had even broken. I was so fair that it was like milk. Wherever he used to put his hands on me, the blood of my veins was visible from my white body. By this you can guess how fair I was. Today my customer was going to eat 16 year old phool si laundiya chodne. His eyes did not move away from me and my body. It was going to drink to my momma. With the other hand, he was holding my other milk and pressed it tightly. He was rubbing one of my nipples with his teeth and the other on his chest with his fingers. He was pulling every part of my body. I was still sobbing. He was drinking both my milk filled with lust. For some time he kept drinking my milk. Then he took off his brief. He came and sat on my chest. My first customer was like a very fat and heavy bull. I saw his fat cock. Black Kaluta was a fat cock. He had a big fat supada. He opened the handkerchief from my mouth and put the cock in my mouth. I did not refuse or else he would beat me again. I knew this very well. That’s why I didn’t do any drama anymore. Laila! Come on suck it! He said. I didn’t make any drama. I started sucking his cock. Then after sometime he opened both my hands. I took his thick and black cock in my hand. As per his request, I started thrashing his lad with my hand. Then she started sucking by filling her mouth. After a while I started feeling better. I nodded my head happily and started sucking his lauda. Today I knew everything. What did my mother do in these closed rooms? For what people used to give him money, today I was getting to know everything. This first customer of mine had a really long cock. He was going till my nutty. He had a lot of hair on his legs and chest. I was sucking his cock, and he was pressing my mother. I was mashing my bhundis lightly. After a while I started having more fun. He grabbed my head. Placed his hand on my chin and slowly started putting his cock under my mouth. Now he was licking my face. I slowly started to understand everything now. My mother would also kiss like this everyday. He started kissing my face. His cock was really fat. My whole mouth was jammed with his cock. I was breathing very little. My first customer had put both my hands on his bullets and jhanto. I was caressing his pills and gimmicks. That’s exactly what he wanted. He wanted to eat me chodna with great love. He kept on licking my face for a long time. Then he removed his big elephant-like ladle from my mouth. Once again he started drinking my mum. Then he put his fat lauda in between my two soft soft mummos. He joined both my mummies together like bread and started choking my mummies with his elder one. ah i liked it guys. I didn’t know that Laude can also fuck Mmme. I started having fun. He hugged me by connecting both of my moms. Both my creamy moms were as soft as my pussy. He started choking after consuming it. After some time he came on my pussy. Mine was completely virgin. For this, he had paid 30 thousand rupees. He had paid so much money to fuck my virgin pussy. My first customer was now drinking my virgin pussy. He was drinking by opening my burr’s lips. I didn’t know what it was like to kiss and cuddle. But today I will learn everything. I knew this. Then he started to beat his cock. After some time, his cock became hard as a stone. He put his big lauda on my pussy and aimed. and pushed hard inside. Both the lips of my burr ran to the edge. My pussy broke. I started crying in pain. Blood started pouring out of my burrow. The customer put his hand on my mouth so that no one could hear my voice. He started banging me very quickly and loudly. Red blood started coming out of my pink pink pussy. He was nagging like a hen on a desi lady like me. He was kissing me in pain very quickly. He didn’t care about me. Due to the breaking of the seal from my pussy, a light sprinkling of blood was coming out. I was crying. The customer had put me in trouble. Perhaps he was recovering his money from me in pain. He kept his hand firmly pressed on my mouth. He was fucking me by pressing him. My pussy was on fire. My butt was hurting a lot. I was kissing him. Today I had become a real scoundrel. After some time he fell in my pussy. Today I became a professional scrubber. He lay down on the side. I tore cotton from the cotton packet lying nearby and started wiping my bur. The white cotton got stained with my red blood. I lay down too. After sometime my pain subsided. will you fuck me more?? I asked innocently and straightforwardly yes 2 more hours. You have been paid a hefty fee for getting your nostrils down. Have given 30 thousand to your mother !! Customer spoke. I knew that he would fuck me more now. Let’s become whore bitch!! He said friends, I did not know how to become a bitch. How? Tell me! I said. The customer started laughing. He told me. I have become a bitch. After that, he made me drink continuously for 2 hours after caressing my smooth back. He handled my pussy well. He made his hole bigger by tearing my burrow. Then he fell in my pussy. After 2 days he came again. When other customers used to give me 500 rupees to fuck me or sit with me, he used to give me 1000 sometimes 1.5 thousand. He used to come every other day and never used to sit with any other Randi, used to sit only with me. In this way today 4 years have been completed. I am kissing her. Even today he only comes to fuck me. Gives me more money every time than the rest of the customer. I think maybe he has started falling in love with me. You are reading this story only and only on non-veg Hot desi sex kahani in hindi, adult xxx chudai ki kahani GB Road ki randi ki sex kahani, randi ki chudai ki kahani, hindi sex story

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